As announced last week, the new Daily and Weekly Contracts are now available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

For Daily Contracts, these will reset every 24 hours, at 10AM PT each day. Daily Contracts give players special challenges to get extra Cryptokey in rewards.

Weekly Contracts provide more ways to get additional Cryptokeys; these contracts will reset every Monday at 10AM PT. When you complete Weekly Contracts, you can get Mercenary Contracts, which allow you to use the Blackjack Specialist.

Full details on Contracts and how Blackjack works is available in our post here.



  1. So I finished my weekly contracts, and in the after action report it said I earned my 30 cryptokeys but then when I went into the Black Market they weren’t there.. please help!

    • Just came on to ask about the same thing i checked my after game report and where it comes up how many crypto keys u get i said -29 then under it 30 awarded so i just done this to get 1 crypto key every crap hopefully they fix it must say tho blackjack is kl

    • If you want your keys credited towards your account, just go to From there, get a live chat with an employee and ask for your keys back. My friend and I both did that today and got 60 keys each. (They give you double as a courtesy)

  2. The implementation of the Contracts kind of sucks.. was hoping they’d be similar to the special and give out weapon bribe cases or such.. the weekly for blackjack ok.. but 10 Keys for the daily? Really? or the weekly for 30 keys really? those can usually be earned in a few games win or lose.. and yesterday was win 3 Safeguard matches.. Icck.. hate Safeguard…..