Sledgehammer Games is celebrating their Hammer Week — the week the studio was founded 7 years ago – next week from July 24 through August 1.

To celebrate this, they’re giving away weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare each day starting July 24 and ending on July 30. Each weapon will be available to earn in each players’ Supply Drop during the days listed in the image below, starting at 9AM Pacific on that day. Earning those weapon variants on each day will also unlock the base variant of each weapon if you do not already have it. These weapon drops are available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

As also noted by the image, the first weapon they are putting out — SVO – Fury — will be available to earn through August 1.

In addition, Sledgehammer Games is giving away a Hammer Box on social media throughout the week.

Alongside all of this, Sledgehammer Games is activating Double XP and 2XP Legendary in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare the entire week next week on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

SOURCE: Sledgehammer Games



  1. I miss this game (and don’t so “then go play it” because the only mode working is Team deathmatch :c )

  2. You know what i dont like about this? People paid money for a bunch of supply drops and only because time has passed, its okay to give things on a free platter? I dont understand this logic.

    • Thats their fault for paying activision. I have not wasted a single cent on any BullShit Supply Drops, you have a choice, waste momey on Supply Drops, or Waste it on something better. FFS.

      Dice did the exact same thing, except theyre giving away their map packs for free. Which is awesome IMO. Better than guns!

    • Its for the anniversary. And those people who payed for drops have had them for a long time. And they were always available free, anyways.

  3. Wow people still play this crap. SHG are just fucking stupid tho for giving free guns this late. Keshav you need to stop posting this AW crap, I know it’s news but this is just stupid how SHG are desperate for players that they give guns for free when they could have done that last year or the beginning month of this year

    • If Treyarch were doing something similar next year, you’d be saying “Wow, how awesome of Treyarch to continue supporting the game long after its release!”. Get your salty ass outta here mate, some of us here enjoy AW genuinely too.

      • i wish i liked this game, campaign was really cool. But atleast we know that if SHG makes a good MP game, they will still support after the new one is out.

        • I truly liked what AW has done and brought to the franchise (except supply drops, fuck that shit). It was a flawed game, but then again, no COD game is without flaw. I’m sure someone is bound to point out a bunch of flaws in the oh so perfect COD4 when the remaster comes out.

          If only PC players didn’t drop this game so quickly, I’d be all over it right now. But alas, AW’s playercount on PC is even lower than Ghosts, which is really saying something.

          • Advanced Warfare had more flaws than others, which was the point. It’s better now, but if Sledgehammer thinks that they can fix the stupid things they did during AW’s life cycle by offering free weapons (for even on-disc weapons, mind you), then they’re dead wrong. They can’t balance a game to save their lives, and they had the wrong priorities. This level of incompetence needs to be paid attention to once their new game is announced, because Advanced Warfare was THE WORST Call of Duty during its life cycle.

          • Nobody said they’re trying to fix anything. That’s your own assumption. SHG is simply rewarding those who are still sticking with them during BO3 cycle, and that’s to be commended, whether they made mistakes before or not.

            And while we’re talking about balancing, I’m sure we can sit down and point out all the balancing issues in past COD games too. Every game has a BAL and ASM too, you know.

          • I never said that they shouldn’t be commended, I’m just saying that we should remember what went on during AW’s lifecycle, how little they cared then, and how they’re making these changes now all of a sudden. Again, AW is much better now, and BO3 feels like AW now to me in terms of the lobbies I’m getting into, so it’s funny how the CoD cycle works.

            So you’re trying to justify AW’s flaws by comparing it to other games? Okay, well, since we’re on this subject, I could probably compare it to the ACR and MP-7 from MW3 and the AN-94 and MSMC in BO2, but it was different in AW with Variants, that’s the point. Variants completely messed with AW’s balancing, and the SBMM didn’t help, either.

      • I started to like AW after its life cycle cause every sweat has moved on to BO3. The game is actually playable and enjoyable if you can rack streaks and just beast. I’m grinding for the new weapons they added like the Repulsor or M1 Garand.

      • Who would be doing that? I haven’t seen anyone on this site enjoy BO3 in months. Maybe Sledgehammer deserves it for putting SBMM in the game when nobody asked for it.

          • Best way to put it. I enjoy bo3 especially over ghosts/aw, but its got nothing on bo2.

          • I personally don’t see why, because BO2 had a huge problem with quickscopers, then there was the Target Finder LMG’s and the Holy Trinity perks… I only find BO3 bad when the player matchmaking is bad and therefore make the game tedious.

          • I don’t see why, I mean BO2 had a huge problem with snipers, LMG’s, perks, etc. I only find BO3 “bad” because of the lobbies, but I’d prefer the game at its core over BO2 if the scorestreaks were better and if they nerfed the Kuda.

          • Because everything else was so good that it often overshadowed the negatives.

            Black Ops 3 doesn’t really have anything going for it for me besides sliding.

        • I could post a detailed explanation of how SBMM actually works, and what you call “SBMM” in AW is more likely to be a matchmaking bug that SHG never was able to fix (or did they? IDK, haven’t been able to play the game for months now, since I uninstalled it for BO3). But I don’t wanna bore you.

          • I’m more technical than you think, so you can’t “bore” me with this stuff. I personally know definitively that the SBMM solution used for AW was intentional, and that intent was to force the competitive scene onto the public playlist players.

      • Maybe everyone should get their “salty ass outta here” as well, including you, their are tons of games that do this bullcrap everytime. Why blame the devs when its their choice? If the person is gonna bitch about it, why bother? You are the one that wasted money on it to get em. No?

      • I appreciate SHG doing this more than 3arc, BO3 fucking blows. Besides, the only content 3arc would release is stupid taunts, at least I know I’m gonna get these weapons when I sign onto AW next week.

    • No, I will not stop posting this. Thanks for the feedback tho. I’ll continue to post Call of Duty news, regardless of who it pleases.

    • They aren’t doing it to get more players on their game. It’s almost been 2 years since it’s release, they know it’s dead. They’re doing this for the people who still play, like me, for their 7 year anniversary. If you don’t like it, don’t play it.

      • You know what the thing is?
        If a other developer not developing CoD, they would be called great devs for supporting their game.
        But if it’s CoD, the same people are gonna say, it is called desperation.

        • I don’t see the problem with my logic, as I’ve stated the same thing about DICE and Battlefield 4; updating their game doesn’t excuse nor make anyone forget its broken launch. Just like with Advanced Warfare; say, patching the BAL-27, doesn’t excuse nor makes me forget the fact that they allowed it to get so overpowered in the first place, and how they handled this game in a general sense.

          • “But if it’s CoD, the same people are gonna say, it is called desperation.

            It’s merely an assumption, but I was the only one who literally used the word “desperation”, so I *assumed* that you were talking about me.

          • Dice showed several gestures of giving back to the community for a broken game. Especially after their newer games launched. SHG is just trying to spice up AW. I wish they could do this with Black Ops 3 before Infinite Warfare begins it’s life cycle.

          • They might do it, we don’t know it yet. And DICE and EA giving free content was a pretty cool gesture, we even got the paid DLC for free. But that doesn’t excuse the broken launch, because it created a domino effect for other games;

  4. See, this is support, kind of.

    Instead of just filling the supply drop market with more and more shit ( and despite all of this, I still seem to only be allowed to get the same 10 things I already have, and its been 2 whole years ) they’re actually giving out some the stuff they’re bloating the market with.

    Good on them, although I’d prefer some of the SD weapons instead of royalties.

    • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc65p:….,….

    • People crapped on variants but it’s clear now that at least psychologically it’s more rewarding.
      For one, supply drops happened more frequently in AW. In BO3 you have to collect 30 cryptards to get the loot crate that might have anything worthwhile. That can take more than an hour even for a decent player.
      AW Supply drops rewarded variants at a greater frequency giving you positive reinforcement and making playing for them far less of a grind. When you finally do collect those 30 cryptards in BO3 you usually get crap you don’t care about that feeds into their annoying winner circle anyway. So it feels like you just got punished for the grind.

      • <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc567p:….,..

      • I wonder what kind of system IW will have for their CoD. Let’s hope it’s more like AW than BO3. I don’t want to participate in this gambling business to win a freaking emote for a specific character.

    • fuck this now their are gonna make me get on aw and get that repulsor and stg and svo and the handgun this is gonna be real fun

  5. Well, I cant find ANY game ( yes, even TDM ) Because my rank is high.

    I didnt mind SBMM, But now, i seriously want them to remove it, is that what i get for buying 100$ for this game ???

    • I know right? I still question them having SBMM during the game’s lifecycle, but I just don’t understand why it’s still there.

  6. people can knock AW all the went, this is some great support. this game wasn’t even bad, so this news is pretty neat for people willing to cash in on these weapons.

  7. The support for AW took way too long. I don’t think this support would have even helped the game much anyways as people were tired of boost jumps 2 months into the game (everyone knew the bal and asm1 were the best guns in the first week and they never did anything til a year and a half late when over 90% of the player base was gone). Hopefully though this is something to look forward to that they do support their games well but they just need to do it MUCH sooner. (as I don’t have any faith in IW, the best IW can do is be as good as black ops 3. it is almost a guarantee it isn’t going to get better than bo3 and based off of ghosts(which isn’t a bad game but didn’t live up to previous cod greatness but was much better than AW and bo3, IW have a lot of work to do in multiplayer.) So hopefully cod4 can get me through til a likely boots on ground cod

    • I just wanna point out that the asm1 was definitely not one of the best guns at the start it was actually around January after release when the smgs were all buffed that it became op, before that it was terrible at anything other than short range

  8. Took a glance and saw 2xp and free weapons, then read “AW” and was instantly disappointed. This shit must be a joke or something.

  9. Kudos to SHG, I know they might have pissed some people off with the way their game was (as well as being the first COD to have an RNG type system) but they’re at least still supporting their game somewhat.

      • Delete your dlc
        That’s what I did and I found a match Super quick.
        The game is trying to find people with DLC like you but there are so few people that have dlc so it wont put you into a match

        • I actually did, nothing happened UNTIL they released patch1.23 ( which improved matchmaking according to them ), and I can now FINALLY find TDM games ( not a big fan of other game modes but I like uplink ).

          And, with the beginning of HammarWeek, I can find games in some other game modes like S&D.

          But unfortunately, I can’t have my DLC packs 🙁

      • During the day I can find matches in HC TDM but during the night it’s usually Core TDM. Being for PS4.

    • I doubt that Treyarch will support BO3 that long.. SHG has been an anomaly.. I don’t think Infinity Ward did much for Ghosts after AW was released..

    • The only playlists that seem to work for me are the grapple playlists, they might work for you too but you need the second DLC

    • TreyArch isn’t about listening to the fans like Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer are. Sledgehammer recognized past mistakes and make sure not to repeat them. While TreyArch is more like Activision and only cares about how much money they can milk from the fans. At least with AW Sledgehammer didn’t lie about what would be in the Supply Drops in fact they continue to add to them even when we’re nearing IW’s game to be released. IW(Infinity Ward) has shown in the past with the Modern Warfare series that they aren’t above making drastic changes. Judging from the campaign trailer for Infinite Warfare they seemed to have learned a decent amount from their mistakes with Ghosts. But unlike everyone else I’m going to wait until the product is released and playable to either hate on them or to sing their praises.

  10. Shame I won’t have access to the console, I wish they would have made it a free DLC pack on the market instead (like car games do). :'(

    • svo: only twenty kills to unlock the iron sights. m1911 – decent two hit kill range and it looks really cool.

  11. Not bad, not bad… I don’t see why they chose THOSE Royalty Variants, like that literally could’ve been the Sten, Garand and Cel, but whatever, I’m not complaining. Two “new” guns in my Armory…

  12. I cant believe people are now praising Sledgehammer for their ‘support’ when they practically blanked the community for the whole year the game was released. This isn’t support; it’s an empty gesture that doesn’t cost them a single buck. ‘Support’ is what Treyarch do as they supported BO2 for 3 YEARS and still do it to this day. That is what you call proper support and quality developers. Sledgehammer produced the worst CoD game of all time, added gingerbread men, ignored the community and everyone hated AW but suddenly they are brilliant for this pathetic shallow gesture!? Some people have short memories or are simply braindead from the CoD cycle. This lame gesture is just to make SHG appear relevant and they are only enticing you back so you’ll be retarded enough to buy supply drops on a whim on a game you probably haven’t touched for over a year. Cannot believe people can be so foolish and no wonder Activision milk people on such a farcical level. Too easy and GG Act/SHG!

  13. I have this game as a digital DL on my XBO HDD, easy to install…. but I won’t do it. Just as a statement, some free weapons now doesn’t redeem your total lack of interest in the communities complaints back in AW’s life cycle SHG…

    • they seemed to be better at squashing most bugs.. almost a year out and still 95% of the time you have to tell people to try to join your game, because invite to game is not an option in the party chat for XB1 and if you try from within BO3 without restarting the game it’ll give you invite failed. or it will decide to drop members from your party at game load or put them on the other team.. and a lackluster group friends list after 6 months that isn’t really good for much.. or some blackmarket challenges for a crazy low amount of cryptokeys.. Kill 100 enemies with Pistols for a daily challenge for only 10 Cryptokeys????? NO THanks..too bad they didn’t make the dailies random like AW and actually achievable for most with out crazy effort usually….

      • Agree on that, I shit all over AW but don’t get me started on Bo3 as well, that game is just almost unplayable at times due to the worst lag/hit reg, of all development teams treyarch screws that up every single time.

        The rage and frustration I endure playing Bo3 are out of this world, I always have rage while playing CoD (every single one) but Bo3 matches AW levels of frustration…

        • Same here. I used to enjoy CoD multiplayer but I’m done with this shit. I had fun playing the BO3 co-op campaign but the matchmaking is shit.

  14. I’m actually glad to see this. I don’t have the game installed, and haven’t since October. But you can tell that SHG does have passion for game making. Sadly, that wasn’t expressed very well during AW’s life cycle. (*cough* Weapon balance and community requests *cough*) While weapons were put into supply drops because they thought of putting supply drops in the first place; I believe they weren’t interested in doing that. After all, we got DLC weapons in map packs, and one goven out for free. I believe that it was definitely Activision barely let em have a say in the decision of SD weapons.

  15. i’m genuinely happy about this. can you fix the mastery pants thingy? i need my mastery pants! can’t you see i’m burned OUT?!

  16. <<o. ✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤✤:::::::!bc567p:….,.

  17. weres the royailty speakeasy what a slap in the face screw slugehammer,whats sad treyarch is even worst of a company with there garbage hitdetechion.

  18. The guns are online. Got the Dragunov SVD (SVO) today, great rifle.

    I wish one month before IW launch, Treyarch do something similar, even a 60-Key Weapon Bribe.

  19. Also is weird how many guns are on the game now.

    There are more bonus Assault Rifles (AE4, AK-47, M16, MP44, M1 Garand, Lever Action Rifle) than the ones that came on with the game (AK-12, HBaR, BAL, ARX-160, MK14, IMR). Also a lot of new SMG’s.

  20. All i need is 1911, cel cauterizer and sten.

    Anyone playing the PC version reply with your steam names.

    Mine is LV99 Vivi

  21. Got the M1911 today, what a monster.

    If I got these guns during the cycle I probably would be Prestige Master on this game.

  22. I have enjoyed AW and I feel like they made bold decisions in the movement of the game. Kudos to SHG for their product support and I look forward to their future projects. There will come a day when weapons in COD will be limited to 1-2 per class and everything else will become micro dlc and supply drops. It will happen because we continue to pay. It’s the law of supply and demand. I will continue To play AW not just because I like the movement, but because they continue to give opportunity to obtain dlc without the consumer having to pay.