Get your first look at new campaign gameplay from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered in the Crew Expendable gameplay video. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is available with the purchase of select editions of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Available November 4, 2016.



  1. Looks pretty good. Imagine if both IW and COD4:R are good, we would easily alternate between them whenever we got bored of one.

  2. While everybody is bitching about the MP, i just want a really good campaign for IW like this. God damn i almost forgot how amazing the MW campaign was.

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  3. I’m kinda glad they didn’t show something like All Ghillied Up as that is something I want to see for myself first time remastered and not through the likes of super excited Ali-A in one of his early gameplay vids.

    • Why is everyone hyping over that mission? I thought it was dreadful, I prefer this mission as opposed to that.

      • Dude, that’s like the best mission to exist in a CoD game. I can’t recall any mission from any CoD that surpasses that mission. My second favorite mission from CoD 4 is ‘Charlie Don’t Surf’. If anything, ‘Vendetta’ from WAW would be the 2nd best mission in CoD. Just my opinion though.

  4. This was fucking awesome! The graphics look amazing! I’m actually really glad they didn’t showcase ‘All Ghillied Up’ which they did show a bit of it at the end but not the whole thing. Can’t wait till’ I get my hands on this.

      • I’m so glad they didn’t show the part when you have to stay stealthy and slip past the army and tanks in that one part of the mission. That’s gonna be so spine tingling to watch when you play the remastered version especially with all the updated graphics. Gonna make it feel like you actually there.

    • I think its because all ghilled up wasnt polished enough. Even now, when i looked at the gameplay, it looked deliciously good, but that didnt stop me from seeing some character models from having some weird lighting on them, showing that even this gameplay isnt 100% finished. That is a good thing.

    • It really was amazing. I love all the details they put into this. In the original, when you ”jump for it” at the end of the mission, the other SAS soldiers just sit there not giving a damn that their teammate is about to fall into the water, but here they had one soldier point you out for Price. Can’t wait to see (and play!) all the other missions.

      • I like the details they added to the MP5 if you didn’t notice. Couldn’t really tell, but there was I think either water droplets or rust on the weapon which looked pretty cool. Hopefully they have stuff like that on most weapons.

        • its also cool how the ak doesn’t look wet, because obviously, its inside. but btw, did you hear the sound effects in the game? i was so immersed!

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  5. i cannot wate for this plus we get inifinite wardfare for free with it n that will suck but it will be free n ppl only whant cod four remasteered

      • You actually don’t get either for free, you’re paying $60 for IW and an extra $20 for MWR. Since we’re talking about MWR and IW, are you getting CoD (or going to)? If so, the what Version (Legacy Edition, Deluxe, Pro)? I’m thinking of getting Deluxe for both games and the season pass, but we haven’t seen IW’s MP so I’m going to have to wait on Sept. 4.

  6. Looks beautiful! Watching this gave me some serious flashbacks of good ol’ memories of playing this game.

  7. This could be a great game, but I am afraid the “players” will ruin it. What made it great when it came out was the style people played. Nowadays with all the trolls and camping styles it has made the game very boring. Especially the ship map, with all the head-glitch spots and dark corners it will be a camp fest.

    The best thing about IW games is at least we will know we will have a game with great hit-detection and no camera angle issues. And at least with COD 4 thee was a skill gap to learn how to play it, I pray that stays the same with the remastered version. COD has made it to easy for players to get cheap kills which adds to another bad taste (IED, alarmed C4, Specialists) it has taken away from good players.

    The trailer looks great, hopefully it translates into good gameplay as well as over to Infinite Warfare.

  8. It may be a long way off but I’m praying that in 2019 we get Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. I couldn’t care less what Infinity Ward produce that year but if we get that game on the side; it would be unreal. It will also be the 10th anniversary of the iconic game so it has to happen!

  9. It looks good but the way it plays looks like ghosts. Idk guess we will have to wait and see when it releases.

    • They may have used the Ghosts engine. The current games have the latest build available with more fluidity and advanced movements but Ghosts was the last ‘old gen’ game so it’s entirely plausible that they have used the final IWE build of that to run MW:R on.

        • Plus the assets of Ghosts were compatible in code with the MW games whereas if they were using the latest builds; they’d have to rewrite everything and it would essentially become a remake rather than a remaster. Would be interesting to see if this is the case and I certainly can’t see them using the original engine which is extremely dated now. Even though it’s Ghosts; I think it would be sensible using that as anything more modern would also kill the feel IMO.

  10. Looks like the sounds are more dynamic, explosion do sound like the ones in AW. MrHotShot has the right idea about the game playing like the Ghosts engine. Only time will tell. Btw, I noticed how the Capt.Price’s uniform would move to make it look like the storm winds were affecting it & weapons had raindrops on it which makes the look fucken sick! I only ever saw this on the BF1 multiplayer gameplay, but it has a dynamic weather system. Overall, great gameplay. I would like to see how all the Multiplayer plays out in COD4.

  11. As someone who’s never played this game, I am way beyond excited. The textures, lighting, sound, everything looks fantastic.

    • You’re in for a treat. This campaign was brilliant from start to finish and set the tone for the rest of the series. It’s a classic for a reason!

      • I would’ve preferred if they released it now, instead of Infinite Ware; as it would satisfy lots of fans, and all the attention would be on COD4. Hopefully an MW2 remaster is coming up as well.

  12. Overall, I’m really pleased with how this level has been remastered. My one suggestion is to work on getting better sound effects for the weapons, specifically the reload sound effects for the MP5. It sounds like a wet piece of celery is being shoved into that magwell.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, it looks pretty awesome, but some of the changes they made, like that new bullet counter on the HUD, don’t fit in very well. It also looks like they reused some Ghosts assets. It still looks great, but it’s leaving me wanting more.

  14. nice, the graphics look alot better. Definitely getting this along with IW even if they change their minds about being standalone.

  15. In a way I wanted to see All Ghillied Up because it’s such an popular mission but I’m also glad they didn’t. Atleast now, we get to feel the intensity of it for the first time (technically 2nd time round but ya get my point) rather than watching a video of it and then playing for yourself.

  16. God I will play the shit out of this game, then go medieval on that Multiplayer.

    Now I can get the Platinum Trophy on it <3

  17. Mw2 campaign remaster would have me overjoyed with happiness. Such an epic campaign, as well as Mw1’s!

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  19. Is it just me or does it seem like Soap is moving in slow motion? Hope it’s just the player moving slow for some reason.