To celebrate the holiday weekend, Treyarch is offering twice the reward for each Daily Contract — from today’s contract through July 5 at 10AM PT.

Today’s (July 1) contract in Black Ops 3 is Overloaded — earn 100 kills with a weapon that has 4 attachments on it.

Image via @FoxHoundFPS



    • That gun sucks unfortunately. So does the hg40. MX garand and Marshall 16 are the overpowered/good ones.

    • The guns really aren’t pay to win. Apart from the Marshall (that IS OP as fuck), the FAMAS is as shitty as it was in BO1 (yes, there are way better rifles in BO1 than the “godly tier” FAMAS). The Garand has the gigantic clip-size non-reloadable problem, the RSA Interdiction (which I have and despise) is garbage, the MP40 is good, but in no way better than the Kuda or Razorback. Banshii is kinda OP, but you need to know how to use that, and never used, but everyone hates the banshii-like pistol. “Pay to win” is just what CoD fanbase does better: Cry.

      • The Commando, Galil, AK 47, AUG, G11 became better than the FAMAS, there was a point where the FAMAS was OP as fuck. One of the most OP guns ever, but then it got nerfed.

  1. They need to just bring fucking special contracts back and make them monthly. Id get those 75 wins quick as fuck.

    • <.

    • Then it wouldn’t be special now, wouldn’t it? Vahn did say they’re looking into expanding it though, so fingers crossed.

  2. To get something we want trough the supply drops we need wagermatches
    And we get them if we cry loud Enough

  3. Awesome. I’ve been saving for the Reaper bribe day this Tuesday. I really want the orange REM gear. The 5 rare bundle bribe is really tempting though. I might have to splurge on one of those since we are getting double daily contract keys. Got about 620 saved up right now.

  4. Cryptokeys shouldn’t have been a thing. If 3ARC implemented the CoD points system from BO1, everything would have been much better. The amount of exp you get in the match is matched to your points in BO: So if you get 1744 XP, you would get 174 points in currency. I feel like they should have done the Cryptokeys this way, and if you want more CoD points, you can just buy them and it is used for both the Black Market and the weapons/attachments/perks/specialists, although that just shows how lazy you are to grind the game. It may sound like it’s a F2P game but BO1 has done this so it’s not really a problem, and everything is at a certain price. It also wasn’t difficult to get CoD points in BO1 since it was about having a lot of exp and leveling up each time gives you a 2000 point bonus. Also, where are the wager matches? This also would’ve been a cool feature to add into so you can gamble your points for later purposes, or even use them for the supply drops.

    • I believe there should really be a market, because I have tons of camos I don’t give a fuck to, and there is people that like them (I saw people grinding over the Haptica camo, and I got four or five Haptica camos), If we could sell what we don’t use, there would be a very better system.

      • Yes, that would also be a great thing to implement with. Make it just like MMORPGs, where there’s a list of things you can sell/buy, that’d be nice.