During the Infinity Ward intel live stream on Facebook, the developers shared new details on the weapons and vehicles that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


There are many vehicles in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, from both the friendly and enemy sides of the game. On the SATO side, there are three ones mentioned thus far: Jackal, Raven, and Retribution. On the SDF’s side, there is the Olympus Mons — which is the SDF’s main ship — and the Skelter.

For the ships that players can actually fly in the campaign, Infinity Ward has confirmed that the Jackal is the only ship that players can directly pilot in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign.

The stream also showcased detailed look at each of the vehicles mentioned, as well as some new in-game videos showing the transition from Earth to space combat.


Infinity Ward talked about how they are offering a large variety and arsenal of weapons in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The game features the familiar ballistic weapons and new energy weapons, alongside new lethal and tactical grenades. One of the new equipments was previously talked about is the anti-gravity grenade, which causes a small area of anti-gravity basically stopping all incoming enemies in that area.

The game also features many different weapon manufacturers that are part of the Infinite Warfare’s story.

In addition, Infinity Ward mentioned that there is a weapon in the game that can switch between being a sniper rifle and an assault rifle, which looks like it works similar to the Maverick weapon they released in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ first DLC Pack, Onslaught. This weapon can put down its scope and transition into an assault rifle to use in game.

Here’s some images from the stream showcasing the new weapons:

If you missed Infinity Ward’s stream, you can watch the replay now on Facebook:

More details on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s campaign, including never-before-seen footage from the game, is coming at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21 with the Infinity Ward panel, which starts at 1PM PT. We will be attending the panel and providing the latest news directly from the show floor.



      • Same. I just hope it isn’t like BO3, were the beta was really good, and the full game is really bad…I notice a trend like that in a lot of the games I’ve purchased…Battlefront, BF Hardline, etc.

        • agreed,i rly enjoyed the bo3 beta well aside from the pc issues like fps lag but other then that it was rly enjoyable!! now…i hate the game..

          • You can thank Vahn for that, it’s like he has no idea what he’s doing, even though we all know full well that he actually does and he’s just incompetent and doesn’t care.

          • Its like he has no idea what hes doing , even though we all know full well that he actually does and he just incompetent and doesnt care .

            I dont think ive ever seen someone change their mind that many times in a sentence. 1st he has no idea then everyone knows he does. Then he is incompetent and doesnt care . Man i bet you take like 30 mins when placing your order at a resturant. Uhh i want the chicken . No make that the steak . Uhh i changed my mind can i have the shrimp

          • You’re an idiot. Obviously those with a brain understand what I meant. What are you doing on this site if you’re just going to harass people?

        • Black Ops 3 IS a pretty terrible experience in terms of the players, but like every other CoD game, the experience will significantly improve once the annoying players we’re playing against migrate to the next game. Plus Vahn being incompetent in regards to weapon balancing doesn’t help, either. The Kuda is just as ridiculous as it’s been at launch, and the VMP was perfect a couple of months ago before the last patch or two.

          I don’t mind this new team and I’m remaining positively optimistic. Like BO3, if the MP is annoyingly bad and tedious to play in whatever the state that the game is in around launch and this time, then I’ll do something else to occupy the value that I get for the game.

        • There was for BO3. It was also an Open Beta, in fact, for PC and XBO/PS4. PS4 had it a week early than the other two though.

          • That’d be like a “and you can play it RIGHT NOW!” type of announcement, which would be awesome.

      • Battlefield 1’s Multiplayer will be better than Infinite Warfare Whereas, Infinite Warfare’s Campaign will be better than Battlefield’s Campaign in my opinion.

          • Buddy, you’re just a BF fan boy, why tf are you even on Charlie Intel. You can’t judge a game if we know nothing yet, besides, COD has always, always done better then Battlefield. I don’t think it’s gonna fail this year just because we’re not back on the beaches of Normandy for the 10th time .

          • Fighting never took place in Normandy during WWI, so you lose a point there. I’m on this site because last time I checked, I can be. And CoD has not always done better than BF. CoD is missing one thing that makes it or breaks it for me: DEPTH. 30 or so guns, 20 or so killstreaks, 15 or so perks. The killstreaks have been lame since MW3. The guns are pretty much the same for each class. Oh! And the maps! Forgot about those. Those good ole maps that are a few hundred feet long and few hundred feet wide. Whereas a lot of BF maps are half a mile to over a mile long. CoD is boring in my opinion dude. Just accept it. And accept that I believe IW is going to suck big time.

          • Please tell me the name of one character for any BF campaign.

            I agree with the guns, however, most of the guns from BF are reskin from others without performance difference.

          • I guess you just don’t appreciate the little things that make the guns better (or worse) as the years go on. Recoil, spread, accuracy, fire rate, all sorts of things are different.

            AND WHEN DID I TALK ABOUT THE CAMPAIGNS!?!?! I have said numerous times that the BF campaigns are terrible. I am strictly talking about multiplayer. I’ve only beat on BF campaign, and that’s when my internet was god awful. I think one character’s name was Grant or Gus. He was the black guy.

            I don’t get you. You only seem to hate on BF because you think they are just a ‘reskinning”. It’s not even a matter of opinion. The games are different. Way different. The depth is increased exponentially every game. CoD’s multiplayer is always the same. You spawn, run, shoot, get a couple kills, die, repeat. That was fun for the first few years, but after MW3, I got sick of it.

          • Hardline is a straight up battlefield 4 reskin don’t kid yourself. I own both and hardline should have been a £20 expansion without that shocking campaign attached. Wasting visceral’s time lol. BF1 however, doesn’t look like a reskin. Simail gameplay which we all expected but a reskin? Nahh its deffo had some work.
            Both of you (Mike / Andrey) need to get over yourselves acting like a pair of babies “mine has this, no mine did it better” fuck of and go play the game your praising so much.
            The reality of it is no one actually gives a shit what you buy, what you play, which is better, which is innovating, which is reskinning because neither of you are going to turn around all of a sudden and start liking the other regardless of what it does because its clear you are both just fan boys stuck in their ways crying at each other.
            I’ve struggled deciding which to buy, I’m getting titanfall 2 for sure but more likely to go for IW than BF1 because I don’t like the huge BF maps for the most part but BF1 looks great, not out of spite, not out of hatred out of pure personal preference. I’m not wrong for liking cod nor am I wrong for thinking BF1 looks great this year. GROW UP FFS.

          • Never did I say Hardline isn’t a reskin. Hardline is definitely the low point for BF. And how are we acting like babies? He and I can’t argue our opinions? Debating now makes you a baby? And I used to be a huge CoD nut. I really did. From WaW until BO2 i went to every midnight release and played hooky the next day just to play it. And BO2 is when I realized that I’m not digging the whole future thing. I don’t understand why you got so mad there.

          • Look at the conversation you were having and tell me that isn’t 2 babies whining at each other. It’s the most uncivilised conversation (if you can even call it that) I’ve seen. It’s not hard to come to an agreement instead of incessantly whinging about reasons not to buy one over the other it was embarrassing to read and you will have the cheek to call yourselves fans.

            Competition is healthy but that was no competition it was a poor dick measuring contest and your now trying to act civilised in response to me.

            That last paragraph is all you needed to say. Not slander everything you can pick up on about the game and seem blind to the fact that the things your saying are relative to both titles for some people.

            I do apologise for blowing up but you must be able to see the frustration and that you’re part of the reason fan bases are becoming poison.

          • No. Just no.

            Forgot it’s impossible in today’s world to say anything without upsetting someone. My bad

          • Well don’t be a twat and you won’t it’s not hard. But again you will act like you’ve done nothing but be polite and say your piece. The evidence is above if your oblivious to it then so be it.

          • I really think that? Didn’t you say you haven’t actively played a BF since Bad Company 2? The guns, new and returning, are significantly different.

          • So you’re only on this site because you can be? Surely you have better things to do with your time than spend it shitting on a game you’re not going to buy?

        • Please accept that each game have his own playstyle you cant compare it. Let everybode have his own preference

          • I agree.

            While I don’t like BF, is pure personal prefference.

            However BF and CoD are flour out of the same bag (This is a popular say in US? Is here, fuck this)

            They are both released every year (CoD under different devs, BF under different names such as MoH and Star Wars Battlefront), both focus on DLC and arcade gameplay.

            One is slow paced-big crowd gameplay. One is fast-paced, arcade gameplay.

          • You think BF is slow paced? Oh…. my god.

            If you love the whole “run straight towards the enemy and hope for a kill” thing, (basis of all CoDs) play Big Conquest on Operation Metro or Locker. Then come back here and tell me that isn’t face paced.

          • MGO3 is more fast than BF gameplay. Metal Gear, a game with focus on stealth.

            BF is slow paced as fuck.

          • You must play TDM on BF and only that. 64 people, again, 64 PEOPLE in one game of conquest on a small map such as Operation Metro or Locker is absolute non-stop chaos for at least 20 minutes. CoD is so lame compared to BF as far as pacing goes and pretty much everything else.

            And you said “more fast”. SERIOUSLY!?!?!?!?!?!? It’s bothering me way more than it should. It’s “FASTER”!!!!!!!!! Honestly dude, c’mon

          • English is my second language. I’m not american.

            And I playd 32×32, still slow.

          • Try flying a jet while AA tanks and other jets are trying to shoot you down. But you’ve probably mastered that, haven’t you?

          • Guess you don’t play games on the hardest difficulty if that’s the case. There are definitely very hard games out there.

        • They may both be FPS shooters but each game satisfies a different itch. I prefer my FPS games to have more emphasis on being a consistently fast paced, gun on gun shooter rather than being a full on war simulation. Obviously you prefer more of a war simulation and thats perfectly fine too.

      • Maybe, maybe not. BF1 is not living up to it’s expectations yet. The closed beta is, well… No one is really talking much about it. Lot’s of DLC already confirmed… IW is doing way better on the marketing and setting the tone up.

        • “BF1 is not living up to it’s expectations yet.”

          You’re kidding right? Have you not watched any of the dozens of videos that have been released for multiplayer? It’s really pathetic that not even this video of MWR tempts me to buy Infinite Warfare. If MWR was being sold for $50 as a separate item, I would totally buy that and disregard IW. But no. Infinity Ward has to be cruel.

          • Yes I have watched.

            When IW is doing something new, BF1 is reskinning BF4 with a WWI overhaul, and, off course, including dozen anachronisms to their game (That goddamn handheld Chauchat…). Also, well, if you will transform a 15 kilogram Machine Gun in a handheld weapon, do a WWII game, at least. This would be like putting an AK-47 in a World War II videogame.

            BF1 will have a “campaign” that will probably be 4 hours long, and less content than BF4. Russian Empire and France (Two very important nations storywise) will be DLC.

            IW will have a campaign with side missions and new ways to explore, more content than any other CoD ever (As they are promising), controllable spaceships, novelty tech. This, of course, excluding Modern Warfare Remaster that will be, for sure, better than IW and BF1 combined.

            Also, lets face… EA is coming from two massive failures, when Activision did better the last two times (No one in sane mind will say that BF Hardline is better than CoD AW, and Star Wars Battlefront is just awful).

            Also, when you will have a better, cheaper, more realistic approach on WWI released to PS4 and Xbox One in August (Verdun), there is nothing alike Infinite Warfare.

            I can be wrong, sure… But I never had and never will have faith in any EA product.

          • Hardline, when comparing it to AW, is like The Dark Knight (the movie). AW is Steel (the Shaq superhero movie). And Battlefront, while it could have been a whole lot better given the fact that it’s freakin STAR WARS, is still pretty fun to play. And for you to say “massive failure” is a “massive” overstatement. A lot of people still play both of the games.

            And BF isn’t made as a campaign game and a multiplayer game. I believe that the only reason that there is a campaign is so that people who don’t have internet can still get at least a fraction the game. Most people buy BF for the sake of multiplayer. And don’t sit there thinking that BF has a string of bad campaigns by itself. The last 3 CoD campaigns have been terrible.

            And side missions for CoD just seem pointless. It’s literally like they’re out of ideas. Side missions work well for RPGs, GTA, and so on, but not CoD.

            And the whole spaceship thing in IW is the point where I was like, “Yup. Definitely not buying this POS game.”

            And the Chauchat, according to Wiki, is only 20 pounds, which isn’t heavy. The M429 SAW, fully loaded, is 22 pounds, and you see Marines carrying that gun everywhere. So don’t make a big deal out of a gun that weighs 20 pounds.

            And the very first AK ever produced was in 1947, so to see a prototype in WWII wouldn’t be a shocker.

            It just baffles me that people are excited for IW. It really does. Trench warfare and dogfights are hell of a lot cooler than space battles and laser guns.

          • The Chauchat, unloaded, is 20 pounds, it is the ONLY Machine Gun apart from the BAR that can be carried (not fired, carried) by a single person. The other ones (Maxim, Hotchkiss, Lewis) aren’t even remotely portable. Also, weight and shooting are very different things. The Chauchat is chambered in a full power round, when the M249 is chambered in a intermediate cartridge. Also. The M249 SAW isn’t made for standing-combat. Can be used that way, but is used for fixes support combat. When you see someone running around with one, probably is a M249 Para or a Mk. 46.

            The first AK prototype is from 1946. It could be for two days after the war, anacronism is anacronism.

            BF having that “campaign” is sad… WWI is a very rich field where you could do a great story, however… They will do a multiplayer only with that thing.

            Why side missions woulnd’t work on CoD? They worked on Metal Gear Solid! If they work there, why not on CoD?

            I agree with trench warfare, sadly, there won’t be trench combat in BF1. As I said, Verdun is doing way better on that.

            BF Hardline is horrible, one of the worst games i’ve ever playd. You can compare that thing with CoD Zombies from Android, it is still better.

            Star Wars Battlefront… A Star Wars game without campaign, or, well… Star Wars…

            I am excited over IW because it’s bringing new things. Also, because the Three Year Dev, that did wonders over BO3.

            Also, CoD loses in BO3? The thing was the most played CoD game on all time at some point.

            Can I be wrong? Sure… But I can see IW doing good, and can see BF1 flopping.

          • If sales are something, please tell me… How Black Ops 2 is the best CoD of all time.

            Also go play your GTAV while listening to Thriller.

          • I hate Michael Jackson, especially that song. And MW3 is the best selling CoD. And to answer your question, even though you’re wrong, is buying the game with money.

          • IW could be good, but no way is BF1 going to flop. It looks like Dice is doing so many things right. Just look at the response both games are getting. people seem to be much more responsive and happy towards BF1 over IW.
            Unless youre a fanboy, you should want both games to be awesome, as that gives everyone good games to play this year!

          • I do not like Battlefield, to slow to me. The last BF I have active played was Bad Company 2 that was great.

            Won’t spend money on BF1. Also, won’t spend money on anything remotely related to EA.

          • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be207p:….,…

          • Exactly. Can’t we all just be glad there is going to be a game for everyone? Why everyone needs to argue about who’s game is better. I’ve played both COD and BF for a long time and they have both been garbage at times but they also been really good at other times. Just be happy that both franchises are actually trying to make good games for us to play. They could just not make any games at all

          • I just wanna throw this out, but Infinite Warfare is intended as a war story that coincidentally, takes place throughout the solar system, not a sci-fi game with a Call of Duty sticker slapped on.
            I get that WW1 is more relatable, but all I see is the overused concept of how tragic and gritty historic wars are, something that movies and games have done repeatedly, and in my opinion better than BF1. All it has going for it IMO, is the graphics.
            Infinite Warfare is not just some random sci-fi ripoff. It is dealing with war concepts such as terrorists, a constant fight for power, full-scale war on the ground and off the ground, dogfighting, the weight of gaining a title that signifies you as the one in charge, the connection between you and your men, mass destruction, and so forth.
            That’s why i’m interested. The sci-fi elements, I only see as a bonus.
            And Infinity Ward wants to do as much as they can with that setting. I’ll let them.

          • The game is just a sci-fi game with CoD sticker slapped on it. It’s stupid. Fighting in space and on other planets is just a stupid idea for a CoD game. And to say that it’s a “concept” regarding the grittiness and tragedy is silly. WWI was a massive tragedy. When there’s a movie or game that is about or set in WWI and is actually about the fighting that went on, then you HAVE to have gritty, bloody, tragic surroundings on the screen. I know it’s WWII, but imagine Saving Private Ryan if it left out all the up close fighting. Or Lone Survivor. They wouldn’t be as good. Yes, drama is a good thing for these movies and games, but to call it a war game/movie, you have to include the war aspect and do it accurately.

          • InfinityWard has gone in depth with their research. IW is very much an accurate war story, something that could very well happen in the future. Another thing we must remember is that COD and BF are two different categories of the same genre. COD is a simple, fun, outgoing arcade shooter, whereas BF is a large scale, strategic, realistic FPS. These games shouldn’t even be compared for Gods sake.

          • Yeah, I understand the common issue with Sci-fi. That being that because they have to set a world and develop tech that makes sense, blah blah blah, it leaves less to the story and more for people to question what the hell is happening. Then again, Space Warfare is a simple thing to relate too due it it being done so many times, therefore, people can likely anticipate whats to come then see if it hold much difference to other media within the genre.
            Sci-fi has been done so much, that it’s hard to find a variation doing a huge amount of new things(hence why I love Overwatch). I will rephrase myself and say that yes, you have to have grittiness and tragedy in WW1, but in a story written from the ground up about possible events, that’s when it becomes less relatable and more intriguing.
            In terms of it not being COD, I beg to differ. With the 3 eras being portrayed in the franchise, I can say that the idea with the series is that soldiers respond to the ‘call of duty,’ no matter the situation, that being time period or setting. Plus, not much will be affected gameplay-wise in a space setting. Just gun fighting in a more open arena(which was done in Ghosts) and maybe some gravity-based gameplay quirks.

          • “WWI was a massive tragedy.”

            Indeed it was, buts its definitely not what its depiction in BF1 is. WW1 was extremely slow paced trench warfare with bolt action rifles and incredibly slow tanks, which the opposite is being shown in BF1.

          • Like Verdun.

            WWI was Trench Combat along Biochemical Warfare, also horseback bayonet charges and mortars.

            Planes? Not on the frontlines.

            BF1’s research of the WWI was watching Sucker Punch.

          • People see a two-minutes trailer with David Bowie (don’t get me wrong, i love Bowie) and hate the thing.

            Why? Everyone I asked that answered “Well CoD is shit”

            They praised the shit out of the E3 Gameplay Trailer, the explosions, the guts, the seriousness, the gore, the speed, gameplay, gunplay, innovation.

            Also MWR as a bonus: That thing looks better than CoD Advanced Warfare.

            When I got to the “Best of E3” BF really struggled against Titanfall 2 for “Best MP” while not earning “Best Game” (BG had gone for Resident Evil 7, God of War, Zelda and Horizon), this because IW didn’t show the MP there, as they will have CoDXP this year.

            The CoD Community is really rotten. I am sure, SURE, every guy who disliked one of my comments will get the game.

            I would bet you some of them already did.

          • I had the same answer when you asked why. And I wasn’t blown away by CoD at E3. There’s no guts, there’s no seriousness. It’s boring.

            And I’ve disliked your comments. I will not be buying IW. I’ll post of screenshot of all my games installed 2 weeks after IW comes out and I promise you, you won’t see it. You know what you will see? BF1, Gears 4, Forza Horizon 3, Titanfall 2 and whatever else, but you will not see IW.

          • Hardline is complete trash and AW’s campaign was great.

            ” And the whole spaceship thing in IW is the point where I was like, “Yup. Definitely not buying this POS game.””

            I find it funny how you say nobody cares about campaign yet you go ahead and judge IW based on a campaign mission. Makes Sense.

            “Trench warfare and dogfights are hell of a lot cooler than space battles and laser guns.:

            I never saw any trench warfare in BF1 lol, i just saw the same rushing gameplay. And no I think space exploration, space combat, space dogfights and 0gravity warfare is a hell of a lot more exciting than a reskinned BF4.

            Literally everything in BF1 has already been done before in another battlefield game. Destruction, vehicles, dynamic weather etc nothing new. Literally a BF4 reskin with updated graphics.

            “And side missions for CoD just seem pointless. It’s literally like they’re out of ideas. Side missions work well for RPGs, GTA, and so on, but not CoD.”

            God forbid they try to innovate anything. And the only side mission they showed so far (e3 demo) looked great, wtf are you smoking.

          • So you’re buying IW for the story? Not for the generic gameplay of Multiplayer that you’ll inevitably play for countless hours?

          • When did I say that no one cares about the campaign? And stop saying that BF1 is “just a reskin”.

          • did you really just say the last 3 COD campaigns were terrible? Oh Lordy lord… Critics would definitely disagree. *ahem 9/10’s ahem*

          • I want you to tell me BO3’s Campaign wasn’t trash. I’m the dude who only buys CoD for the stories (Campaign and Zombies alike), and I can rightly say BO3’s Campaign was the most blurry, unfocused mess I’ve ever played. No context, no explinations, no relatable events, convoluted elements (CIA black sites, Infected zones, cyberpunk gangs, damn WWII flashbacks?!): Absolute trash. “Here’s a generic soldier dude, play as him for like 6 hours and we’ll get our $100 for the game and season pass. Thanks for your business, sucker!”

          • The Ghosts campaign lacked several big components when it comes to making a good story. It had ZERO emotion. When Elias was killed in front of his sons, I’m sure Infinity Ward wanted to feel sad and crushed, but hardly anyone was. Elias was just such a cliche character. When Soap died, that was the opposite. I was so sad and couldn’t believe they had did that. Ghosts also lacked an interesting villain. Rorke, IMO, was kinda lame. Another very cliche character. On top of that, the ending was terrible, especially the cliffhanger. Also, the campaign was just overall boring.

            AW had one cool thing going for it: Kevin Spacey. If it weren’t for Kevin Spacey (not saying he’s the only actor that can pull off being frightening in a game) I think the campaign would have been dreadful. Just like Ghosts, it was simply boring. The only character I liked was Cormac, and they decided to kill off one of the few things I liked (Michael Bay). And to top that off was horrendous movement system.

            BO3…. well, even the people who disagree with me on this year’s CoD will agree with me that it was abysmal. I’ve never met anyone who thought the campaign was even okay. They could have easily completed the story that started with BO1 (technically WaW), but no. They make one small reference to Menendez from BO2 and that was it. The BO3 campaign, to me, was a Terminator ripoff. People build a supercomputer with AI intended to help, AI evolves, comes to hate humans, and tried to destroy the world.

            So how can you sit there and say the last 3 CoD campaigns have gotten 9/10s? One small time critic whose opinion doesn’t matter might’ve said that, but the big critics, like Metacritic and IGN, didn’t like them.

          • we dont really know what they’re doing with MP and zombies yet though, so how can you state that lol

          • We know what their doing with MP. It’s going to be the same as every COD + BO3’s movement. At it’s core, all COD’s are the same game. Sure, every new one has it’s own gimmick (tactial nuke, specialists, exo movement, etc), but that doesn’t make it “new and innovative”. All it means is that they tacked on something to make the game seem fresh when in reality it’s basically the same game. We know what to expect from MP. You’re right, idk what they’re doing with their third gamemode, but seeing as how every third gamemode made by someone other than Treyarch so far is shallow trash, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Even campaign will probably still be a 4-5 hour linear campaign, just with the added “open” space missions to give off the illusion that you can do anything you want in it. Who knows, maybe this is the year COD decides to actually try to be something different, but if it stays along the lines of what we’ve been getting, we won’t see anything new. Just old things disguised to give off the illusion that they’re “innovative”, as usual.

          • extinction was good though. Also im willing to bet that you wont be exactly like bo3.

            Remember when they also said that Ghosts create a class system was similar to Bo2’s pick 10? We all know how that turned out.
            I highly doubt the movement system is the exact same as bo3. InfinityWard have never been known to rip off Treyarch completely in ANY idea (For zombies we got aliens, for hardpoint we got drop zone, for codcaster we got broadcaster, for pick 10 we got 1 million perks, for dolphin dive we got sliding etc)
            The movement system probably won’t have wallrunning or specialists, and it will definitely have some sort of 0g or grappling hooks which right off the bat would be nothing like bo3 if implemented.
            In a sense, if you played Black ops 3 early for a few hours, one could also say that it played similarily to AW with all the boost jumping and that “if you enjoyed AW’s movement, then you wil

          • LOLOL are you really saying BF1 is reskinning BF4 without saying ANYTHING about IW being reskinned?? HA. WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE. xDDD every fucking cod uses the same engine every year! Same garbage! You saying BF1 is reskinning BF4 is like saying you are tired of the same shit on Battlefield. You must’ve been one of those people who said COD every year was the same shit, and complained about it a lot, now it is all futuristic WHICH NOBODY WANTS. People complain about shit for no reason. You think IW is gonna be good? Ok good for you, enjoy that POS game, ill be on COD MWR, stick to your futuristic garbage. :^) the games better off without you

          • Holy shit you are right! I remember when I got to space with a fucking HYBRID GUN ON CoD MODERN WARFARE 3! HOLY SHIT

          • Worse than the ones who doesn’t see BF as the same shit every year, are the ones who see CoD as the same thing every year.

            I’ll wait. Go watch a match in Bad Company 2 (let’s face it, the first good BF is when they star to copy the shit out of CoD), then go watch a Match in Battlefield Hardline.

            Then do the same thing. Watch a Modern Warfare 2 match, then a Black Ops 3 match.

            See what games looks more one each other.

            Then you come back here and say that.

            Also, BF uses Frostbite ever since Bad Company (Frostbite 1.0) then started to upgrade and use it ever since. There goes 8 years. This is exactly the same thing Activision does with the IWTech.

            Engines aren’t that easy to produce. Thats why big companies such as Capcom and Konamy only changed engines once per generation (Konami with Fox, Capcom with REngine), also, MGSV and RE7 get late as fuck due to the engine development, a thing that a year-based series can’t have (If you dont think there is only one BF every year, count Battlefront and Medal of Honor, they are Battlefield as well).

            BF have better graphics? Yes it have, of course. But if I really want graphics I would play Uncharted 4 forever.

            You are the very embodyment of “people complain about shit for no reason”.

          • Battlefield 1 is like what Battlefield 4 was like to Battlefield 3… I’m not convinced that it’s not just a World War 1 expansion of Battlefield 4 yet, and the hypocrisy about CoD over that game has just simply gotten pathetic at this point. Battlefield 1 is exactly what everyone else has been saying about CoD for the past 5+ years, but all of a sudden copy and pasting is okay because a few people like the era?

          • BF1 is to BF4 what BF Vietnam was to Bad Company 2. However, they will sell BF1 standalone.

          • BF4 =/= BF1, For one, The entire HUD is different, The Destruction is much better (in my opinion), 3D spotting is not a thing, and to top it off, There are about 5 new mechanics not even thought of in BF4, whereas IW is just AW with spacecraft, grav boots, an- Oh who the fuck am I kidding, its LITERALLY AW IN 200 YEARS! BF1 is actually dufferifferent to its predecessors, believe it or not.

          • I don’t see the difference. IW isn’t doing anything different? Do tell. This isn’t the same team that did Ghosts, believe it or not. The Campaign might actually be good for a change.

        • battlefield one has so many game changes and mechanics more than any battlefield game before. everyone is saying its amazing and the only people complaining are the history guys who dont get how games have to work. iw is trying to much to be a open world kinda mass effect. no one wants that they want boots on the ground and the only reason this game will do good in sales is because of cod 4 and if you think otherwise then wow you’re dumb

        • IW can turn out good imo, but they should take a good look at Bo3 to see how it shouldn’t be done…

          Bo3… by far the most unpleasant CoD to play at the moment…

  1. Is is just me or did they really change the colour scheme of the mission on planet Earth? (It could also be another mission on Earth)

    • Yes, it is the Geneva level. I think they changed the time of day. In the reveal trailer, the level took place during midday. Now it seems like it’s set during the evening, or maybe even at sunrise.

      • And improved graphics more than the trailer and the E3 for some reason.

        I don’t understand, Infinity Ward makes bad graphics for trailers but makes great in game (Improve by the time), while Treyarch’s trailers are just like movie, and the marketing images too, but the in-game graphics look more shittier (Worsen by the time). Same goes with Sledgehammer Games, boy their cutscenes, marketing images and trailers are sick, just like a movie, but the game’s is worse.

        Anyway, #InfiniteWarfareHype

        And btw, can’t wait for the COD film coming in 2018/2019.

        • Hmm…I wouldn’t say so myself. Treyarch’s graphics usually stay the same. I think Advanced Warfare’s graphics actually improved from E3 to retail. But that’s just what I think. However, I will say that Black Ops 3 doesn’t look as good as Advanced Warfare, in my opinion.
          Also… A COD FILM? WHAT THE F**K?!

          • It’s actually a fact that Black Ops 3 beats Advanced Warfare in the graphics department.

          • Black ops 3 has better textures and models. But advanced warfare has smoke that create shadows, better lighting, better motion capture (body movement, not facial expressions), gun sounds are more realistic.

          • Actually Black Ops 3 beats Advanced Warfare in terms of the overall package of graphical fidelity. Even in lighting. BO3’s global illumination and physically-based rendering are second to none.

        • Uh… Black Ops 3 had much better graphics come its release. Don’t you remember the reveal trailer?

  2. We got the KSG! Hell yeah! I hope that the weapons will be just as customisable considering the fact that we have all these unique guns.

  3. I cant see anything in these low-res images but the KSG looks great even tho i hated that shit in bo2.

  4. I wonder if the Jackal and Skelter could be used in MP. I mean, have them require only one rocket to shoot down and arm them with only MGs and maybe a limited number of missiles and they could shake up the gameplay while being balanced.

    • There could be a possibly but we’ll never know until Cod XP. However, I do hope that there could be a game mode that is focused on Vehicles like ‘Space Superiority’, for example could be a game where the teams must control key points in space and having complete domination in the area to win. The Jackal and Skelter could be good for objective based game modes like Domination or Ground War.

    • There is couple ways they can be used in MP…
      1. as a killstreak
      2. if there is space maps or dogfights only gamemode, that is an another one

      • Well, I don’t want it to be a killstreak. I’m wondering if its possible for COD to incorporate vehicles. Maybe on smaller maps they can have just motor bikes or none, and in larger maps on other planets, they have the Jackal as a common occurance.

        • There are vehicles in WaW and CoD3.

          The Jackal could be a Killstreak, a very high one.

          I agree with the Dogfight Gamemode, would be beautiful.

  5. Fun Fact: The Olympus Mons is a Martian Volcano that is the largest and tallest Volcano discovered in the solar system.

      • Eh, I’m just going to get it for the campaign and zombies. Multiplayer isn’t that important to me when I can play Battlefield for that. Ill probably get it once the price drops

      • Yay! Daddy pro-order Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Pro Edition for me!! & I will rekt you online 😀

    • Agreed, i have low expectations for Infinite Warfare, so if the game is bad, I’m not going to worry, i have BO3, BF1, and Cod4 to look forward to, if it’s good, cool as well. But im not really expecting much

      • I hate Infinity Ward for doing what they’re doing this year, making the only way to MWR is by buying IW. I’d pay 50 bucks just for MWR.

        • I hate it too honestly that I have to be forced to get Infinite Warfare to get CoD4. I’m trying to look at the bright side as I’m getting 2 games for $80, it is what it is honestly. So if I end up hating Infinite Warfare, I’m not going to worry about it honestly, I’m giving it a try, it sucks, it sucks. There is going to be too many games out for me to worry about game being terrible, especially if it’s for a game i have low expectations for anyway lol

          • Well my issue is that I’ve spent over $200 for AW and BO3 and I’m sick of giving them money for games that end up sucking, and since IW seems to following the same future setting trend and same movement system, I’m going to save myself the money. The only game I like with that setting and movement system is Titanfall, which I’m stoked for, along with BF1 and Gears 4.

          • Yeah I spent a $100 for Black Ops 3 and AW. I regret buying the season pass for both games as Activision likes to fuck over season pass owners.

            I’m not buying the season pass for Infinite Warfare so I’m only paying $80.

            And yeah there are so much more games to be stoked for such as the games you listed

          • CoD is just such a sell out now. You have to pay even more money for guns they create as the game goes on. Very rarely does anyone get a DLC gun from a rare supply drop bought with cryptos. Someone dared me to drop 20 bucks on supply drops and I did. Guess what? I didn’t get a single weapon. Not even a melee weapon. Activision is just bogus.

          • Except I won’t. I’m not giving a single penny for any Infinity Ward products, unless they wiseup and release a separate purchase for MWR. The only way I will play IW is if someone buys it for me. I don’t think you understand how much I loathe CoD this year.

            I’ll drop a hundred for BF1 for sure tho.

          • Watch Battlefield 1 have a shit launch and you guys buying Infinite Warfare like 1 year later… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

          • It wouldn’t surprise me if it did. Quite a few games do, and EA is infamous for being buggy at first. But it doesn’t take them long to fix it. And to reiterate, I AM NOT BUYING IW WITH MY MONEY

          • A separate MWR upon release…you are bad for business. & yeah, you will led that person your $80 to get it for you ’cause you have a hating reputation that precedes you.

          • I seriously cannot figure out what you’re trying to get across with that comment. If you are saying that I would give someone $80 of my hard earned money to go buy the game, you are sorely mistaken. The only way that game will end up installed on my Xbox is if someone gives me the game as a gift without my knowledge.

    • IW is going to have the same movement system as BO3, but without specialists. That makes IW multiplayer immediately better than BO3. It’s not the setting you want to worry about it’s what the devs do with it. At this point, BO3 is more futuristic than IW, it’s just that IW takes place in space and other planets, but still the same movement.

          • I rather play Modern Warfare Remastered but I don’t want pay 60 dollars for this shit when I can just play Battlefield 1 like a real common sense human being instead of an inbred twat like yourself

          • Yet your comment is that you’ll play BO3 for another year, when it’s worse than IW. You aren’t a human with commen sense. You’re comparing BF and COD like they are almost the exact same game when they aren’t. It’s like comparing CS:GO to R6:Siege. They aren’t the same.

      • That’s some tragic logic. So you are basically saying Ghosts is better than COD 4, MW2 and Black Ops because of the improved movement…

        Talking of Ghosts; I remember when everyone was sick of BO2 and then went back to it the weekend after Ghosts was released..

          • I was mimicking your daft logic by another example. You seem to think the MP of IW is already better that BO3 despite not seeing or knowing anything about it.

          • Because it will be. Infinity Ward’s Twitter said that it would be similar to BO3’s movement system. Specialists were only in BO3 was to have a connection with BO3’s campaign and if it was IW, a lot would be confused because MP will the specialist package killstreak system.
            Since it’s similar, a lot are speculating wall running is the only thing different since no one has cybernetic legs, just military clothing modified for space.

            It’s safe to assume IW is better than BO3. Why are you giving BO3 a free pass when it’s worse than Ghosts and AW. It’s less futuristic than you think.

          • “Why are you giving BO3 a free pass when it’s worse than Ghosts and AW”

            what the fuck? i knows theres opinions but this one is the worst one.

          • Have you ever played AW or Ghosts ever since Black Ops 3? Keep praising BO3 like that shit’s good.

          • I have, and they’re both as bad as when they were the main COD. BO3 may not be the best but it’s better than those abominations. That’s popular opinion too but I’m sure you don’t care about that and think your opinions are above everyone elses.

            Also, I won’t make any judgements before I even play IW, but saying statements like “just taking specialists off IW makes the multiplayer better than BO3” without ever playing the game is just very naive.. you just don’t like BO3, and that’s fine, but these statements you’re making are bordering dumb.

          • Very strange logic you have. Ghosts movement was similar to MW2 but that didn’t make it better either…

            You’re making some very bizarre and risky assumptions but it looks like Activision PR is winning again!

        • There hasn’t been any confirmation of it not in the game. Any gameplay released out to the public hasn’t shown that wall running is in the game. Hopefully wall running isn’t in the game, or else the game will be trash

          • I won’t be surprised if they took out wall running which could be the reason they delayed the mp reveal to take out wall running and other things to at least please the cod vets.

          • Thy wouldnt because if there was wallrunning, then the maps would be designed around it and they wouldnt work well without it. They didnt delay the MP reveal, they saved it for the huge CoD event.

        • Considering the style of this game and how it plays, it is pretty safe to say, no wall running.

  6. I can not get excited about Infinite Warfare, all I see is not COD. Even more after seeing the COD 4 gameplay

  7. Who the fuck was stupid enough to ask a dumb question like ” will the weapons be balanced? ”

    The second he read that the other two almost burst out laughing.

  8. When I first started getting into this franchise I never thought that I’d play Call of Duty: Star Wars 9 years later. The dogfights are what I’m looking forward to the most.

          • As far as being glitchy and buggy at first, yea. But you have to take into account the amount of content and everything that is going on a massive scale like in BF. In theory, there could be 30 buildings or so collapsing at the same time in BF, and last time I checked, shooting a rocket into a piece of plywood on CoD simply scoots the plywood a bit.
            A CoD map is about the size of flag on conquest in BF, which is really pathetic. I give props to MW2 for having large maps.

          • No, I’m talking about the mechanics, and what “amount of content”? Didn’t Battlefield 4 rehash Battlefield 3 weapons and only added a few here and there? So the main thing that I should be impressed with on Battlefield is its physics rather than the responsiveness and fluidity it offers? Call of Duty doesn’t do physics as much because it would affect the layout of the maps and would also completely defeat the purpose of even having a map to begin with. Battlefield only works because they create one, huge map, which allows you to destroy buildings without ruining the map completely. CoD can’t do that, because it’s a Twitch-Arena Shooter, so it’s not fair to say that “Battlefield is superior!!!@@@” because they’re technically two completely different games. Maybe CoD players like the small maps because it makes the game more fast-paced and others find Battlefield to be boring because the maps are so big to the point where they can’t find enemies to kill? CoD even has more content to offer, a Campaign that isn’t 4 hours nor doesn’t hold your hand as much as previous games and Battlefield does (even though Battlefield’s Campaign should be a sandbox like the Multiplayer), and a killer Zombies mode.

  9. Some dark blue & orange enviroments look exactly like Battlefield
    BTW Im surprised they took that negative question

  10. “Will most weapons be balanced?”
    Yes, this will be the most innovative balanced CoD title in the last 13 years, we actually have a full auto PDW with max fire rate, little to no recoil, quick and visible ADS, plus inconsistent TTK that gives the player a 50/50 chance at surviving any encounter. It even comes with a default integrated silencer and dual under barrel incendiary shotgun. The bullets actually ricochet off of walls now, too!! We think the players are REALLY going to enjoy it.

  11. Infinite Warfare will turn out to be a great fucking game. Even the haters will continue hating on IW while they wait on lobby ready to play a match online.

    • fvck off brown tongue…. Your head is so far up IW ass, We can’t tell where IW starts or finishes… COD IS SHIT no one will play this shit game and NO i will not be in any IW lobbies waiting fore a game

      • Then why are you here dickhead? You are in a cod-related site commenting ” COD IS SHIT no one will play this shit game” yet you care enough to come here and read news about IW. Go away you Dumbass, if you dispise cod , it dosent make sense to be here at all.

      • Hate to break it up to you but yes, it will. Infinity Ward ain’t saying nothing ’cause they know they got this year on lock. & yes, it’s part of the hater cycle, you are in it.

        • I don’t care what they think. I don’t care what you think. I think that IW is going to be absolutely terrible and BF1 is going to amazing. I apologize for causing you butthurt, but that’s they way it is.

          • No. Does it really bother you so much that I think that this game is going to fail on the critical aspect?

          • Battlefield 1 is just gonna be the exact same thing with a new coat of paint. Sure, it’ll be good, probably gonna get like an 8/10 just like BF4, and Infinite Warfare is probably gonna get a 9/10, just like every other COD because people like the game for a reason. It’s good.

          • “I don’t care what they think. I don’t care what you think.”

            The feeling is mutual. No one cares what you think either, fanboy.

      • m8, you wont play dogfights. You are gonna be on ground shootin m8
        you are just sayin that cause bf1 has it 😀
        i know people like to lie.

        • That is such a stupid comment. Honestly. Flying in BF is one of the greatest things in multiplayer fighting. Everyone does it at some point and even though a lot of people suck at it, they still have fun. Don’t sit there and call him a liar.

          • do you think i would be serious and call other people liar…
            this is motherfucking the internet and no one is serious.

    • Aaaaaaannnnnnnd BANG…Activiosin releases weapons on supply drops that give you the ability to whip your dick out and get a headshot

        • Yes……… Which means pay to wiiiiiin yaaaaay that’s fun…. I like to make it rain on activision so they give me a dildo gun that I can shove it up the campers

  12. Damn he sounded so hurt as he was reading that question at 13:54. The passion shown from the people behind this game has earned my respect. Hopefully their soulless corporate bosses at ATVI don’t fuck it up.

  13. I’m just going to say this game will be just as good as MW2 or COD4 and will be in your Top 5 Best CODs. I guarentee it.

  14. is it just me or does infinity ward love that greyish filter, i feel like it sucks the color out of their games

    • After seeing how cartoony Treyarch have made BO3; I welcome the gritty military feel. I just hope it isn’t as bleak as Ghosts. I don’t mind a bit of colour in COD games but BO3 was just a bit too far fetched in its pallet.

  15. This game is gonna rock. Those graphics man! They are better than the trailer’s and e3’s. If you are judging about the setting, it’s a long story. You asked for innovation back in 2013, and now in 2016, you want old stuff back. How hypocrite to troll the devs that things aren’t going your way. They already told in the video that they tried to make something new, and promised that it will feel very good.

    • Let’s take Resident Evil Fanbase as a comparison point:

      RE6 is released: “Too much action, story too crowded, too much characters”

      RE7 is teased: “Too much horror! First Person? Where are Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy?”

      The fanbase, all fanbases, are rotten and no dev should listen to them.

    • In all fairness, i don’t know a single person who ever asked for a Call Of Duty game in space. Not one.

      • People were complaining about COD being copy paste every year after mw3. Bo2 was the first ever futuristic COD. It came out, and became the most successful COD game. The next year however, when ghosts was released everyone said that it’s trash and is still copy paste and bo2 was better than ghosts because it tried something new and ghots was only good at being the first next gen game, with good graphics. Infinity ward thought that people are liking futuristic CODs and calling out modern ones with an excuse of being a copy paste. While ghosts was modern, and was hated and bo2 was future, and was loved, infinity ward thought that they really liked the new setting, and started the infinite warfare project on Mar 2014, because that’s how they work, it’s 3 year development cycle, so they start on making a game 2 years before the release, and on Mar. However, while AW was released on Nov 2014, people started hating it for exo suits, some other people enjoyed it because Sledgehammer Games stopped the cloning and and dropped a new COD with alot of innovation in it. Seeing that AW was hated for being futuristic, Infinity ward and treyarch couldn’t cancel their projects, revert all their hard work and start to make a modern or ww1 game. Because Activision hired 3 studios to keep up with releasing every year, and would’ve been very mad if they saw that the devs are canceling and delaying their games and won’t pay them. The time had come, and bo3 dropped the trailer. Many people started to worry about COD going to a futuristic direction, and got a bit criticized. Then it dropped the e3 gameplay footage of campaign, and then multiplayer, people started changing their minds over bo3 (oh please, that’s almost every year since AW), and waited for the release. Some people were saying that they weren’t going to buy, but bite my ass they did. Finally, it was released and many people enjoyed it. 2016 year dropped. Everyone was interested in what infinity ward had in stock for COD in 2016, and everyone was excited for mw4, ghosts 2, bloodlines or some shit. But the trailer was dropped, and it got veeery much criticized for being futuristic again. Infinity ward was very confused because they thought that people would like future back in 2014, when ghosts was hated and bo2 was loved. And they started on infinite warfare before knwing thatnpeople were going to hate advanced warfare. E3 gameplay was shown and some people changed their minds and pre-ordered the game, and after the e3 IW outnumbered battlefield 1 with preorders (same thing as every year since AW again. No wait, I’m mistaken, it was like that every year for every COD). Now while Sledgehammer Games already knows that AW was hated, and they started their project on Mar 2015, and they are probably making a game that everyone would love: they will bring modern setting back, in honor of MW, because it was well loved. Any setting besides future, which has already lived his life in COD for 3 years. So that’s it, infinite warfare will be the last COD that will be in future, which had the most far future as possible and they’ve still gone for a plausible future, by not making aliens, out of galaxy and added more boots on ground movement, which will at least shape things up. Then it’s being confirmed that Sledgehammer Games is the revolutionizer for COD’s setting! Everyone will start loving sledgehsmmer, as and a savior for copy pasting and extremely changing cod and going to future, and as a srtrong quality and high budget COD Developer. Treyarch would probably have World War 2 in stock for us, if not a new titlr, but either way, not a future setting. I’m mostly thinking that they will make a ww2 game, since it hasn’t been made for COD since 2008, and in worries that modern set COD may be criticized again for being copy paste. Also lol, it is a coincide: world at war 1 = 2008, world at war 2 = 2018. And infinity ward might make a ww1 game for 2019, just for coincide to show off its compeditor in 2016, battlefield, that they can make a ww1 game too if they want, just like DICE did in Infinity Ward’s previous turn of CoD release year, aka 2016. So basically, turns out that ever since 3 year development cycle was announced, COD was completely changed. In the first cycle, they all had future setting, and in the second cycle, they are curing COD from the future stuff and descending through time setting, (Modern in 2017, World war 2 in 2018, and world war 1 in 2019).

        So that’s the whole COD story. I hope you understand why is it in space now.

        • I always understood why the game is going to be in space, but it still doesn’t mean it was a good idea to do that. Games like Halo,Star Wars Battlefront, etc. are known for being futuristic/space shooters. Call Of Duty isn’t. That isn’t why people play it. That would be like if Halo 6 is based in WW1, people would be pissed off because that isn’t what the game is known for. Also, BO2 was based in the near future, only 13 years away from the launch of the game. The futuristic elements were pretty subtle for the most part. Treyarch was able to innovate quite a bit in that game with the introduction of Pick 10 and the new Scorestreak system, two big reasons why that game stood out at the time. Those two features had NOTHING to do with a futuristic setting, yet they were able to be innovative just fine. They could have done the same thing in a game set in the past or present.

          • I know. That’s why devs should not have listen to a single fan, instead they had to push theirs. Devs with their own ideas can make the game look cool, not make the fans more impudent while listening to them. I love IW, and COD is fine for me as always. Also, bo2 was still future, featuring stuff that there isn’t in real life. And it’s set in 2025.

            Also, you said that COD should not be something that it’s not known for. Then how did COD4 get so much fame? COD was supposed to be a WW2 game. They should flame war for modern setting.

          • I suppose that’s your opinion? Like i said in the previous post, BO2 was future based, yes, but it was very subtle. There’s a pretty big difference between the year 2025 and the year 3000 or whatever the fuck year IW is set in. Not to mention BO2 was still a fully boots on the ground game. It’s idiotic to say “Oh, well BO2 was in the future and was successful, why can’t IW be the same way?” because BO2 was BARELY set in the future. Who knows, maybe IW will somehow blow me away. Im waiting until the MP reveal before making any final judgments, but my expectations are extremely low.

            COD4 gained so much fame because it innovated the FPS genre as a whole. And no, not because the setting changed. All of the things they did innovate the campaign and multiplayer is what made that game so popular. Which, once again, had nothing to do with the setting of the game. They could have continued the WWII setting and added the exact same features.

          • In what terms did cod4 “change the FPS genre”?

            Also, all of the modern set cods before bo2 was criticized for being copy paste, and bo2 finally changed the setting. But Infinity Ward didn’t want a futuristic cod, that’s why they made ghosts, which was hated. Bo2 got success, and ghosts didn’t. What is the difference between those games? Only setting. That’s why future is now their main topic.

            Logic bro.

          • Play literally any FPS game that came out prior to COD4 and name one that was similar to COD4. Especially the multiplayer.

            Here’s the thing. With the exception of some semi-futuristic Scorestreaks and some very vaguely futuristic maps, no casual gamer would assume that BO2 was set in the future from playing strictly the multiplayer. All of the guns felt modern. The movement wasn’t advanced. And if you believe that Ghosts was hated because it was set in modern times, you are an absolute moron. I really hope that isn’t what you’re implying. Also, if you truly believe that the only difference between those games was the setting, you clearly never played BO2.

            “Logic bro”.

          • If you think that I think that ghosts was only hated because it was modern, then you’re a moron too. I’m not implying to it you know. I clearly have milked completely everything from bo2 19 times. And I find Ghosts better. Also everyone needs to chill, COD has barely released 3 futuristic games. You’ve got 4 WW2 games, and 6 modern set games.

            Every game has it’s own uniqueness, and besides it’s COD, that’s why, and none of the games have any features that the prior release CODs have.

          • This is definitely innovation for Call of Duty. They are introducing new combat elements to the game that have never existed in Call of Duty before. Name a previous Call of Duty that has “no-rails” dog fights? Zero gravity? A slightly RPG-esque element in the campaign?

            It’s innovation. Maybe not the kind you desired? But did you ever give the devs an innovative idea to use? No? Well… Then ultimately you only have yourself to blame.

            I for one think the space idea will be a refreshing change for the Call of Duty franchise. It’s the first time space has ever been thrown into this game. Fanboys keep yelling that they don’t want a re-skin? Well guess what! Your wish has been granted.

          • I see you didn’t read my previous comments. The point i was trying to make was you don’t need a futuristic setting in order to innovate. Read my other replies for examples. Also, practically every COD campaign is “innovative” because that is the aspect people care the least about. You can take all the chances you want in the campaign, and people will be fine with it.

            Don’t give me some bullshit about how “did you ever give the devs an innovative idea to use” either. That isn’t my problem. The devs should know what their community wants. And like i said, i can’t name a single person who asked for a space Call Of Duty game. So no, i don’t “have only myself to blame”.

            Who knows, maybe IW will be a great game. It could also be a gigantic flop. You also probably shouldn’t make daft assumptions. I never once bitched about a COD game being a re-skin. I’d much rather play a re-skin than game totally out of it’s genre.

          • You’re right. You didn’t complain about reskins. My bad. That was some bleed over from the other arguments.

            Now — you say the devs should know what their community wants… but the only thing the community screams in unison is “innovation”. So what are they left with? – Information that people want something that hasn’t been done before in the series (innovation).
            But what KIND of innovation? They don’t know. The community doesn’t know. No one knows. Or at least, no one throws out any examples if they do. So the devs have to figure it out themselves, and that’s what they did. They figured out how to do something different (On ground AND space combat). If the community wanted something else, they should have spoke up on what kind of innovation they wanted. And 3 years ago, when this project began, a large group in the community was excited for “future” warfare. So they took a future concept (space travel) and brought in war, and there we go. New concept. dogfights in space. War in space. From what I have seen, no other game has done it quite like this. And now, 3 years later, they can’t just abandon the project and switch to an older timeline, now can they?

            So yes, it is your problem if you don’t like it. Although, it was unfair to say it was only your problem. It is the problem of everyone that didn’t want futuristic stuff for not speaking up 3 years ago. But then again, had the anti-future group spoken up, people like me, who are BORED with WW1 and WW2 (Check wikipedia for the number of WW1 and WW2 video games out there. It’s insane.) would be the ones bickering now. So really there is no winning.

            Could the game be amazing? Yes. Could it flop? Also a yes. No denial there. But let’s see everything this game has to offer before being so judgmental about it. Lets look at the facts here – Innovation to the same degree as COD4 is not something that can just happen. Brilliant, industry-changing ideas are not born every day. So let’s appreciate the lower-level innovation that we DO get. I personally think space combat has the potential to be amazingly entertaining in this game and believe that it will be a refreshing addition to the boots on ground combat that I have experienced up to this point.

          • I’m not sure what you mean by the “community doesn’t know what it wants”. People have been dying for a WW1/2 COD again for YEARS. The same could be said for MW4. Hell, there was even a handful of people who were hoping for a Ghosts 2. That’s three examples just off the top of my head. Sure, there was a select few who wanted more futuristic games, but that was a very small fraction of the community at the time. But i would say that 90% of the community couldn’t give less of a fuck about getting a futuristic COD game, let alone a space one. Damn near nobody wanted a space shooter, so Infinity Ward can deal with the backlash for not thinking that through.

            I will save my final judgement on the game until after the MP reveal, but this is easily the least hyped i have ever been for a COD game. I hardly care at all about this game based off of what iv’e seen so far, but the MP reveal is what i will judge the game on entirely.

  16. They need to release both BF1 & IW 4K editions. Since Sony hasn’t announced their new console yet, NEO…I have a feeling they will throw a bundle with the Infinite Warfare 4K edition. I will be definitely sold!!

    • I doubt they’ll do a 4K version of either especially with COD as they’ll have to sacrifice the framerate for an unlocked lowered one to compensate the upscaled resolution. The comparable cards have already been tested on older COD games and the best that was achieved was 45fps on Advanced Warfare. It’s not as easy as simply just creating versions to emulate the hardware on offer. The current gen consoles should just concentrate on achieving full 1080p HD and 60fps locked down especially the XBox One.

      • Yeah, you right. Not an easy task but they will have to make a 4K video game eventually. I feel like they are releasing these 4K support consoles just to welcome the 4K movies market. Xbox project Scorpio includes 8 CPU Cores and 6 teraflops GPU Power. That is some serious hardware and it will enable Devs to make 4K gaming possible. It is safe to say that we aren’t far apart for a whole new graphics fidelity enhancement on consoles.

        • The new 4K consoles will certainly enable developers more scope and power which is essential as the current systems struggle to reach full resolution and a decent framerate. The new machines for starters ensure that we see full HD and a high FPS on all games and in the future; fully 4K supported titles will be produced right off the bat with the intention of maximising the graphical and processor power. I don’t think any games in the next two years will be designed purely around 4K and they’ll just have 4K upscale support at the expense of performance but with these machines coming out and PC gaming far more advancing along with 4K becoming mainstream as a whole; games will be focused purely around this and HD will become obsolete. I certainly wont become an early adopter of the new PS4 or XB1 but come 2018; it should be essentially a new console generation.

          • Yeah, I won’t an early adopter too. Not until they have a solid 4K gaming market. But if they do release BF1 or IW, even if it’s upscaled. I will have to give it a try. I’m a freak for great looking graphics .

          • Since you bother to comment on that. Games do look good on the consoles as well, disregarding the PC even though I own one.

          • claims to own a pc but a cheap laptop doesnt count
            claims console games look good but 720p is standard resolution from over a decade ago

          • Claims to know what goes on in my life…yet you seat behind a guest account & PS4 runs on native 1080P, which is the standard resolution as of now you fucking idiot. Get over yourself you dipshit.

          • just because the ps4s native is 1080p doesnt mean every game runs at 1080p broke as nigger boy step outside and get gunned down now will you

          • I would give you a comeback but I left it all in your mom’s mouth. Imagine your mom kissing you goodnight.

  17. I think Infinity ward has more employees than treyarch and sledge do, therefore I assume their games will be better with more depth

    • Quality doesn’t equate to quality though. Hopefully the new staff have brought some fresh ideas and can also retain the quality of previous games prior to Ghosts. The original Infinity Ward created a couple of masterpieces with their Modern Warfare games and they only had a small number of staff and weren’t laden with Hollywood writers and a wealth of artistic directors and coders. A large team isn’t always a cert for success but fingers crossed the studio can earn its reputation back and the staff remain without being replaced because of a failure.

    • Well, they have hired so many people from amazing studios like 2 guys from Naughty Dog, 1 guy from the creators of Tomb Raider etc

      • Yeah this seems to work. Capcom did this with RE7 (With people from KojiPro and the guy who wrote Spec Ops: The Line), and already started to make good things.

  18. Looks good tbf i hope to god they have a futuristic AK like the KN44 in it! Reyes gun looks like an M4 so I’m hopefull

  19. I think it’s a good thing they are being silent about this game… BO3 had so much information before launch, i couldn’t play it anymore.

  20. Looks pretty good. The graphics look wonderful and it seems that IW did them just right. As long as Infinite Warfare doesn’t have flashy colors, dance moves that only appeal to kids, and taunts that remind you that you are in a game and not a war, then I am definitely in.

      • At least jet packs exist and could be used in battle in the future. Real soldiers do not dance like morons at the end of a battle, nor do they taunt their enemies using words that would imply that the war was all just a giant game. I want to feel like I’m in a warzone, with more realism and more destruction. Those qualities were what made older CODs like Modern Warfare memorable.

        • I’ll say it again…… Jet packs are realistic for soldiers? So in the future the wars will consist of jumping frogs ?

          • The U.S. Army has always had an interest in jet packs. For now they are only being experimented with for activities like crossing rivers and looking over enemy positions, but in the future, they could play a more important role.

  21. Why the hell are people getting hyped for a 6 hour campaign which will have absolutely no bearing on the multiplayer whatsoever? I remember when everyone was blown away by hearing what Black Ops 3 had going on in its story and so many were saying it would be the best CoD game off all time just based off that. Yet again, we are back in the usual cycle of people getting hyped without remembering how many times they have been burned in the last few years. A 6 hour campaign wont make this game quite as epic as people think…

    Everyone that’s hyped now will be moaning a week after release as usual lel!

    • This year’s campaign is making out to be one of the best, with all the new features and things we can do (Side missions, off-rails space combat, biggest selection of weapons, etc.) Not to mention, the same people who wrote this story also wrote the story for some of the uncharted games.

      • Idk dude. Same happened with Black Ops 2. Strike force missions hyped up like crazy, multiple outcomes, side missions, off rails flying, the writer of the Dark Knight trilogy, etc. They always deliver, but in tiny quantities in comparison to what was expected of them. They have a habit of glorifying these small things and making them sound like the greatest thing ever. With a track record like this I can’t force myself to be that optimistic.

  22. You know what I want for IW? For them to promote actual teamwork in Infinite Warfare and remove kill-based gamemodes(TDM, FFA, Kill Confirmed)
    Also gamemodes where each side does something different can be more common. Safeguard from BO3 is basically COD’s version of Payload from Overwatch or Team Fortress, but they can also make maps specifically designed for stuff like domination, safeguard, CTF, S&D, etc.
    The biggest problem I have with Call of Duty and was also stated by Angry Joe is that it’s basically every man for himself. No cooperation. Everyone is just running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off working for kills.
    Personally, that’s the reason I quit Black ops III early on, a game with a movement system that supports such bullshit.

    • Before that can happen, there needs to be players that you can depend on. And that can’t happen if there’s so many 8 years old. They do actually promote it, it’s called competitive.

    • Call of Duty these days demands absolutely no teamwork whatsoever. If you have a good connection and reactions; it’s impossible to do poorly. COD also thrives on kills and making players feel good about their k/d and with so many tinpot sized maps and 3 lane designs; there isn’t much tactical diversity. If you have a good team of players; you’ll win even if you half-arse any objectives.

      • Thats why i love cod, because you can play however you want, you do your part and dont care about anything, all that matters for me is my kd and score per min, thats how you mesure a cod player.

        • Plus everyone else is doing the same so collective teamwork is really out of the window. I’ve lost count of how many games I’m the only one that’s gone positive and/or played the objective and we’ve won. I don’t like relying on other people and no matter how much they do to promote objective play and team focus; the majority are only in it for themselves.

    • You bring up some great points. I feel like they should make separate playlists for the game modes where you run around and get kills and game modes where you absolutely have to work as a team in order to win, Kinda like Rainbow 6, but not as clunky and awkward. If they added different maps for different game modes that force players to work together in most situations, I think that would be a breath of fresh air for the series.

  23. I’m so fucking pissed rn, just got to round 57 on Gorod with my friend and Black Ops 3 crashes and it didn’t even save it on the leaderboards. Guess I have to sue vonderhaar now.

  24. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be208p:….,….

  25. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!be618p:….,..

  26. MULTIPLAYER WAS NEVER “DELAYED” YOU IDIOTS! Infinity Ward ALWAYS waits until August/September to show multiplayer! Treyarch spoiled us last year – and as we found out it was because they didn’t give a shit about campaign. Come on guys, Ghosts and MW3 weren’t that long ago.

  27. I’m gonna PLAY ALL DAY Infinite Warfare for damn sure!!!!!!!!!! SO HYPED!!! After all defending I did for IW, it would be wrong to not to. Because I’ve already pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition on Steam!!! 😀


  28. 12 year olds saying they love this no its discusting to see and can wait till they make you open your little boxes for weapon camos and new guns ahhahahaah cod 4 remastered will be the best to ever come out for them thats why they are bundling it in with infinite warfare and bf1 will not fail its ripping cod a new one in the pre orders so shhhhhh

  29. ill pass im tired of cod making boring games and honestly nothing can be done to save its self from bf1s hype and power

    • Well, whats the point? The Jackal is a very versatile/universal jet, so theres not much reason to piloting anything else.

    • -In space, with zero-g gunfights, new vehicle controls, and again, tackling a new setting for COD.
      -Same thing.

  30. All these game arguments and yet we all agree on the same things…? Mw2 was the best CoD, bad company 2 was the best bf,battlefields campaigns dont have shit on CoDs,battlefield multiplayer is the most realistic airsoft video game ever and CoD pros are basically turning into sporty paintball players.

  31. All these fanboys being fanboys down here… *Shakes head*

    Looks great, Infinity Ward! For once, I am actually excited for another Call of Duty game! Everything has been “meh” since MW series (with the exception of BO3. I had an acceptable amount of fun with that one).
    Happy to see some innovation on this! I appreciate you taking this step outside of the box! I’m sure all the haters will be proven wrong in the future (except for the diehard hipsters and BF fanboys. Nothing ever pleases them). I look forward to hearing more!