Treyarch has announced that Double Weapon XP is coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 this weekend, starting July 15 at 10AM Pacific and ending on Monday, July 18 at 10AM Pacific.

The Double Weapon XP will be live across all platforms.



    • Chill bro, it’s better than nothing. Just because you got maxed out guns doesn’t mean other people do, a lot of people buying black ops 3 every day so they’re just starting the game and their guns are low levels, it’s too help them out.

      Congratz you got maxed out guns but chill, it’s to help people.

      • The game has been out for 9 months. An average person can do that in 6. I did it in 4. Plus 14 days with DLC weapons. I’m saying maybe give us double Crypto and DWXP instead of something that most people have already done if they wanted to.

          • “It’s up to the devs on what they give us” Don’t you mean our overlords Activision Faz? Cause if treyatch were in charge of everything 2X Crypto would come at least one’s a month.

          • How about the casuals that still don’t have it yet? We literally JUST got regular 2XP last week. What more do you want? We’ve gotten way more 2XP than in any other game.

          • It’s true and I congratulate Treyarch for their efforts. But but for those who have completed almost all there is in the game, having something like 2X Crypto would boost me up and made me play more. Or give us the fucking Special Contract that we have been waiting for weeks if not 2 months already.

          • EA gave a ton of free DLC maps, map packs, and guns for Battlefield 3, 4 and hardline, their supply drop system has no weapons and cosmetic only.
            All titanfall 1 & 2 DLC is free
            They respect the ppl who bought their season pass and offer a great load of content

            EA is not as near as bad as they used to be + Activision is way worse than they ever were and I hate both

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