In case it wasn’t clear, we were able to confirm that the Jackal flight segment shown in the Sony E3 conference was NOT on rails, which means the player gets full flight control of the ship like a regular space-sim. Prior Call of Duty vehicle missions (AC-130, Hind Helicopter, etc.) have always kept players on a certain path, Infinite Warfare is basically 2 games in 1 now.



  1. Honestly have faith in this game. I was skeptical with a few things at first, but it’s definitely turming out to be promising. But on a bad note, the 30 day early access to MW campaign is total bullshit.

      • True, but it’s obsurd that just because you get the playstation you get the campaign a whole month earlier. I understand it’s business, but that’s taking it a bit to far.

    • Who fucking cares? Like 80% of the community has played the campaign, it’s not a big deal… We play it once and then we play MP, that’s fucking it.

  2. I can see people doing a full 180 after seeing this trailer. Good to see Infinity Ward doing their best and it shows. I think Campaign already sold some people but it all depends on CoD XP and Multiplayer to see if people will stay for the rest of the games life cycle.

  3. For the first time in 9 years of playing CoD this trailer at E3 didn’t excite me at all, I dunno to me this isn’t what Call of Duty is about, don’t get me wrong I will buy it and play it but I’m just not excited yet, space in games isn’t really my thing, I’ll wait for CoD XP Multiplayer before judging, btw most people hate this just because “Call of Duty” is slapped onto the game, if the Call of Duty title wasn’t on it people would be hyped

  4. I was a bit skeptical of the game at first, but man oh man does that campaign look exciting. The game could come out with no multiplayer at all and i’d probably still buy it.

  5. Very nice. I love how seamless it was to go from Jackal to ground combat. I didn’t notice any loading. Hopefully we can switch between the two on planets as well. Though the jackal might be overpowered using it against grounded enemies. lol

  6. Knew it was going to be free roam. Only when you go from Earth to Space and vice versa is when it’s on rails since the cloud cover is the loading screen.

  7. I liked Ghosts campaign and it was completely on rails. I felt MW3 and Ghosts were great campaigns in terms of set piece gameplay. The fact that they took it off rails will only make it better and it looks great. I only wish this game had spec ops instead of zombies.

    • Agreed. Zombies is a fantastic game mode, but you got to give us a break and something new. Treyarch is really the only ones who do zombies right anyways so sledgehammer and infinity ward need to find there own great mode.

  8. Meanwhile Titanfall 2 looked meh and I read twitter responses that they were not really impressed with MP. More of the same which means I will be stuck at diamond 5 with 4 kd and pissed off about CTF being broken with camping satchel charges. Smart pistol and dead man’s trigger ruined Titanfall 1 and those magnetic grenades look stupid AF.
    Infinite Warfare > Titanfall 2

    • The horde mode for Titanfall was nice, but I won’t buy Titanfall2, the campaign doesn’t look that interesting.

  9. What no one realizes is how they are pushing back the reveal of the mutiplayer to september without releasing any mutiplayer trailer at all. As consumers we should be very skeptical about buying this star wars clone of a game. Activition is scared and it is really showing, first they release cod 4 remastered to go along with the game’s release, they push back the reveal of the most important and most played part of the game which is the mutiplayer, and now at e3 they show some garbage dull gameplay of the campaign which looks like a very generic space sci fi game that you mosy likely have played before. Just look at the facts

  10. CoD has sucked major shlong ever since they started using stupid fantasy weapons and not using real life weapons,

  11. I may have been really skeptical on this game. But unless Zombies is incredible or something; I will hesitate for a month or two to get it after launch. Titanfall 2 looks awesome along with BF1. Overwatch is keeping me satisfied since it’s fun and has free DLC/Updates. Same case with Titanfall’s map packs, all free. But overall this actually looks like a fun experience and I’ll actually put this game into consideration now!

  12. Wow! I don’t believe it! No, I mean I literally don’t believe it. Those movements were too fast to be legitimately controlled by a player. Watch how sharp those turns are as the “player” follows the other ship. At those speeds you couldn’t keep such a close tail on anything. This is going to be one of those cases in which the actual gameplay of the final game will be much different from what they’re showing.