Activision has announced that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies actor, Jay Pharoah, will be hosting a live stream on Wednesday, August 17 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET to talk about Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies mode with Infinity Ward developers.

Fans can learn more about Zombies in Spaceland by tuning in tomorrow, August 17 at 9:00am Pacific on Twitch, on YouTube, and on Facebook for a special reveal stream hosted by actor Jay Pharoah as he speaks with the game developers in more detail.

The stream can be viewed live on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.



      • The shit goes down tomorrow, so I’m good with that. At least it’s not a week later. Besides, I mainly wanted to see how it looks. The rest I’m gonna find out when I play it.

    • I could bet you $100 that if its super simple, everyone will start complaining that it lacks content, too repetitive, and there’s nothing to do

      • It doesn’t have to be super simple, it just has to feel like it’s not a choir to do the extra stuff…

        Things that can help progress to the later rounds should not be hidden.. Anything u can build or any objective u have to do should have a clear instructions or blue prints of what you need, so the people who don’t want to waste time on YouTube can enjoys their zombies experience..

        And for the people who love that searching for easter eggs working stuff out over the Internet, keep that stuff their but make it optional, the line between easte eggs and stuff u need to progress is merging and it’s not good…

        The hidden story should stay..
        Weapons and anything else needs re working for the casuals imo

        • Those things are not hidden. Check the leaderboard midgame. It shows every part available in the map and shows which parts go with what so you know what to build. The only thing they could do now is make them glow, but at that point its pointless to even have them. They’re not even hard to find. They literally say “hold square to pick up part” when you’re next to them. The leaferboards have very clear blueprints for all buildabes. Its not a chore unless you make it one. Just play at your own pace and pick The pieces up as you pass them. “Wow, that’s so complicated and out of the way!! Wtf, I wish zombies was simple again!!!” And it literally still is all optional. There is literally nothing in the EE that is mandatory to progress. Wanna know how it was back in the “old zombies”? The options weren’t there. There was NO progress. Look at Der Reise. No progression. You know how else you could get no progression in new zombies???? Surprise!!! Don’t do the optional Easter egg stuf!!!!! Holy shit, mind blown! I swear. If you don’t want staffs or bow wonder weapons and want to pretend like its old zombies, then don’t get them and just use the ray gun!! Wow!! What a fucking life hack.

          • Calm ur tits dude, when u talk to a hardcore zombie fan, it’s like ur talking to somone who actually has an easter eggs stuck up their ass..

            Bo2 zombies, anything u built was. Not clear, then I played SoE on bo3 and just didn’t understand what was happening with that monster thing without Google and couldn’t progress without checking..

            The only zombie map I have enjoyed is the one with the bow and arrow where u had to feed the dragons zombies and that’s becuse it was the most balanced for casuals and hardcore zombies fans.. I can’t speak for the new map as i haven’t botherd with dlc3

          • That should be the guideline for these maps. If the player has to google how to play your game mode to it’s fullest potential, you’re goofing up.

          • Your argument just makes no sense and I’m trying to make you realise how retarded it is. Just don’t do it if you don’t want to. Youre not forced to. And people complained about lack of blueprints so they added it in BO3. So why tf are you still crying about it if its already here? SoE is way too complicated and one if the worst maps in all of zombies imo. But clearly they heard the complaints because DE and GK are simple as fuck. Even ZnS can be played casually. And every map in BO2 could be played and played successfully without completing one step of the EE. The buildable wonder weapons like bows and staffs are EE rewards and 100% unnecessary. If you want to work for them and make EE progress to get the rewards, I suggest you should consider not being a casual anymore. Or do you suggest they start giving away EE rewards for free? Should upgraded staffs be in the box too? How about we throw in permaperks once the map hits round 5 because the map is too hard for casuals who really don’t care about zombies and will probably play every map for an hour before going back to MP so they can open more supply drops.

          • U suggest to me i stop being a casual lol… That’s all zombies should be and is for many people..

            A nice chilled out break from multiplayer.. I want to experience the full zombie game without having to go online and Google stuff why is that such a crime?

            Why is that such a problem for u? What differnce does it make to u if they have a notebook In the menu to let the casuals experience what ur experiencing with out the haste of having to Google it, zombie players need to get off their high horse..

          • It’s not a crime. I literally said you can enjoy zombies without googling stuff. It’s only as complicated as you want it to be. If it’s just a casual fun mode for you, you should have no problem just ignoring the EE and playing it like a normal map. If you want more and want to do easter egg steps like build staffs and upgrade them, then you can do that. You don’t have to look up guides, if you listen to the in game audio cues then they clearly tell you what the steps are when you make progress. How do you think people get those guides? If you want to be lazy, watch youtube vids. If you don’t want to watch youtube vids, don’t do the easter egg. Can you grasp that? Am I making this simple enough for you to understand? If there’s no EE rewards, then there’s no reason to do the EE. There has been an EE reward for literally every zombies EE yet, all the way back to BO1. Do you see those people crying? “Why can’t they just let us have permanent perks too? Us casual people want to experience the rewards of solving an Easter Egg without actually doing anything!! Come on, just give us the reward!” How about you stop crying about everything that isn’t in the box or a wall buy. If you want something, work for it. If you don’t want to work for it, then you don’t deserve to get it. That’s how rewarding players works.

          • Bo1 zombies is how eg should work.. I don’t know why u feel the need to be rewarded for googling something.. I have no problem doing the EG steps to get the weapons, I’m saying it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out what to do.. It shouldn’t be an EG it should just be a challange.. An easter egg to me is a cool thing to notice, a unique dialog that makes the story.. That’s an easter egg to me, something that’s in the game to be discovered, I think ur totally missing my point, or just don’t understand it..

          • BO1 easter eggs literally gave you all perks and you kept them after you went down. You’re not rewarded for googling it, you’re rewarded for doing it. Just because you watched a video doesn’t make someone capable of completing an EE. It gives casuals a guide so they know what to do, it’s up to them to get it done in game. It’s not hard to figure out what to do. There are audio and visual cues everywhere. Oh, that thing is glowing and it wasn’t earlier. I must have completed the previous step. There are tons of smaller Easter Eggs and of course the story line, but just seeing a cutscene isn’t a good enough reward for most players, especially if it’s already on Youtube within a couple days. I like how Origins/DE does it. With every step that you progress in the EE, you get something cool to keep you motivated to keep going. The end result can be a cutscene, but as long as the process is giving players better and better gear to help them complete the EE as the rounds get higher, it’s better. And that’s exactly what EE still are: Something to be discovered. If you want to discover them yourself, like I said, don’t look it up. Easter Eggs aren’t supposed to be easy to find. If you want to find them, stop being a strictly causal player then complain when everything isn’t handed to you on a silver platter.

          • Ur blinded by ur love for zombies to even consider another opinion.. and I’m certainly not going to change mine.. So this is pointless,what u think of the new trailer?

          • New trailer looks good. I think IW zombies would be fun, but I know I’m not going to touch MP so I don’t think it’d be worth the $100 just for that zombies, especially if it’s not going to have any content and just be mindless killing. But if I still played COD MP I probably would buy it because it looks like it’s going to be the fun casual stuff you’re looking for and would be a nice small addition to take a break from MP

      • Exactly. But black ops 2 had an option to do survival which will always be the best. I can’t even play BO3 zombies I suck so much & it’s too complicated with all sorts of Easter egg secret crap. I can’t do anything in the trailers, it takes too long, I wish I could start on round 20 & stuff.

    • Yeah, i find that hilarious and brilliant, im prety sure iw will bring new and innovating things to the table.

  1. I think we can all agree that they need to make this mode more accessible for everyone. BLOPS 3’s zombies maps aren’t bad (i really like the themes in all of them so far), but it stops being fun when to get all the good stuff, I have to shoot a fuggin crevice in the wall to activate a trampoline that’s going to shoot me up a dragon’s ass so that I can grab a skull of nansapwhatever to aim at a fucking light bub to activate the-
    You get the point, this shit is getting out of hand. keep that for all the people who love the mystery, but don’t lock upgraded weapons and specific gear behind that nonsense.

    • Im trying to say the same thing for months but everytime an mlg zombie tryhard calls me noob because i dont want to spend 20-30 min to get and upgrade a sword again and again.

    • Truuu, that’s why i didn’t play bo3 zombies because they made it too complicated i mean who has time to be looking for arrows to up to unlock some shit i don’t even know where it is located

        • Relatively, zombies is getting more complicated; I, for one, do not mind at all and enjoy having to learn a lot about the map before mastering it.

          Others just want to run around and kill shit and I can see how Bo3 zombies can be overwhelming with all there is to do.

          • They must have not played CoD Zombies for very long, because these maps are about as “complicated” as Black Ops 1 maps. These must be extremely casual players and I might just not understand where they’re coming from, because Shooters aren’t the only games that I play and my game library is pretty diverse.

          • Black Ops 1 had nothing but box, perks, and PaP, though. Bo3 has all these extra buildables, quests, and upgrades. That’s what they’re referring to when they say it’s complicated.

          • You don’t remember maps like Shangri-La or even Moon? Those maps started the easter egg craze. Easter eggs have been in Zombies since Verruckt, but YouTube theorists were just looking for mere story/lore easter egg clues before then. Black Ops 1 was the game that introduced the hidden ability to have all perks. Ascension’s easter egg was very long and “complicated” (to CoD standards, anyway), so much so that it required 4 players with Wonder Weapons that gave a Death Machine for 90 seconds. If they’re referring to just setting everything on the map up, Black Ops 1 also introduced that.

          • Obviously I wasn’t including Easter Eggs. Bo3 shield, PaP buildables, specialist equipment are all items, not Easter Eggs.

            On Bo1, if you weren’t going for the main EE, it’s literally just box, perks, and PaP.

          • I definitely know where they’re coming from, sure, but I still disagree. Sure there’s a map or two out there that aren’t as simple as the others, but I still find Zetsubou to be relatively simple nonetheless. I figured most of the things out by myself by putting two and two together (by looking at the door) and isn’t half of your list part of the easter egg? I’m pretty sure the WW is part of the easter egg and is not as much of a requirement as the power. Pack a Punch I can see the issue, but Call of Duty has never just given Pack a Punch to you, BO1 included. I personally don’t see the complexity behind finding buckets that stand out and aren’t really all that hidden and pouring them into power generators, but yeah, I do get the point and not everyone will find it out as quickly as I did. Legend of Thunder still can’t activate the power on Zetsubou.

          • My list included everything you need for a high round strategy. Shield, Upgraded WW, and Skull of Nan Sapwe. None of it is for the EE directly, although some steps coincide of course. That’s how ridiculous Zetsubou is.

            The map isn’t complicated with regard to figuring things out. However, ven after learning how to do everything, the setup is still much longer than any Bo1 or even Bo2 map. That is what people don’t want to deal with.

            Casual players can’t just have fun when they have to think about 10+ parts to get, and most likely 3 challenges to finish whilst finding those parts. It’s a bit much. Zetsubou is a bit of an anomaly, though, which is why it’s so unpopular. Way too much to do with no incentive to do it, because the map design is about as exciting as a root canal.

          • I don’t know how to reply to this. I try not to call people names or kids for their opinion , but if you think bo3 zombies isn’t complicated then something is wrong. Like the first map shadows of evil i believe how you have to find arrows while in a train and go to places to find eggs all that is complicated. Take mob of the dead for example it wasn;t complicated just find plane pieces and build it easy

          • It’s about as “complicated” as the BO1 maps were, so it’s not like BO1 Zombies are any “better” than BO3 Zombies. It’s actually pretty simple and straightforward when you think about it. I’ve played complicated games and Zombies isn’t complicated very much at all. It may be time-consuming, but the steps are relatively simple, it’s just a matter of a few of them being more challenging to accomplish.

    • I agree, too much puzzle solving, artifacts hunting, I miss zombies such as Nuketown Zombies, where you just kill zombies.