MajorNelson has just announced that Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 2 is now available on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Call of Duty 2 was Infinity Ward’s second Call of Duty game, which released in 2005 on Xbox 360.



    • the veterans asked for this. back when it took skill to play call of duty. no perks no killstreaks no help. just you and your gun and a couple grenades. you must be the new guy

      • This game came out in 2005. Name one person, besides your 38 year-old virgin ass, who actually remembers playing this game in 2005.

        And no, I’m not new. Been playing since CoD 4.

        • h20 delirious which happens to be one of the most famous gaming youtubers asked for this. matter of fact he never changed his gamertag from the time he was in the H20 clan in COD2. get your head out your ass and just enjoy the game and dont get so mad. being hurt is so depressing.

          • Sure, he’s popular and has a lot of subscribers, but he’s still one person. His opinion is worth as much as if a friend told me he also wanted CoD2. It’s simply a fact that there are other CoDs that people have been wanting more than CoD2. People are just questioning why they’ve chosen less popular games first.

          • I never said I was mad, I just don’t care. I was just wondering why they made this BC instead of the #1 most requested game.

        • It’s nostalgia. A lot of people want to play WW2 games again. The internet is flooding with comments “bring ww2 back” and things like that. Everyone who played COD since thr first one remembers COD 2 as a good old game.

      • But seriously, who the fuck wants to play this over [email protected], MW2? 🤔😂

        • With COD2 they don’t have to deal with the immense amounts of multiplayer mods and hacks.

          I mean I want WAW more than any COD but I can’t see it ever happening. COD4 we know won’t happen now that they’re charging people a bomb to play it again.


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    • COD 2 is what made the franchise what it is today. Without people like myself playing it for hours a day, begging Infinity Ward for a modern COD game, the franchise probably would have died after COD 3. I’m stoked to actually put this in my XB1 and not have to worry about the 12 year old “quickscopers”, idiots blaring music over their headsets, or any of the other bullshit that we put up with today. Back in 2005-2006, gamers were gamers and not attention-seeking morons and crybabies.

      • [email protected]

        I played last night! 🙂 – Memories!

      • Haha true. I started with COD3, which I loved to death even though it was pretty shite. The community was so different and much more friendly then, I got to know a lot of people. It’s changed so much since

      • TBH I never did play the campaign from COD2, just some MP here and there at a friends house.

        I’ll take your word that it’s good.

        Besides, I rarely do campaigns anymore, and I want to savor the MWR campaign one last time… 🙂

        • It’s from a time before people blindly hated CoD, when people pretty much agreed that it was an excellent campaign.

          Even now, you’ll see people write that CoD sucks, but CoD 2 was great.

          • “It’s from a time before people blindly hated CoD”

            ^ COD4 wasn’t in that time either.

            That was when everybody was jumping on COD to bring down Halo…

  1. Really Microsoft, Ok. one Question. who the Actual Fuck plays or even cares about COd 2!? Yall are trolling so damn hard –……–

    • 10 years ago, WW2 games dominated the market, everyone loved it. It was era of WW2 Call of Duty and Medal of Honor and most of people who hate COD now because it’s futuristic, still like old CODs. It’s nostalgia, and I’m sure a lot of people will play it.

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  3. [email protected]

    I would love a remake of COD 2 on Next Gen – COD 2 was the best game I’ve ever played, well that and MOHAA – I have over 2000 hours of gaming on that title! Not really dabbled in the newer titles, getting old!

  4. Nice job, where did this come out of? I didn’t know they were planning to bring out CoD2 on BC.. WaW would have been better but beggars can’t be chosers I guess.

  5. I wish this was available for playstation users. Or better yet, I wish that United Offensive and Call of Duty 2 were available for playstation like Call of Duty (The first one) was as a digital download.

    • sony is WAY too comfortable being the lead sales for consoles. they been sitting on cruise control since 2014. need to step their shit up. the playstation now is like a 4th grade project. the PS3 was B.C., any time any new console loses a feature its a bad thing

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  7. When they release a old game for BC say like this one “COD 2” or any other older Call of Duty game do they clean out the MP servers of the hackers and cheaters that have been allowed to rule the servers for years on these games or they just leave it as is?

  8. Why don’t they stop being greedy little fucks and drop WaW MW2 MW3 Blackops2. This is what the fans want! Too worried about these amazing games taking away their profits from IW