Next week (Tuesday, July 12), the Descent DLC Pack launches (PS4), delivering the new Zombies experience: Gorod Krovi. Here, in this “City of Blood,” our heroes faceheir most dangerous enemies yet among the remnants of a battle between giant mechanized soldiers and ferocious dragons.



  1. If you told me a few years back that Zombies would have dragons and mechs, I would have told you that’s ridiculous.
    In all seriousness though, I love the direction zombies has gone in. This game mode never gets boring due to new story assets being added in with each new installment. Shoutouts to the Treyarch Zombies team for a damn good ride.

      • The more you play, the more efficient you become. A lot of people just hate the learning process, I suppose.

        • of course, cause if you want to play you need to know every stupid trick and what the latest patch has ruined or changed. i don’t want to do that

          • Actually, if you want to play, you can legit just buy a gun, buy perks, and pack a punch. You can make the map as simple as you want it to be. That’s what all these “bring back old zombies style!” people don’t understand.

          • why would anybody do that? that’s not the same at all. you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage and might as well not play

          • Exactly, why would anyone do that? Just learn the steps and deal with it or put yourself at a “disadvantage.” Choose one.

  2. Been watching gameplay of this map for hours….and it looks insanely good. Only 29 more days until I can play. :'(