Following yesterday’s announcement from Treyarch, the Road to Champs Community Challenge is officially live in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

Players can visit the Black Market on PS4, Xbox One, and PC to see a progress bar that shows how far along the community has come to complete the challenge. The goal is to get a total of 350 million online matches played by September 2nd at 10AM PT. If the community is successful in doing that, all players will receive the Prizefighter melee weapon, which are boxing gloves.

Treyarch also has rewards lined up as the community reaches 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of the overall goal. The rewards are shown in the Black Market promo screen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, as is the progress bar.

David Vonderhaar has confirmed on Twitter that the progress bar will update every once in a while as it has to input the number from the entire community. He also confirmed that the progress bar represents the total across all platforms, meaning the entire community – across the platforms – have to reach 350 million online matches.



  1. I’m glad to see they’re finally giving back to us by giving us calling cards, and a combat knife re skin; all at the expense of pouring hours upon hours of playing 350 million matches across the entire Call of Duty community!

    • How about those that paid a $120 for this game get the supply drop weapons as a thank you bonus from Treyarch/Activision for giving them the money for this POS game?

        • weapon bribe was silly.. probably a lot of people ended up getting a Dupe weapon with it.. they should have just released some of the extra weapons to Season Pass holders..

        • That’s a terrible thank you. “Here’s one guaranteed supply drop weapon of 27, with half of them being stupid melees.” Seems to me you aren’t upset that someone who has put 20 or so days into the game doesn’t get a single supply drop weapon, yet some 12 year old who got the game yesterday gets the peacekeeper. All I’m saying is that it’s pathetic that only a fraction of the Black Ops 3 community gets to use those weapons. It’s ridiculously unfair

      • You really must not play alot me and all my friends are around level 350-500 and we all have nearly all weapons just missing a couple. Like yesterday I got the r70 ajax. Only gun I really want left is the peacekeeper. You will get guns if you play a fair amount can’t just get the game and play 3 days and think you should get every gun. I also only spent $55 on the game and season pass using xbox family share I split the cost with a friend.

        • That’s bullshit. It’s not how much you play the damn game. I’m almost level fucking 300 in multiplayer and you know what? I only have ONE RANGED WEAPON. I have 17 days played in multiplayer and haven’t seen shit besides the FFAR

          • I think that Activision knows we have a distaste for CoD and they are deliberately sabotaging our accounts.


          • FFAR is the best gun to get tho, especially after the last buff it got. The peacekeeper is essentially just a super nerfed HVK statistically.

          • Yeah FFAR is one of the best guns, but it still bothers me after all that time I have put in, that’s the only ranged weapon i have. Still haven’t seen the MX, Marshalls, HG40, etc

        • I’ve played 23 days of multiplayer. I have 3 supply drop weapons, only one of which that I like. The FFAR, the marshalls, and the wrench. The wrench was my weapon bribe, which pissed me off. The marshalls are just lame. The FFAR is nasty tho.

      • It’s your choice to pay $120, they tell you what you get for $120, deluxe edition or whatever. Don’t expect to pay for something and then expect extras just because you bought something. I can’t buy a drink from some corner shop and expect free gum just because I paid them for something.

        You got what you paid for, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it next time.

      • Adding weapons to the Season Pass would be a win/win for both the consumers AND Activision. What an absolute joke.

  2. I need that boxing gloves because I want to fucking beat up players like I’m fucking mayweather but in cod. When I punch someone in the game with those it better have a championship sound effect in to it or else is gonna be fucking worthless.

  3. I Actually like this and oppertunity to Actually get a guearenteed weapon (even though its a re skin Knife) GG Treyarch!

      • Fazal :-O no way man, Manure might be doing well now but Mourinho will lose the dressing room like he did at Chelsea, while we will be heading for tha top!

          • I must be the only person on earth who doesn’t rate Pogba, I don’t think he is worth half of 89.5mil never mind the full fee.. I don’t know I think Mourinho will lose it all again.

          • It’s a big price tag, but he’s like a young Patrick Vieira, he can pretty much do it all, his passing success rate is second to none, he can run back and defend and good on the attack, man u, was desperate to get quality back and they have had to pay over the odds to get it, but he brings alot back to man u… Plus he’s fecking kewl.. The first thing he does is make a music video with Stormzy, u should watch it lol.. I’m not even a man u fan, but I hope they win this year.. I love people like them.. The three biggest egos In one team.. going to be a good season too see how everything unfolds..

          • Yeah I get where you’re coming from man he is an animal in the centre of the park.. I seen that video of him he has the sweg like lol.. Yeah I think that’s why I’m so opposed to them this seaon, they have the three biggest ego loving people in one team lol, especially Zlatan he really rags me.. Yeah bro will be a great season I think, look at us talking footy on a CoD site heh!

    • *cough* That’s because Activision does not know how to properly satisfy a majority of its community. *cough*

    • Well in the ancient times of 2013-2015, Activision and Call of Duty actually did this unheard of thing, like, uhhh, I’m not sure…WHERE THEY ACTUALLY GAVE OUT DLC WEAPONS INSTEAD OF PUTTING IT BEHIND AN RNG PAYWALL.

      Yet retarded Activision dick riders like you expect people to be satisfied over this stupid fucking “community challenge” over a reskin melee weapon? I swear you cucks are so far up Activision’s ass you knew what they had tor breakfast.

  4. I think is sad how most people let the supply drop get the best out of them. Yeah is there, yeah it sucks but the game is still playable and fun even without spending a single penny on supply drops. Don’t tell me that the weapons on the game are OP because they aren’t. I play a lot of FFA against people with the new weapons and I beat them every time with regular weapons. Somehow the game balances out for everyone.

  5. Honestly my call of duty experience this year has not been an enjoyable one. Constantly shot in the back/side because of ridiculous spawns that flip every 2 seconds, having countless high gun streaks ended by a stupid specialist weapon that the enemy has to do jack shit to earn, poor standard of dlc maps (my opinion), constantly grinding for keys only to realise the games cycle is nearly over and I still have none of the weapons I really wanted ( still waiting for the insanity in AW too). Put on top of that idiots with scuffs that spend more time on the jump button than the trigger, luminous childish kid gimmick soldiers, relentless raps hatrs and wraiths (I 90% play dom), poor hit detection, idle lobbies and a seriously squashed skill gap I honestly think this has been my worst cod year to date. I could play all day happily on most of the others but this shit? 2-3 games and I’m like fuck this. Anyway I got a bit off point, what I was leaning towards was WHO THE FUCK WANTS BOXING GLOVES IN CALL OF DUTY?!?!? this isn’t overwatch!! If I wanted to play that CBeebies crap I would! Treyarch really have gone down in my estimation. November really can’t come soon enough. MWR and then fingers crossed sledgehammer games will give us what we actually want next year… ADVANCED WARFARE 2:) jokes ain’t nobody got time for that! Peace

      • Oh here it is look the typical too cool for school, holier than thou clever forum creeping cunt. It’s a cod forum you dipshit so I’ll vent my disapproval here if I feel like it. Now take that beak and reattach it to your mothers tit you Mongoloid fucktard🙂

      • In what possible way barring a few streaks and pieces of equipment does that halo/destiny/overwatch inspired, child friendly, gimmick filled, unrewarding pile of excrement feel like black ops 2? I could happily sit and play that all day long but I’m literally fed up with black ops 3 after 2 games. It doesn’t feel like call of duty (the call of duty I know and love anyway) at all and I’m worried it ever will again. Far to many way to get cheap undeserved kills that fuck your in the ass when you’re on a good streak. I’m an average player at best so when my 20 gun streak is ended by a flying robot with a mini gun for an which spawned behind me after I killed him 2 seconds ago i feel completely shafted by gayarch. Like is said no reward for playing well. This game is not call of duty by a long shot and vondy and his whole egghead team need to take a step back and remember what game they’re making. I knew we were in trouble this year when that prick hershberg used the word ‘innovative’ about 20 times at the reveal. Twat

    • Compressed skill gap? You say that while complaining about the movement, which further widens the skill gap. In fact, I had to grind to get good at this game. Complex flank routes brought forth by wallruns. Abilities which take skill to fully utilize. Weaker streaks that allow a greater emphasis on gunplay.

      Some people give up. Some people knife once they realize they can’t cut it. Some people realize they aren’t the CoD god they think they are and grind to get as good at this game as they were in other games.

      • The only game that caters to noobs more than this was A.W…. I got 12 days played on bo3 but it’s fo sho noob friendly.. They really dumbed it down to please the no thumbs this year fo sho.. I still enjoy but it’s painfully obvious they tried to make it so everyone can do well..

        • Thats what the draw of call of duty always was tho. The guns kill quickly and the maps are small and simple to navigate so just about anyone with half a brain can hop in a tdm and get at least a few kills. Its the good players that consistently do well tho.

        • I disagree. The wallruns and movement add a sense of complexity to the game never before seen in CoD.

          A bad player will get 2 scythe kills then die.

          A good scythe player will save their scythe until they can lock down one lane, halting the enemy advance.

          • It’s not the movment, it’s the specialist that make it noob friendly, they are worse than death streaks.. Nothing more annoying than being on a high streak, then getting killed by someome on 3-17 becuse he out guns u with a sythe or u walk into a flame thrower that takes no skill what so ever to use…

            I’m not a fan of the wall running either but that’s just becuse it effects map design way to much, i personaly feel they have really struggled to make great dlc maps in the time frame they have due to the wall running.. Ive always loved the freshness that dlc brings, but this time round Im not getting the same vibe..

            Like I said I do like the game, but for them reasons alone I hope IW leave specialist and the wall running bit out of their game..

      • sp explain how specialist weapons, and jump spamming to avoid being shot isn’t squashing the skill gap? Cod used to be about gunskill that’s the point. I get sick to death of playing well finally getting a big streak and then hit with a specialist weapon that old nooby nelly is randomly firing across the map. Either that or I’m checking the uav and the person I thinks coming round the corner appears in midair pogoing like a kangaroo on crack and hip sprays the shit out of me. Its so far detached from what makes cod cod it’s unreal. Treyarch used to be my favourite studio but right now I’d prefer it if they fucked off and made destiny or something as that’s the way gayderhaar and his team of fuckwits seem to be dragging cod. I’ll never forgive that slap head nonce if there’s specialist weapons in IW. I’m an average player and totally fine with destroying and getting destroyed. That’s call of duty. Being constantly shot from behind and fucked in the ass for playing well isn’t.

        • Predicting movement is a skill, one you obviously not do not have.

          Specialists take counters. You can’t challenge a scythe or a purifier, hence why they give auditory ques. Use these to either avoid, flank, or simply outplay them.

      • Some toss the disc in the garbage after being shot and killed through solid walls for the last time. Hey Kotick maybe shitcan the 15 dollar dlcs every couple months at least until shit like walls actually function like a wall. Waste of money this franchise has become but these kids real loose with daddys cash so Kotick will keep feeding customers shit until the kids have to cough up thier own hard earned money and demand games be at the very least as good as thier predecesser

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  7. The sad part is that I don’t think it’s going to reach the top. It’s only roughly at 16 percent right now. And that was during the weekend. It’s going to go slower during the week. I’d be surprised if we even get half way by the end date.

    • Just did a rough estimate. If we go at the pace that it was going during the weekend, it will be at around 79-80% at the end date. But during the week, less games will be played because of work and school. So for sure, we won’t be getting the prizefighters.

      I also won’t be surprised if they end up giving them to us anyways, even if we don’t finish it. It’s not our fault their game is drying. If they had done that contract earlier when the game was still strong, we would’ve gotten it done in less than a week.

  8. A bit late giving my opinion but the new zombies and multiplayer maps are actually pretty awesome.. puts the first two map packs to shame imo.

  9. Love the game, hate that I never get guns in the supply drop. Please stop releasing melee weapons, I have 7 of them and I never use them.