Treyarch has announced, to celebrate the Road to Call of Duty Championship, they’re putting out new ways to earn some content in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The new content that can be earned includes new Call of Duty World League themed animated Calling Cards, alongside the new Prizefighters Boxing Gloves (a melee weapon). The way that these are unlocked is through a new community challenge. As a community, players must play at total of 350 million online matches in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 between August 19 at 10AM PT through September 2nd at 10AM PT.

Treyarch says that new content will be unlocked for players as we progress through the challenge, hitting 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the goal.

A few weeks back, a leak indicated a “progress” bar shown in the Black Market that reveals new ways to unlock, and it appears that this is what that leak was referring too.

SOURCE: Treyarch



  1. INB4 “They are trying everything they can to increase time played so it looks good to activision investors”

    even though DICE does the exact same thing with Battlefield.

  2. So, let me get this straight… They expect me to put in two weeks time for a… Remodeled Melee weapon that is in my way of unlocking actual weapons… And a bunch of lame calling cards, that I know I won’t equip. Amazing!

  3. I’m still confused as to why they didn’t reset the weapon bribe contract for those who completed it. It wouldn’t break the game or anything, and it would freshen things up.
    It makes no sense why they wouldn’t reset it either, because it probably would have made the community happy, for at least a little bit.

  4. Why would calling cards be a community challenge reward? If we complete it, everyone and their mothers will be using that calling card, so it will quickly lose its value. Pretty much the same as the BlackJack sidebets. Utterly pointless.

    The whole point of unlocking something is knowing that not everyone has it unlocked.

        • Actually it was just proving how empty your comment really was and the fact that your argument is pointless. But then again you already know that since you were quick to call yourself out when you started commenting on logical fallacies. You succeeded in getting the attention you wanted.

          • So you commenting on my “pointless argument” would also be pointless, applying your logic. You succeeded in proving yourself a hypocrite. Also, there was no argument, it was simply an observation, much like how I observed that you are not too bright.

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          • I haven’t trolled a single person on CI. You literally made a tissue joke on a serious critique and you call ME the troll. Wow you’re oblivious.

  5. Really? Boxing gloves. The silliness of advanced warfare with clown outfits and other crap wasn’t enough?

    How about a supply drop costing 150 crypto keys that guarantees no DUPLICATES and rare or better of each item. Getting tired of working up to 30 keys to get 255th duplicate of the verde camo for my knife. Then trading duplicates in for 7 keys. Repeat, repeat, repeat…ad nauseum

  6. so basically if we play a game then it will add up thats gonna be 800.000 people regular a day on cod so 350.000.000:80.000=4375 games to win if every one plays
    most people play like 3-4 hours so 18-24 matches 4375:24= 182.291 days… yup…we need the sweats BUT! is this gonna be the full community support of both ps4-pc and xbox one? if thats it then we could make it 240.000 people a day who play 24 matches a day we would be over the milestone under 5 days. SO PLEASE MAKE THIS A FULL COMMUNITY CHALLENGE!!!!…and not a console exclusive community challlenge.

    • Congrats! You just used made up stats to make a point, maybe consider a career as a politician or something lol. Baseless statistics with assertions smh

        • I’m not at all, but the error in your calculations is astronomical. And matches are probably totalled from everybody so technically 1 match of a 6v6 counts as 12 matches. Most players don’t play 3 hours a day haha

          • if you consider that mosts people play 3-4 hours i just used tdm limit as 10 min (i know that not everything is correct but still just a basic) 1 hour 60 min so 6 matches a hour x 4 =24 thats just the basic stuff i used (found it on some reddit post picture)

          • Most people do not play 3 hours a day. Do you even read? That’s 25 days of sitting infront of BO3 so far since release that you say the majority has. You have a deep misunderstanding of how casually the majority take this game. The average is probably closer to 5-8 days (just a guess by the way, I’m not going to assert my opinions as truths)

          • okey fair enough these were just some data i found on reddit through the challenges like the daily and weekly but okey lets leave it with that okey lets just hope that we get to the end and everyone gets those gloves or else treyarch made a miss calculation

        • Lol ok mate, I’m the smart ass when you’re the one who tried desperately hard to use numbers to make yourself seem smart. Great community you lot have over here, the hostility is real.

  7. So you’re telling me when we fist fight with a metal hand (2 punches) would be weaker than fist fighting with a boxing glove ( 1 punch)?

  8. So, they challenge us, the community, to play 350 million matches for a few Calling Cards and a Combat Knife reskin. Why do that when you could just buy 100 thousand COD Points and get a gun from a Supply Drop, right?

  9. How about you fix the damn lag that started from this most recent update. Me and everyone on my friends list has been affected by it so its not just me.

  10. No worries…. hackers will make it so we achieve 100% in 2 weeks. This community challenge reminds of Capcom’s community challenges for Resident Evil 6.

  11. Wow I thought people might have been a little more appreciative of this. They’re giving you a free weapon just for playing, and they’re trying to get the community to work together. The COD community is pure fuckin cancer if they can complain about something like this…

    • I’m not shock that this cuck here is appreciative for a pair of boxing gloves in a FPS. Yeah, because we should appreciate a pair of shitty boxing gloves and just ignore all the supply drop weapons. Yeah thanks Activision you totally made up for all the shit you have done this year and last year with how you manage the fucking game.

      I swear to fucking god these fucking cucks at Activision could literally mail their fans gum rappers and idiots like you would be like “UUHHH HUHHH ITS FREE YOU GUYS ARE RETARDS FOR NOT BEING APPRECIATIVE SEE ACTIVISION ARENT BAD PPPL!!”

        • What are you talking about you cuck? i love Black Ops 3 to death. I just hate how it’s being treated. Learn how to understand shit before making shit statements fuck tard

          • you are just another kid looking for handouts and when you don’t like what you are given you through one of your tantrums. I actually find it quite amusing and you think it is helping your cause. You are quite the attention seeker. I imagine you are one of those rage quitters in mp as well seeing how angry you get over little things. Take a deep breath kid. We all love you man.

          • I’m looking for handouts? How am I looking for handouts when I’m literally shitting on Actvision for giving a out a free pair of useless boxing gloves? Are you mildly retarded? I like how you just disregarded what I said when you sat there and assumed I hated the game, some dumbass cunt you are.

          • Clearly you are upset because you “Think” you deserve more than your “useless boxing gloves”. Then you want to jump on someone who actually appreciates the “little” things. Maybe you should stop and read what you post before you actually post it. You come across like an angry, self deserving, poor lil me, kid.


            The mildly retarded.

          • I’m yeah I’m upset and I’m glad you’re somehow smart enough to figure out. Congratulations, you’re moving on up on in the world. Baby steps, kid.

            And you know, if he wants to appreciate boxing gloves, that’s fine by me, I dont care, he can appreciate the little gum rappers for all I care. I insulted him because he thinks that another reskin that “Activision and Treyarch are giving out for free” and keep in mind A KNIFE RESKIN. THERE IS LIKE 10 DIFFERENT OF THOSE THINGS ALREADY IN THE GAME. So why does this cuck expect everyone to just forget what Activision has done and appreciate Activision for giving us a reskin?

            I swear you fucking morons should use that pink jelly in your head. It might actually get you somewhere. Fucking idiot.

    • The fact that they make these sorry attempts to prolong their game and give absolutely useless incentives is that part that annoys me. Change the reward to a guaranteed ranged weapon and we’ll see how damn fast it’s completed.

      Wait, they’d never do that, since that would directly cut in to their precious CoD point sales. So, here we are, getting sponsored calling cards and goofy melee weapons which held my interest for a solid 2 seconds.

      Nobody older than 13 gives a flying fuck about boxing gloves. I have 8 melee weapons which I’ve never even touched.

  12. They should make you pick what you want to unlock at the end of the progress bar. Like i pick marshal then a progress bar would accumulate crypto keys or some other points towards guaranteed marshal.

  13. You know if i got the peacekeeper or the ffar, i would maybe grind this. But I’m really burned out on the game at the moment.

  14. I am ready for some crypto key wager matches. They should separate the crypto keys you can purchase from the ones you earn in game and then allow you to have wager matches with the in game keys.

  15. Honestly, boxing gloves are not a good weapon to get for free. We already have 1000 melee weapons, plus not only is it a reskin of the knife, but it’s a reskin of the brass knuckles! At least AW gave us a free pistol. If they want to win us over, they should give us a ranged weapon. Hopefully they’ll continue these community contracts after this one.

    • Doubt it. They didn’t even have the decency to refresh the 75 win contract, which has been sitting there, completed, for months now.

  16. Great, just when my playstation refused to work because of a storm. How am I supposed to play 350,000,000 Matches now?

  17. I kind of wish these games could re-open certain unlockables or create a different way to unlock them if players can’t get them. I couldn’t get everything completed for Ghosts with Patches and character skins and some looked pretty good.

  18. todas las partidas cuentan aunque no juegue yo? o tengo que hacer cierta cantidad? o tengo que estar en un grupo para que me cuenten mas juegos?
    estoy perdido

  19. Complete the community challenge and get this reward. Play the game spend krypto keys and get the same reward. Why bother if I can get it out of a rare supply drop using krypto keys. And play the game how I’ve been playing. Instead of this lousy reward how about a gun, That should have been in the base game. Or how about re-unlocking the weapons contract. Jeez this is just as bad when AW released their $79.99 supply drop. Treyarch seems to be getting desperate. Just for that I’m not gunna play bo3. If it was a gun that was guaranteed and not a Melee weapon it would be a different story. This is just sad.

  20. What the hell do you mean by community everyone? Or that state or country that you are in because I only have 5 percent !

  21. Am I the only one who realizes once they do this and if we get the boxing gloves that the combat knife will be literally useless, you’d only need it for dark matter, otherwise its a free melee for everyone, fuck the combat knife, we got boxing gloves

  22. Does this mean that Microsoft, PSN, and PC are working together as a community? Or is it for a single console?

  23. READ THIS EVERYONE: The community contract for the boxing gloves – it is at 16% in 3-4days. We have 11more days to complete it, in doing the math we will only get to around 70-80% by the time it is done.

    I strongly recommend people to share this as well as read because it is almost impossible for us to reach the melee weapon – hopefully leading to treyarch making it at least achievable. Thankyou viewers.