Players that pre-order Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 DLC Pack 3 Descent or own the Season Pass on PlayStation 4 will get access to the free Gorod Krovi DLC 3 Zombies map theme.

Preorder DLC 3: Descent or purchase the Black Ops III Season Pass to receive the exclusive PS4™ DLC 3 Descent Dynamic System Theme, giving you a closer look at ‘Gorod Krovi’.

Customize your PS4™ system with this cool theme. This theme allows you to change up the look of your background and PlayStation® Dynamic Menu. Download today!

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  1. Gorod Krovi! It’s funny really, a lot of speculations on the map name all seemed to start with “Gorod” (I remember the most prominent one being Gorod Trunama)

    Regardless, this looks sick! Can’t wait to see some gameplay of this!

  2. What is up with these retarded names for all the zombies maps its as if treyarch wants us to have a hard time talking about the maps with people

    • Retarded? That’s another fucking language. Just translate it to English. They make those name so it fits with the theme of the map.

      • No but for all the black ops zombies maps in both bo1 and bo2 they were actually normal names that easily pertained to the maps. Mob of the dead = mobsters fighting the dead. Buried = Town buried under ground. Origins = Origins of the 4 characters. Now a forest map = Zetsubou no shima? It’s just crazy how in depth this stuff is in black ops 3 to the point where you wouldn’t even know what the map name was unless you translated it and even have a hard time pronouncing it, blunder made a segment in an interview going over how “der eisendrach” was actually pronounced “Eisendracha” with an A sound at the end, just name the map the iron dragon and thats it. I just don’t see why the should be so complicated, even if its just in another language, I just don’t see the point.

        • Shangri La = ‘Heaven on Earth’

          Shino Numa = ‘Swamp of Death’

          Kino Der Toten = ‘Cinema of the Dead’


    • When translated it’s City of Blood. Not “retarded”, just in a language other than English, which many Zombies maps have been.

    • Your channel sucks ass. On a side note they have been naming maps in German or different languages since WAW

    • People in other countries are probably saying the same thing about the multiplayer maps having English names such as Nuketown and Stadium.

      If the zombies maps didn’t have lavish names that represented their setting and premise; we’d be stuck with generic ones like ‘the dark building’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Swamp of Death’, ‘Giant’, ‘Heaven on Earth’ etc…

  3. Is it normal for a pre-order theme announcement with the name of the DLC pack and Zombies map name to be released ahead of the full official press release?

    • What’s funny is Der eisendraché didn’t have a real dragon but it’s name translates to the iron dragon I guess it was to tease us and hint us at the dragons

      • <.

  4. When I saw this background with a dark, grimy sky with Dragons, Giant Mech and fire. I want to shed a tear. This is beautiful

  5. Pre-order DLC? Another cancerous marketing strategy from crooks Activision. Call of Duty has got even worse now it’s moved to bankrupt Sony who need hard cash just to get by on a daily basis.

  6. Alright, I can deal with the map being confirmed to be located in Stalingrad. What I’m NOT okay with are people’s (YouTubers) theories and “evidence” to support the fact that it’s in Stalingrad. You didn’t see that happen with Der Eisendrache when it depicted the Hohenwerfen Castle in its teaser image. Since the Castle is a a real place and looks like that (minus the snow,Flak 88s,V2s,etc.) So that clearly proved it to be in Austria, but the fact being that these YouTubers get it right regardless of their BS theories bugs me.

    • Uh, they aren’t bs theories. We KNEW we were going to Stalingrad because of what we know about Nikolai and where the EE was taking the characters. Do your research dude

      • Do want to know some of the people’s theories? One example was Oh hey the next map will be about Nikolai who is Russian. That must mean that the map will take place in Stalingrad. The coordinates for the this map and the two previous were the strongest evidence. However, World at War had coordinates for Tunguska and Paris,France. Did we ever see any DLCs there in World at War? No. Besides, do you know how much research changes? People are CONSTANTLY finding new information. I already have over twenty different documents and timelines for EVERY COD in existence. You have the audacity to claim I don’t have enough research? Perhaps you should do some as well.

  7. sry but how do u get the theme i have season pass so im assuming it will be available after this 2gb patch, and also is this 2gb patch the descent patch or not?

  8. Having to pay for “themes” is laughable in the first place. if only you silly underlings could know the pleasure of FREE pc customization.