A new game settings update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has introduced a limited edition Supply Drop bundle.

This new bundle offer 40% off Supply Drops, giving players 5 Rare Supply Drops for the price of 3, which is 90 Cryptokeys. This bundle is only available with the usage of Cryptokeys, not with Call of Duty Points. The bundle expires on Tuesday, July 5 at 10AM Pacific.

Image via @Hawkzy23



      • <.

      • It should be renamed to mierda camo that’s Spanish for shit camo because that’s what it is. Literally the ugliest camo you can get in supply drops

        • Lol, I also know what “mierda” means but I think merde is more fitting since all you need is swap the V for the M and voila!!

  1. Hopefully i get that HG or the Banshii, already lucked out with the FFAR so hopefully i get lucky again.

  2. lately i get 2 commons and stupid gesture which i already have not even a some cool outfit or weapons meh and that’s only from rare drops i mean it’s just stupid how lame these drops are but hey i wish u luck in winning something good i only want hg40 or famas

  3. Dang, wish I wasn’t saving up for the Reaper bribe day Tuesday. I really want to get the orange REM gear. Maybe I’ll buy one 5 rare bundle since I have about 620 saves up now and daily contracts are doubled this weekend.

  4. Bought two of the bundles and no guns were given.
    But of course one of them gave me another melee weapon lmao