A new patch update for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, version 1.15, is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Special Contracts

  • 4 Special Contracts are now available in the Black Market:
    • Total Victory:  Record 75 wins and earn a Weapon Bribe and a bundle of 10 Rare Supply Drops.
    • Mercenary Contract:  For the price of 90 Cryptokeys, Players will receive 60 minutes of Blackjack’s time.
    • 8-bit Specialist Calling Cards:  Earn 1 Calling Card for each Sub-Contract.  Complete all 6 and unlock a bonus animated Calling Card.
    • Tools of the Trade:  Unlock the Underworld Camo for all of your weapons.
  • With the exception of the Mercenary Contract players can only work towards one Special Contract at a time, so choose your Special Contract wisely.  Replacing one Special Contract with another will reset any and all progress achieved towards the initial Special Contract.


  • Moved Fracture from the Bonus Category to the Core Category.
  • Reordered the playlists in the Core Category to the following:
    • Team Deathmatch
    • Free-For-All
    • Search & Destroy
    • Domination
    • Demolition
    • Fracture
    • Kill Confirmed
    • Hardpoint
    • Safeguard
    • Capture The Flag
    • Uplink


  • Fixed an issue where bullet holes from a Black Market Epic Taunt would remain onscreen during the scoreboard at the end of a match.
  • Fixed an issue involving the “Silent Plant” option in Search & Destroy games. 


  • Fixed an issue affecting custom colors while switching between being a CODCaster and a Player.


  • Submachine Guns
    • Vesper
      • Reduced ADS recoil stability, now closer to where it was before the previous patch.


Dr. Monty’s Factory

  • 20 Liquid Divinium product is now available for purchase for 1000 COD Points.


  • Addressed a stability issue relating to Alchemical Antithesis GobbleGum.
  • Fixed a timing specific loss of functionality when obtaining GobbleGum from a dispenser.
  • Increased the equip speed for the Death Machine power up.
  • Addressed an instance of persistent FX relating to the Killing Time GobbleGum.
  • Fixed various issues relating to the Disorderly Combat GobbleGum.
  • Resolved an exploit that allowed players to obtain free points while using the Shopping Free GobbleGum.
  • Added various stability and functionality fixes for Theater Mode.
  • Fixed an issue relating to text color in the GobbleGum menu in certain languages.
  • When spectating another player, the UI will now accurately display content from their main HUD.
  • Added Gorod Krovi music to Music Tracks.

Zetsubou No Shima

  • Fixed inconsistencies from plant rewards.
  • Addressed minor skull weapon issues.
  • Addressed areas where player can be pushed out of the map when in Spider bait mode.

Gorod Krovi

  • Reduced requirement for the mounted MG-42 trial to 60 kills.
  • Improved lighting streaming performance in various areas.
  • Addressed several Valkyrie Drone pathing and targeting issues.
  • Addressed several areas where a player could maneuver to unintended play space using the Gauntlet of Siegfried.
  • Addressed an issue where a player could have an unlimited dragon whelp when entering last stand using the Gauntlet of Siegfried.
  • Addressed several Dragon Strike Controller player disconnect issues.
  • Adjusted several triggers allowing easier access to the Mystery Box.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to acquire the GKZ-45 Mk 3 from the Mystery Box while another player is riding the dragon with that weapon equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where players could acquire a knife which could kill all enemy types with one hit.

Dead Ops Arcade 2: Cyber’s Avengening

  • Several game balancing patches have been rolled out since the initial Black Ops 3 launch that have a significant effect on players who have reached well beyond the standard progression range for Dead Ops Arcade 2. In order to allow players to compete fairly in the Dead Ops Arcade 2, a partial Leaderboard reset of entries has been implemented for round numbers greater than and including 85.

SOURCE: Activision Support: PS4



  1. they should really alter that weapon bribe, where it’s guaranteed either a new weapon you don’t have yet, or guaranteed a primary weapon. People don’t want to put 75 wins just to unlock brass knuckles.

          • I got the FFAR from a regular supply drop, but that’s like 7 days worth of gameplay right there. It shouldn’t take 100+ hours to luck out and get ONE freaking primary weapon, that’s just absurd.

          • Are you saying that I played too much? or that I should have more weapons by now? I’m honestly not sure what it is you meant to say.

          • Actually I think I misread your comment. I was thinking you meant it took you 100+ hours to complete the 75 wins, but after rereading it, that clearly wasnt what you meant.

          • It’s actually stupid, some people are extremely lucky… Me included.. Have gotten nearly everthing. Only need the nunchucks, marshall 16 and the l4 siege. Got the rift from a 10 crypto supply drop yesterday…

          • dude the L4 siege is weird anyway. It flat out misses it’s targets sometimes. a LOCK ON ROCKET LAUNCHER misses it’s target sometimes.

          • with the last 75 win challenge, i got the l4 siege twice. i got it in the weapon bribe, and in the 10 supply drops

        • i got the l4 siege 2 times from the 75 win thing last time. i got it from the weapon bribe, then in the 10 supply drops. I cant believe they didnt reset the challenge

          • yup. i also have every melee weapon except for the nunchucks and the enforcer, and every weapon except for the dbsr, rift, and banshii. Everything i have, i have gotten multiple times. literally. the whole system is just so broken

          • and i will never buy a supply drop, ever. i paid for the season pass. that is the most i will ever pay extra on a cod game. i don’t buy into all that extra little shit that costs money. i think season pass holders should get every dlc weapon, or at least get to pick a select few

          • They get away with it too cause they 1. Have people paying literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for the next new weapon, and 2. it’s “technically” free, so they have that nonsense as an argument to use against the people against it.

          • i doubt this 99.999999999%. But do you think that the contract didn’t reset as an error, or do you think that they just wanted to fuck with everyone and trick them to go on their game?

          • It better be an error. These guys are already blasting us in the ass with these supply drops, stop being dicks and reset that contract.

        • nobody wants to work for these weapons, dude. Are you that brainwashed that you are ok for working for weapons locked behind a wall? Also, *bored

          • It’s just the babies that cry about not having them. I may not have all of them but I’ve played the game and collected quite a few. Sure some people get them easier than others and it sucks but in the end, that’s the way the game was made. It’s not about being brainwashed. It’s about knowing that it is what it is and playing the game for what it is. May because I don’t have a gun that some other guy has isn’t going to diminish the fact that I enjoy playing the game. The problem is there is a bunch of pampered huggies wearing mother fuckers out there that think just because something is in the game you automatically deserve it? Once upon a time you had to actually earn DLC you couldn’t just buy it or get it off chance, you actually had to spend hours upon hours working at something until finally the hard work paid off and you got whatever it was you wanted. Yall bitch about getting shit on by contacts and supply drops buy yall obviously don’t know what itv was like to really have to work towards getting something and the feeling of knowing that you could play for days and be the only one with it. However those days are gone, all because whiney bitches think they are entitled. I laugh my ass off when I b watch a YouTube video of someone blowing $100+ and getting shit on for it. Makes my day.

            P.s. If the best you got is to correct one little typo that was auto corrected into the first place. GFTO Mah house, your not on my level punk.

          • It’s not about being brainwashed, <— comma not a period.
            there are a bunch of *
            y'all* (once again)
            also in your p.s it's " you're " not your

          • Just shut it you prick. If you think this is an okay thing to do; putting content behind a gamble paywall, then you have some screws loose up in your head. You work for a CHANCE at something you want. More then half these news weapons are melee weapons that literally have not difference statistically. So that’s like a 44% chance at getting a gun. And then you have to narrow it down to the 11 guns. Out of those guns, if you want a certain gun more then any other, you have around a 9% chance at getting what you want. This is just for the bribe, whilst supply drops are a much worse chance.

          • Another prone example of a little crybaby bitch that thinks he deserves the world. I’ll tell you a secret, play the fucking game, won some matches, get the cryptokeys, and keep hitting those drops. You’ll get it eventually, bitching in a forum just shows everyone that your a little bitch. I bet your mad because your trash at the game and it takes you a week to get the crypto keys for one drop. That would explain why you don’t think it’s fair… we’ll guess what, it is fair because it is exactly the way it is. So someone else got a gun that you want? Boohoo go cryou to your mommy. I hate the supply drops as much as everyone else, I get fucked over by common duplicates just like everyone else, the difference is I don’t whine like a bitch. I play the game, and I go beast mode, because I don’t NEED new weapons to do good and enjoy myself.

            So in closing, how about you ‘just shut it’, not my fault your Huggies are soggy.

          • Please explain how me having 16 days played and 95k kills with zero weapons makes me a cry baby? It’s literally a fucked up system that doesn’t cater to anyone but people willing to spend ungodly amounts of money. I’d be more than happy to play the game and ‘earn’ them if that were an option. But when it’s like a ~1% chance per drop and it takes like 10 games to get one.. It’s stupid. Quit defending money whoring policies by a company. It’s a scumbag way to sponge money. It’s not respectable or even reasonable, it’s just a fucked up way to treat the people who buy their product.

          • The answer to all the is the same thing for every thing $money$they want you to get sick of getting your ass kicked by what you perceive is a better weapon (what the other guy has is always better) and buy tokens to get them. Greed runs the world. Lol l am a believer in capitalism but l kinka wish in the gaming world rich kids didn’t have an advantage over poor kids. With all that said the new guns are nothing special. In BO2 the peacekeeper imho was beast it pretty much ruled in the SMG and AR classes. This one not so much it’s worst of all worlds. Under powered as an AR and way less mobile as a SMG. I couldn’t wait to get the hg40 and the peacekeeper.. Used them a bit and soon went back to the Razorback and the HVK. As far as the new LMG l haven’t got that but picked it up and l think that gun needs to be nurfed it basically just kills every thing in site.. Lol maybe this is simply because l dont have it so it’s awesome

          • BAHAHAHAHA your worse than the guy above you talking about his 20 days played. You paid for the game to play it, they don’t have to reward your lame ass simple for playing their game. Kills, also doesn’t fucking matter…. I’ve got you beat on both topics by a landslide, and you know what? I don’t even have half the guns or melees…. I get shit on by the supply drop just like everyone else, the difference is in not an entitled little brat crying and passing in his Huggies because he isn’t getting what he wants… get over your dumb ass and just play the game. If you get something cool, you’ll be just fine without it if you don’t.

          • So you bitchin about others bitchin serves a purpose you are lost son. Find yourself a real girlfriend because your left hand isn’t occupying enough of your time.

          • Haha, I was wondering when the ‘shut up and get a girl’ person was going to show up. You are by far the most pathetic of them all. I’ve got you so pissed off that you can’t even handle yourself, you HAVE to comment, and that’s the best you got? I could say that same thing to every single one of the people on here bitching. Fact of the matter is I have a family, and yes I fuck my wife so hard with my big dick… come on, attacking someone’s personal life because you don’t like what I have to say about a video game…. I think you are the one who needs to find a chick…

          • Yeah, sure you do bro. Tell your “wife” I said hi. And FYI I don’t give a squirt of shit about what you said about a game. I hate coward ass ibullies like you. Dickhead. Unnecessarily long reply in 3…..2…..

          • Yea that’s pretty much the reply in expected, all good. I really don’t have to prove myself to anyone. Funny how you say you don’t care about what I said but it makes you mad enough to comoment, abs comment again, and no doubt you’ll comment again because a pansy ass bitch like you won’t be able to give up without having the last word even though you’ll have nothing predictive to say. Classy.

          • Didn’t have to be…. you played yourself. Anyway, the mic was dropped. That means shut the fuck up. You know the rules.

          • Lmao. So you think just because you make a shit insult at my personal life, that means you won the Internet? Sorry but no, doesn’t work like that. In fact by making your insult unrelated to the topic of thread your simply admithing that you’re an unintelligent piece of shit with nothing useful to provide the human race if that’s the best you can come up with. So just go crawl your ass back to the trailer park you inbred redneck uselesso fuck. * Drops Mic *

          • Soooo daddy finally let you out of your cage? I bet your azzhole is pretty sore right now. Yes I won the Internet. Praise me fucktard I am your king. *Picks up your mic, tosses it in your cage…… You’ll need that later. *

          • I’m sorry. But when I have nearly 20 days played on a game and have spent more then $120 on it, I think I deserve the content. How you could possibly defend such an unfair system is beyond me, and hearing you say all this is making my brain cells commit suicide one by one. I have gotten 12 weapons throughout this game’s cycle. Guess what? 6 of them were duplicates. I have two guns, which one I had to EARN, 4 melee weapons (The oldest ones) and then the other 6 weapons are just dupes of the melee weapons.

          • Days played doesn’t mean anything, your playing the game knowing there is no garuntee of weapon drops, if you think days played relates to you deserving a gun, then you are just dumb and selfish. You play the game knowing it’s random. In top of that buying cod punts also doesn’t mean you deserve anything except a slap in the face. The whole system was developed to make more money off of idiots like you, so you did that one to yourself. If you think you deserve something fir 20 days played, by your logic I should have every gun and get refunded the cost of my season pass. Your crying about not getting something from a system that was MADE to make you play/spend more. You don’t deserve shot except to be pointed and laughed at for doing exactly what treyarc/Activision wants you to do…..

          • Did I say I got COD Points? Ever heard of the Juggernog edition? And how am I being selfish when I gave them the money? And how am I selfish when you’re the one saying it’s fair for these things to be locked behind a gamble? I and like 99% of the community want these things available for EVERYONE! Get that through your ignorant mind, you’re the one defending such bull crap. Hell, I and others would be fine if we could pay for these weapons directly, like the other games. At least then, we’d know what we’re getting. But it’s locked behind gambling. The game gets stale and boring when you just grind for these constantly. You know what would make it more worthwhile, and less stale? That’s right, content! COD is a casual arcade shooter; not a loot grinding game like Borderlands and Destiny, which are built around that. And they do it well.

          • Couple things, for one you didn’t specify so you left it open for the assumption of cod points. If you bought an upgraded version of the game then the extra stuff you got is what you paid for, not guns. And 100% of the gaming community wants the guns, I’m not disputing that. I’m merely pointing out that the crybabies bitching about on here are pathetic. Also I’m not defending the system. I am trying to get it through everyone’s ignorant minds that it is the way it is and it’s not going to change. Cod is not a casual shooter, it a competitive shooter, that’s why there’s teams and winners. Ever heard of MLG, it’s not a casual game. You can play it casually, and if you do cool. I do. I just play it to have fun. My fun isn’t diminished just because I don’t get a gun out of a supply drop. Games evolve and change through the years. Which is what happened with the bonus weapons… in BO2 the peacekeeper was the only bonus gun. Bo3 has dozens of bonus weapons. And EVERYONE has a chance to get them, statistically you will eventually get everything. If you playing the game is solely based on your chances of getting ac weapon you want, then your the idiot. It’s a game, your supposed to play it because you enjoy it, if you are so wrapped around getting a weapon and that’s the sole reason you play, that’s Kay pathetic. That is why I’m on here telling all of you scrubs. You’re so wrapped up in thinking you deserve something that you don’t that it’s fucking hilarious. If you think the game is stale because you don’t automatically get everything the Game has to offer then I have a newsflash for you, the game would get stalerts 10X faster if you had everything handed to you. The fact of the matter remains that the Gane was developed EXACTLY the way they wanted it to be. The devs decided you don’t get everything handed to you, and so that’s the way it is. Crying about it just makes you like likeep a crybaby bitch… but by all means, continue crying. I’ll continue laughing at you.

          • Actually rumors do float around Treyarch employees didn’t want it this way. Vonderhaar, Treyarch’s community manager is leaving once this game’s done with. He seems to be the most against it. I don’t think Treyarch developed the game EXACTLY how they wanted it. Activision is the scum that pushes them to put this scam into the game. And I’m just done with this. People have a fair reason to argue over this. They purchased the game like you said, but these guns were put into the game. I don’t know why on earth you would even defend this crap. It’s unfair to those who paid for the game in the first place, cause they aren’t getting all the content that isn’t put within expansions.

          • I’m not defending the system. I’m pointing out that bitchingoes about it HERE is pointless, dumb, and pathetic. If you want your point made, go to the source. The game is the way it is. Regardless of which company made it that way. It’s not unfair at all. You get what you pay for. EVERYONE has the exact same chances of getting a gun, and if you do it long enough you WILL get them. Just because someone else got it and you didn’t, getting mad and whining is lame and pathetic.

          • Actually supply drops were promised to be only cosmetic items so players were also lied to. Your defense of such a system is exactly what is wrong with this country as a whole. You’ll defend stupid shit just to go against people attempting to make valid arguments with your vulgarity and unintelligent dribble safe behind your computer screen which is probably the only place you feel comfortable running your mouth and insulting people.

          • Actually treyarc/Activision made no ‘promises’, when they revealed the supply drop system they may not have said they would add guns later, but they were most definitely already developing them, if not already developed. For the same reason that dlc comes in 4 drops instead of one, it’s a business and they are going to add surprises to keep people playing.

            And on the contrary, you who knows nothing about me personally, attacking me personally over my opinion of a VIDEO GAME, you are what’s wrong with the country. Can’t handle someone who sees things differently? Simply pathetic. I wouldn’t say anything any differently in person because I’m capable of conversing without the use of violence, you however the type of person who shows passive aggressive violent demeanor in accusing me of ‘hiding’ behind a screen… your the sad one… all I’ve done is express a difference in opinion and my distaste for people who cry about something they have no control over, nor will ever change. I’m actually what’s right in this country because I think for myself and accept things for what they are, unlike those that think entrusting should be freely given to them. So your entire argument is pretty much obsolete.

          • World of warcraft – hundreds of days played, hundreds of dollars invested. Never given all of the gear in the game. Crybaby thinks the world should be given to her.

          • I normally wouldn’t comment, but I just want to throw out a bit of an example that might help you understand this… if you’re playing a sport, let’s say golf, and your competition has luckily been given every club, but you’re only allowed to use a putter and maybe a 1 iron, would you consider that “fair”?

            That’s essentially what is happening with crate openings, some people are getting weapons which, in the right hands, can really alter the game balance. To do that when things like the g-slide were removed for “balance” reasons, defies logic…

          • Your example is shit. The game doesn’t just pick someone at random and give them all the guns. Among all the people I play with, generally those who are on the game more have more new weapons. Some people do get lucky (good for them). Regardless the one thing you have to remember, the game was developed the way Treyarc wanted it to be. Bitching and complaining in a public forum because you don’t have something you think you deserve, just makes you look like a chump scrub. Get over it. You’ll get the guns when you open that lucky supply drop. Until then, quit acting like a bitch.

          • I have like 21 days played on BO3 and don’t have shit unlocked. I saved up 700 cryptokeys and used them all at once and didn’t get a single weapon, that’s fucked up.

          • And I’m sure there are people who have played longer and spent more keys and didn’t get anything either. Sucks but Treyarc made the Gane exactly the way they wanted to. Accept it or play another game. My whole point isv people need to quit crying about something they can’t control. Treyarc will not change the game and give out the guns. Not going to happen. They also won’t increase the drop rate because then anyone who spent money would have grounds to request a refund. So since you don’t HAVE to have the guns to play the game, just fucking play and quit bitching. That’s my main point to everyone on here complaining. Just play the game and actor it for what it is. If you can’t, then you need to find a new game….

          • Buddy, Activision was the one who made it where the dlc weapons were in supply drops, if you’re gonna talk shit to a company talk shit to Activision Treayarch and Von didnt want the DLC weapons to be in supply drops they wanted it to come with the dlc so…. do research before you make a paragraph statement on the WRONG company dumbass

          • Not talking shit about the company. I’m talking shit to the people whining about something that they can’t nor would be changed. Pay attention before commenting, you clearly don’t know what’s going on.

          • You are one of the reasons why Activision can get away with what it does to its customers and when the system is unfair stupid people like you go around and say “that’s just how the game is made so deal with it” if everyone’s attitude is like that then every single video game will be a pay to win and COD is headed in that direction. Im not bitching that i didn’t get the new guns but the fact that some of these guns are seriously over powered makes the game unbalanced and not fun because the people that pay for it have a big advantage and i agree when people say they deserve to get the whole package after all we pay the 60 bucks and adding the 50$ for season pass then shit comes along like this and almost forces you to buy COD points to make it fair and increase the replayable value which you already paid for in the season pass deal. You also don’t keep in mind that COD is a game that is released consistently every year i think so this is almost a force to buy cod points because the rate at which you would get a new gun and not a duplicate is low and that is just telling you if you want new gun you have to spend more money that you already paid which is unfair and no one should be okay with it. If the community state their opinion about this case then sooner or later Activision will have to listen if not then i assume many people will abandon the game because of how unfair it is and what business manners it uses which are totally unacceptable by a customer who bought the game.

          • Correction, I amean not what’s wrong with the game. In fact I am exactly what’s right with the game. All the crybabies on here screaming and stomping their feet… you are what’s wrong with the game. Activision/Treyarc will never change the gun/supply drop. Plain and simple, not going to happen. The simple fact that you whiners think you need a special gun just to be good at the game, that’s hilarious. If you think having a special gun is going to magically make you better? You are a special kind of stupid arnt you. There isn’t a single gun in the game that gives anyone an advantage over me nomatter what gun im using. Instead of bitching and complaining, why don’t your spend some cod points on some skill. Games evolve, whether good or bad gaming trends change just like anything else and soon this will be the norm, so get used to it or GTFO. You think they care if you quit buying cod games? Ha…. no one’s forcing you to play.. so quit crying or piss off mate.

      • well, you aren’t getting shit because the 75 win challenge didn’t reset. pretty bullshit because it was literally at the top of the patch notes

        • <<fb. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il395r:….,…….

  2. They nerf the Vesper again?
    Heey let’s buff the vesper.
    No its to strong, lets nerf it.
    Now the Vesper is useless now, lets buff it again.
    You know what it might be to strong lets nerf it again.

    • You are right, I’ve played a couple of games since the update and the wins aren’t counting? Looks like they messed up? Again? Can’t seem to activate it either, whereas I can activate the one for the camo and the calling cards. Annoying. Wind that I’m getting could be counting towards it but Treyarch can’t seem to do anything without messing some part up.

    • ik, it’s pretty bullshit. its literally at the top of the patch notes. I hope there was an error with not resetting the contract, but i doubt it. They just wanted to fuck with everyone

  3. i am literally like 7 wins away from unlocking my weapon bribe. does this update reset it’s progress? i’d be all kinds of pissed if it did

  4. Why don’t they just fucking remove the vesper and brecci – that would be a great update. And take out all the specialists. Game might actually get better that way. And they should also have it do you can do all those special contract at once. So much better if they did that

  5. So the Vesper got nerfed back to where it was? I hope so I’m sick of seeing only the Vesper in FFA!! Even though I usually beat the Vesper with the VMP

  6. “Increased the equip speed of the death machine…”
    You’re about 3 months late on that one, Treyarch, but good job.

  7. They need to reset the 75 Wins Challenge. People need some excuse to keep playing this game rather than grinding it like a bunch of braindead zombies trying to get the new weapons. If they reset the challenge, it’s actually possible, and people might actually be happy if they get a guaranteed weapon. Well, a PRIMARY weapon. No one wants any of those combat knife reskins.

    • ik, that was the biggest bullshit. I was actually excited about grinding for wins in gun game until i went on the game and saw it completed. I was just so heated about it, i turned my ps4 off. The game just always finds new ways to piss everyone off. Why was it even in the patch notes?

      • Probably as a list of all the contracts or some old bullshit. I tell you, they could hit us with something. Give us a Special Contract every special holiday or something. Christmas, Thanksgiving, fucking St. Patrick’s Day. Idgaf. Just give us something.

      • Even the message of the day said “NEW CONTRACTS: 75 Wins, etc.” I’m just like “What the fuck? That shit came out months ago” I got my hopes up and everything.

  8. Are they gonna fix the specialist contract and reset it? Because that literally pissed me off. Why is it in the patch notes if it isn’t new

  9. They shold make it if u have 50 wins u can get the bundle and if u complete it u get another but now u hafe to get 55 wins and every time u complete it. It will increase by another 5

  10. Im lvl 830 have 15 dlc weapons including r70 ffar hg40 marshall l4 siege rift e9 shadowclaw and melee weapons the more you play the more you get didn’t pay a penny

    • 16 days played and I have 2 weapons (not including melee cause nobody cares about them). Your whole “play more and get more” theory isn’t guaranteed. I have friends who are 4th prestige or lower and have a fuck ton of guns. Some people just have shit luck.

  11. So I just jumped into my Black Ops 3, but it says I have completed the “Total Victory” contract when I haven’t even touched it. Regularly this wouldn’t be a problem, but I cannot interact with the contract anymore, and there are no rare supply drops or an actual bribe itself. Since the update I’ve won at least 5 games of Domination this morning but nothing appears anymore.I completed the “Total Victory” contract prior to the 1.15 update, but I don’t think that’s the source of my problem. Can anyone help me with this issue?

  12. Cool they tell us that they fixed all this and we have to believe them because no one can even synce new data Treyarch fails again

  13. Seriously, would they just make up their minds about the fucking Vesper? It seems like they alter it every patch.

  14. I updated version 1.15 last night and was only a few gb then later that night it crashed my game said error now I have to re update version 1.15 and its 14.317 gb what the actual fuck has happened to this game. If it resets my muiltiplayer I will lose my shit. Rant over

  15. I just finished the underworld camo contract and now I want to activate the 75 wins contract but I can’t activate it, someone help me pleas