According to the PlayStation Store, the fourth DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is called ‘Salvation’.

The fourth DLC Pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is expected to be playable at the upcoming Call of Duty XP event, which takes place September 2-4. The DLC Pack itself is set to launch after the event, first on PlayStation 4. Activision and Treyarch have not yet provided more details on the final DLC Pack.

We will update as we learn more.

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    • I’m gonna cry… WITH JOY THANK GOD Mp users already have 12 maps from 3 dlcs, we’ve only had 3 maps in zombies, I think we deserve some love for zombies. Especially with you guys getting your monthly updates of weapons and shit you guys get.

      • They’ve already finished DLC 4, and they’ve got 3 months left until the end of this game, who’s to say they won’t have a 5th DLC?

          • DLC5 references in the game codes have been there since BO1. Nothing ever came of it. It’s just internal reference to one of the DLC packs, or even just the camos.

          • I know, I hate it too, but this year they’re more likely to do it. They fucked up the story pretty bad and I don’t think they’ll wrap it all up with one more map pack.

          • Really? Because it seems like this year was for the community
            (For zombies, anyway) Fans have been asking for this for 3 years, If I was…ya know, whoever runs this whole operation, I’d make a 5th DLC pack. They’d only make more money, they’d lose absolutely nothing if they did it.

          • If there would be any chance at a zombie dlc or a map pack to have more than one zombie map in a map pack it would be DLC4.

            DLC4 is probably not going to come out until September for PS4, which means Xbox One and PC wont get DLC4 until October.

            Where would Treyarch and Actvision fit DLC5? October? December? Next year? Does anyone honestly believe Activision would allow a zombies DLC come out for Black Ops 3 during Infinite Warfare life’s cycle? Maybe at most they’ll release a new gun like SHGames did but that’s it.

      • You think I want MP to end on a bad note, like maps with Cryogen and Rumble? Sure, we have a ton of MP maps, but only a handful are actually enjoyable. The only map I can think of that I really like is Hunted.

        • That is true, Hunted, Nuketown (obviously lol) and infection are my favorite out of all actually, you have a valid point.

          • I’m a Zombies guy and will mostly play that and nothing else really but when i see Nuk3town in the line up then I leave its just a little too chaotic.

          • If you play solo it’s not the best experience. But I pubstomp with a group of 6, and it’s fun on nuketown with our RAPS coming down bullets flying mothership pounding, getting all your challenges done quickly. Just an experience you don’t get on other maps.

            Also it’s visually appealing to me, the colours, mannequin easter egg’s, futuristic aspects, etc

          • Well first of all, we don’t know anything about DLC 4. Yes, the first four maps were absolute shit. The second map pack had one decent map, and by DLC 3, Treyarch figured out what they were doing. Empire and Berserk are both on my top 10 maps in Black ops 3. Just because they messed up the first two times doesn’t mean they’ll do it again the last.

          • You said that you don’t like Rumble and Cryogen though… if you don’t even like half of the DLC maps, then why do you think that 4 is going to remotely impress you? At least let the Zombies guys, the gamers who exclusively buy CoD for Zomibes, have something for a change.

          • Who in their right mind would spend $60 to play 1/3 of a video game? If you buy Black ops 3 exclusively for Zombies, you shouldn’t complain when you don’t get more than 5 maps.

          • Because the Multiplayer doesn’t cut it for them? Who are we to judge why someone should play a game, especially since Zombies is as good as it is as far as CoD standards go? The fact that we get more Multiplayer maps (16 Multiplayer maps vs. a mere 4 Zombies maps) than Zombies maps when they cost FAR less is insane, so much for Zombies being “1/3” of the experience, the fans deserve more for their $50 than 2 ‘meh’ Multiplayer DLC maps and 2 ‘mediocre’ or ‘good’ ones. And why would Multiplayer be given such special treatment *if it is also 1/3 of the game*? Why don’t we get more of the Campaign since it’s just as important by your logic?

          • The reason MP gets “Special treatment” is because that’s the first thing that pops into people’s heads when they think of Call of Duty. Zombies isn’t as big as Multiplayer. Zombies is just an add-on, that’s what it was 8 years ago, and that’s how it should remain. More people play MP than zombies, and Treyarch knows that, and while all of the marketing is focused on Zombies, all the money is in the people who want to get their hands on the new Multiplayer maps. If you ask me, 6 maps is good enough, because it’s better than nothing.

        • The entire mode sucks and we’d all complain about the maps anyway. If the first 4 maps didn’t do it for you, why would DLC 4? Just so that you can find an excuse to not have an all-Zombies DLC?

          • What? That makes no sense. If I didn’t like the first four maps then I won’t like the last four? Where’s the logic in that?

          • DLC 1 and 2 are 8 maps, DLC 3 makes 12, and you only like 2 maps out of them all, correct? Why would you think that DLC 4 would satisfy you all of a sudden if you barely like any of the DLC maps that have already been released?

          • Because maybe Treyarch learned from their mistakes? Fuck if I know. I just want more maps to play. Doesn’t matter if their bad or good, I just want to keep it fresh.

          • They can keep it fresh for the Zombies players too. As if 3/4 of the maps having 4 Multiplayer maps and 1 Zombies map is fair when they cost far less to make.

          • Empire is fantastic if you can work around the shitty spawns. Don’t know where you got Rift from…that map is shit.

          • It’s not shit, I likely and I got my fist nuclear on that map. Rift is the map with lava underneath. To me I love that map always get my best games on that map. I highly disagree with you

        • I get what you are saying but if the maps are getting worse then its probably better if they stopped digging a bigger hole and focused on expanding the options for enjoying the elaborate zombies maps. (im not saying maps ARE getting worse) Some DLC maps have been good and some have been meh. Its just an opposing thought.

      • I don’t understand why they cannot make MP maps for Zombies like Hunted for Zombies etc etc and somehow tie them in with the transporter, so you can go to different maps if that’s correct sorry I don’t play Zombies much soz!

      • Technically, business-wise, that’s a huge scam for those who bought the season pass, which states clearly “4 MP maps + 1 Zombies episode” per DLC pack.

          • Who said I don’t want that? I sure as hell would love it. But where would DLC 5 fit in? Activision sure as hell won’t give us one and risk ruining IW sales.

          • We have no idea what would happen if a DLC 5 were a thing and whether it’ll for sure hurt Infinite Warfare sales or not. I do get your point though; those who don’t play Zombies will throw a fit, even though they should be happy that Zombies fans may get something special.

      • Why. You’ve got…Zetsubo No Shima…That’s all you need.

        Not really, fuck that map. Look, I’m not against an all Zombies DLC, but I’d like 4 GOOD multiplayer maps before the end of this game. The first DLC was God-awful, didn’t like any of those maps, the second one was OK, Knockout was the only one I could tolerate. The third one was the best one, so far, but the only two maps I liked were Berserk and Empire.
        It would be nice to have an all Zombies DLC, but not as the 4th DLC. If there was a 5th DLC, which with how much the community has effected this years zombies story line, wouldn’t surprise me, then that would be cool as an all zombies DLC. If they brought back all the classics, I would play the hell out of that.

        • I actually like DLC3 and all of the maps in it, so if DLC3 was the last map pack with MP maps, I’ll be fine.

          I actually love Cryogen probably because it’s one of the biggest maps in Black Ops 3. I miss bigger maps in Call of Duty. Rumble reminds me of Rush, so I enjoy Rumble

  1. Another big ass map for zombies to waste my time doing the same shit again and again instead of trying to survive, no thanks.

      • I think he means in order to get setup to get to high rounds, you basically need to sell an arm and a leg, EX. Der Eisendrach with the bows, and Gorod Krovi with the Dragon Strike/Gauntlet.

        • Exactly, why ppl dont realize that making zombies more and more complicated is basicaly waste of time because you end up trying to achieve the same things everytime.

          • in every other normal zombie map it takes a few box hits to get the wonder weapon and 5000 points to upgrade it

          • So you’d rather deal with RNG than make the weapon yourself? Hitting a box over and over again isn’t very exciting.

          • You don’t need a guide for any of them. Once you make each bow a few times, they should be ingrained in you mind, unless you have the memory of a 5 year old.

          • yeah my memory isn’t that great. but what’s the point of it all? it’s a waste of time before i can actually start playing

          • I, and many others, enjoy the set-up process. Not something tedious and long such as Zetsubou, but a set-up needs to exist. You’re saying you want to be handed the lightning bow and shield on round 1? Where’s the fun in that?

          • Zombies are not complicated, too many people are getting the definition of “complicated” confused. Sure some maps are a little more than others but I’m sure that there’s another description that could be used instead of “complicated”,

          • So… how is “surviving endless rounds of zombies with nothing special happening” any different?

          • This is the main goal of the game, having to depend on strategy and core fps skill like aim, movement etc is more meaningfull than spending nearly 30 plus min everytime to get and upgarde a sword that kills zombies for you for the rest of the game.

          • And no one is stopping you from doing so. The problem is that you keep feeling like you’re entitled to all these new gears and awesome weapons without putting in some work. If you want the cool stuff, then you work for it. Otherwise, you just keep surviving with your core skills.

            I’ll repeat it once again: NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO DO THE DAMN QUESTS. You can ignore the quests, and just go on with your day, and you can still survive casually like every other Zombies map. It’s the mentality of “I have to get this done as fast as I can” that ruins the game every time you play, unless you are capable of doing so 100% of the time without screwing up.

          • Dude developers put all that op shit in the game for a reason, the game is nearly imposible to survive on high rounds without them. I get what you want to say but sadly enought bo3 zombies isnt meant to be played like this, i complain because you cant just ignore eveything in the game, this is not gonna work for too long. You are kind forced to spend hours doing the same routine in order to gear up and start grinding, eventually is getting boring and repetitive. I prefer back in the days of bo2/bo1/waw when everthing was right in front of you to use. I mean 4 ritualls for a f*cking pap, really?

          • You’re overcomplicating the 4 rituals. It’s literally just “run around in circles and train zombies for about 15 seconds”. Now how is it any different from linking teleporters in Der Riese, or using Lunar Landers in Ascension?

          • Zombies would’ve gotten pretty old a while ago then. While I enjoy bare bones survival, the layered gameplay is very welcome. It adds more to do. And also, nobody’s stopping you from playing without the objectives. People who put in extra work should be rewarded. Everybody enjoys the bare bones stuff, but it gets old. Especially after two games of it. The past two games delivering more gives them more replayability.

          • They should add a classic barebones survival in this for players who get bored doing the rituals only to be booted out because the host goes down and rage quits, while host migration never works. BO2 had more playlists in Zombies, this one just have the one

          • lmao if i were developing a game i would do everything i could to make the game enjoyable and replayable as possible for the people who dedicate their time to playing my game. I’d want as many people to enjoy it as possible but im not gonna make things how casual players want it cuz they dont want to put in the time to do everything there is to do. Its like saying its unfair that you make less money than someone that works more than you and harder than you.

          • I’m not saying they should eliminate the whole 40-step challenges, I’m saying they should be able to cater to both. Take Origins for example. You don’t need the staffs to survive, and if you want to put the work in to get it, you can. If you want to play a quick game before leaving for work, or going to bed, you can just get what you need from the box, and enjoy the game. In maps like Der Eisendrache, you NEED the bows in order to get past round 20. It’s kind of annoying if you just wanna have a good time and not stress over stupid shit like solving a puzzle that only a hardcore fan who’s been around since WaW would understand.

          • I’m not going to bash on you or anything. But I am by no means a good zombie player and I think the staves were way better than the bows. And when I got to round 58 on Eisendrache, I barely used my bow

          • In my opinion der Eisendrache was a failure i played it twice and stopped. The wonder weapons were just specialist weapons reskinned and tbh i just didn’t enjoy it. All the other maps has been solid though.

          • Zetsubo No Shima is garbage. Gorod Krovi is the best map in the game, next to The Giant, which I enjoy for it’s simplicity.

          • I disagree. Depending on how skilled you are at zombies and your ability to survive, the maps arent that hard to survive without the special hard to get stuff. DE specifically is really easy to get the regular bows. You feed the three wall-dragons to unlock the bows. Without the elaborate elemental upgrade quests, the regular bows are still really good and easily get you out of being trapped. Some maps are harder than others but you dont need to do the easter eggs to survive. To reward the people that put in the hard work to complete the difficult easter eggs, they can get even better things to help them survive even longer. Tbh the elaborate main easter eggs dont really have a huge effect on survival. They are primarily there for story in black ops 3. So in conclusion, the maps arent catered to easter egg hunters, but they do rightfully award them for their hard work with the really good stuff. Without hunting for EEs, anyone can still get good stuff and survive to high rounds.

          • i know but i forget to check if people respond to me and when i saw the response, i didnt want to leave it unanswered.

          • Manglers; Drones; Dragon’s breathing fire on any decent training spot…It’s not casual by any means. Shadows and Der Eisendrache are far easier.

          • Manglers is a joke compare to the Panzer. I can finger poke the Mangler and he is dead. The drones are only annoying when they are in my damn way but other than that, not a problem. Fire? Nah, not a problem either, quite literally. Gorod Krovi is far more casual and fast. That’s why I like it

          • The Panzer comes once, you kill him, and that’s it for 5 more rounds. He’s predictable and manageable. The manglers and drones, however, come 24/7 and get to be annoying as fuck in high rounds.

            Manglers knock down zombies, ruining your horde. Drones shock your zombies, making them explosive when you kill them. There’s just a ton of shit to deal with compared to other maps.

          • I hate the Panzer and especially in DE. I was fine with him in Origins, but they gave him a shock charge and i dont like that. I struggle to kill him in the 30s which is why i dont like him.

            I dont struggle with the Mangler because i literally think he is a joke..i shit you not everytime i kill him i literally laugh my ass off because of the sound it makes when dies, plus he’s really fast to kill. But they do spawn him in very sneaky ways tho. I just have a problem with how many hits it takes to kill the drones, not only that i hate the idea of them but that’s as far as it goes for me.

          • If you train near death ray, just use that and he’s a sitting duck waiting to die. Even in the very high rounds.

            I’m on round 70 on Gorod Krovi and there isn’t a minute when a drone isn’t shocking my asshole or a mangler blasting my dick. You have to be constantly alert.

      • You need to do the easter eggs to get things like pack a punch and the special weapons to survive high rounds. It’s unavoidable but it gets very boring doing it over and over, especially when so many host players are always the bad players in the team and rage quit after they go down while host migration never works, forcing you to do this ritual over and over only to have the game end before you get anywhere, from rage quiters

    • All these meme teens who come here daily just to trash a game they secretly love makes me laugh. I’m sure you fit right in at middle school, so mature.

    • you can easily just pack a punch a weapon and then re pap it and go to a training spot. no one is stopping you from doing that

      • I have to go through 4 ritualls just for pap, im just saying why i should be forced to do that every fucking time.

        • They’ve never made it simple to get PAP except in Der Riese and Kino. In every other map they have made it only slightly harder. It’s not like AW zombies where you can PAP whenever

          • actually its absurdly easy to get it in zetsubou and der eisendache but i can agree with shadows even though its a great map its very tedious :/

          • Ignorant multiplayer people hating on zombies. You guys get all these cool weapons, the cod champs, all the customization, even giant tournaments, and you shit on zombies and go “Oh my god it’s not even zombies anymore” just because we get our own map pack.

      • Yeah, I’m with you, these Easter eggs are getting so boring and taking the fun from the game. Easter eggs were better when they were just for songs or special weapons.

    • The existence of gumballs speeds up the process of Bo3 zombies by a lot. Also, only the shit maps like Zetsubou and Shadows have long PaP rituals. The others are quick af.

    • Go cry and play simple zombies maybe infinite warfare zombies will be for you. I hate games that hold your hand and don’t challenge you maybe infinite warfare will be for you it has a tutorial mode too if you don’t know how to play but by now you should be able to do these things because of the training since WAW to bo3

    • <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il437r:….,…..

    • <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il947r:….,……..

  2. Hmm, it seems real but there’s one thing that could be fake about this. So if you look at bo1 dlcs. The first letter of every name of the map pack spelled “F.e.a.r.” Then in bo2, the first letter of every name of dlcs spells “R.u.v.a.” Definiton ruva: keep an egg warm. Now you have “Fear Ruva.” Now if you look on Black ops 3, the 1st letter of every dlc name for the map pack spells “Aed” but we still wait for dlc4 but in this picture, it is “Salvation” so now we put an “S.” now it spells “Aeds.” Aeds is not even in the dictionary or don’t have a definition. Now we have “Fear Ruva Aeds” This could be named something else if it is fake. Looks 100% real to me though. SPREAD THIS OUT TO YOUTUBERS. 🙂

    • I can sense your sarcasm in a way (i hope) lol FEAR was only done for BO1, i remember Jimmy Zielinski saying that but for Bo2, didnt care, and I think the same applies to Bo3. But hey, who knows!

  3. I’m going to be very sad when the last DLC pack for black ops 3 comes out. This may be the last good cod for a while imo bo3 has been better than Cod ghosts and and advanced warfare.

        • Dude people are making out bo3 is some amazing game that can’t be beat… I know ur vexed it’s another futuristic CoD.. But bo3 with wall running and specialist is a bag of shit… They remove them, give us some unique guns that can do different things like they are doing.. Already better than bo3…

          I don’t get why bo3 has been put on such a high pedestal all of a sudden and everyone like narr man bo3 can’t get beat.. Iw can easily beat bo3 fo sho.. It won’t have a patch on the older CoDs fo sho but seriously man bo3?

          • Lol not exactly.

            If you haven’t read anything on these sites or anything, Infinite Warfare is going to be exactly like Black Ops 3. Even the Infinity Ward Devs have described it as “if you like BO3, you’ll feel at home”

            And here is thing, while I hate that Call of Duty is futuristic this year, my main reason of getting Infinite Warfare is for Call of Duty 4. Everyone will tell you that excuse, but this year it couldn’t be more true for me. Call of Duty 4 is my decision maker as to why I’m buying Infinite Warfare.

            But here is the thing, while I hate the futuristic setting once again, i dont exactly have a problem with infinite Warfare. It looks interesting yeah. But im not getting hyped for it. Im not getting my hopes again, especially for another Infinity Ward COD. My expectations are as low as possible and will remain so.

            And what do you mean Black Ops 3 has been placed on a high pedestal all the sudden? This game is getting hate. And if you read my comments, I have praised Black Ops 3 since day one and still do so. I’ll say it again, Black Ops 3 is everything I expected and wanted it to be. It’s in my top 5 Call of Duty games. Is it the greatest of all time? No, i wouldn’t say that because that would have to be WaW or BO1 for me.

            With that being said, the only thing that held Black Ops 3 for me, was DLC. How Activision treated this game. How badly this game got beaten to death with that shitty supply drop system. And expect it for Infinite Warfare and I can tell you exactly that game is going to be held down and restricted because of supply drops just like Black Ops 3.

          • They said if u enjoyed blacks ops 3 movement u will feel at home with this… That could mean anything, all it is, is a clear statement.. Look our new game isn’t like A.W the game u hate, don’t worry it’s like bo3..

            That’s all they are saying with that Statement, it still means wall running could be replaced or removed completely and it also means specialist might be gone… I wouldn’t take the statement literally until we have seen gameplay..

            N my point I was trying to make is that their is no reason to think IW can’t be better than bo3… Ur reply to me was “i doubt it” but why? Is just what I didn’t understand…

            Ghosts was a total fuck up.. But other than that imo Iw have made some pretty good games.. Im not hyped it for it, more like praying that it’s good, but just to discard it like some people are doing at this stage is beyond me…

            I understand u not being hyped and having low expectations, but I’m just saying they might suprise u, i suppose it is better to go in not expecting much and getting suprised than it is to hype it and be dissapointed…

          • Exactly, the IW statement was; If you played Bo3, you will feel right at home with OUR TAKE on the chain based movement system.

            This could mean anything… but still I recon it will be very close to Bo3, unless they changed a bit in the last months…

          • Here is what I don’t understand, you act like it’s a bad thing to be doubtful but yet you sit here and be hopeful? Why are you guys so one sided with this crap? It’s okay to be hopeful, but not doubtful? It seriously bugs me that over half of you people here actually think that way.

            I have every right to be doubtful while you guys have every right to be hopeful with a developer that hasnt made a good Call of Duty since 2009.

            I highly doubt IW will be better than Black Ops 3.

            Btw I have been seeing leaks and rumors that wall running is coming back and i also heard specialist are coming back which i dont have a problem with.

          • Here is the difference….what have they shown u or told u about so far that makes u highly doubtful? Bearing In mind this is pretty much a new team of devs… Nothing they have said warrants a negative opinion, in my opinion lol..

          • Because nothing has impressed me? The campaign gameplay looks pretty good, but that’s it, just good. It does not give me anything to hope for or make me SUPPPPERRR excited like a Tmartn. We haven’t seen any multiplayer and as far as the reason goes why they are holding it off until COD XP, i don’t care for. Only thing I know is that the devs says it plays like Black Ops 3. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means okay, so we’re playing Black Ops 3 in space.

            And oh boy, you should know my opinion on that sorry excuse piece of turd called zombies.

            Overall i literally have nothing to be hopeful for besides just saying “the game looks interesting” and that’s it. I don’t expect it to be better than Black Ops 3 and I don’t expect Infinite Warfare to be treated differently than Black Ops 3.

            And there is no difference. People have to right to be negative or positive about a game before it comes out. It doesn’t work one way at all. I have just as much as a chance at being wrong just like you

          • It is a lot easier to set your expectations low then to set them high. That way you aren’t let down IF it turns out to be a terrible game like you predict.

          • Sure you did. You said they haven’t made a good game since 2009. You are implying that they will once again be terrible. Why else would you make that comment.

          • Are you daft? That comment was basically implying that MW3 and Ghosts were terrible and that infinity ward is hasn’t made a good game since MW2. No where did that state Infinite Warfare was terrible or going to be. That was me saying my doubts pretty much.

            Use that pink jelly in your head

          • I don’t think you even know what you are trying to say half the time. Anytime anyone objects to your way of thinking or views you are quick to make it a personal attack. Then a few comments later trying to justify it. I am all for good conversations even if both sides don’t agree, but you clearly get too defensive and have to resort to name calling and personal attacks. All it does is discredit anything you have said up to that point. People might respect your opinions more if you showed mutual respect. No hard feelings here

          • No, you literally try to put words in my mouth that I didn’t even say. That’s not “objecting my way of thinking ” that’s you being a complete asshat and not understanding what I meant.

            No hard feelings, just use your brain and put words in my mouth and maybe you wont get insulted. Plus aren’t you the same cuck that literally replied to me and another person calling us cry babies? Huh so much for mutual respect and a good conversation.

            Fuck off

          • What if Infinite Warfare ends up being the best Call of Duty game since Black ops 2? How stupid would you feel? Not calling you stupid or anything, just asking.

          • 1. i highly doubt it’ll be better than either BO2 or BO3
            2. I won’t feel stupid at all. You think I give a shit if I turn out to be wrong about a video game that I’m doubtful for? I honestly would be happy if I ended up wrong.

            Some people think it’s like some right or wrong game when in reality I really dont give a fuck. If I’m wronh about something especially something before hand, then I dont have problem with it because I’ll be getting my money worth and I’ll be satisfied. No feeling stupid in that
            If anything I’ll feel stupid if IW turned out to be shit

          • Either way, I’m not going to feel stupid, no reason to. Only time to feel stupid is when you feel plenty you wasted money. Like me with the season pass in AW and BO3, after those games, i’m not buying the season pass for Infinite Warfare. Only the $80 copy

      • Clearly it doesn’t, IW zombies is gimicky and looks like for children they already messed up by not delivering a dark serious zombie apocalyptic survival mode. Instead they chose disco, clown and dancing zombies mode for laughs.

        • Lol.. U zombie fans have lost ur sense of humour over the years.. Zombies is so super cereal these days..

          If they added this Map in bo1 no one would of cared. They are having fun with a bonus game mode not taking it seriously.. It might make u guys lighten up lol..

          I was mainly talking about multiplayer anyway not their bonus mode…

          • If Treyarch did an idea like Zombie in Spaceland period my first comment would be “oh how the mighty have fallen. We went from WaW to this colorful piece of shit”

            Thankfully Treyarch has standards for their zombies.

          • Exactly my point lol.. Chill dude… Have some happy pills… I remember using a gun to shrink zombies and then tread on them all in a bright desert environment, amd when things got to much I’d chuck a fecking monkey and they would all follow that amazing music, becuse zombies apparently, especially now love music….

            A super amazing scary zombie game is going to resident evil 7, I’m picking it up and il have the psvr to play with as well.. Now that’s a true zombie experiance that u should invest in, u not tempted to get a ps4 just for that?.. It’s the main reason I pre ordered the vr..

          • Yh, but obviously u won’t be able to play it in vr, imagine how fecking scary that would be.. Turn round n u have a zombie right behind u, or one coming toward u… it would be fecking awesome..

          • Ehhh. I really don’t have any interest in playing any games in VR. That’s just more money to spend on stuff i really don’t want lol. I plan on picking up Resident Evil 7 on Xbox obviously and playing it the traditional way like i always do, I’ll probably always do it like that lol

          • Lol.. Yh im not that smart, I get excited by anything new… I already got my 4k tv ready for the xbox Scorpio soon as it got announced..

            I thought nothing of vr at first but the more I’ve seen it the more i want it, I mean theirs a game where u have some tonk gangster just shouting in ur face while ur strapped to a chair. How fecking kewl is that! Its going to be unreal, especially for scary games..

          • Yeah VR does look cool and it’s pretty interesting and more interesting to see technology come such a long way.

            Just with me, I hate change most of the time, and I normally stick to my traditional ways of gaming lol. I like to sit on my ass and look at the tv screen and push buttons lol. I’ll probably get the Xbox Scorpio tho

          • Lol yh im the same, always hated the idea of the kinect and the wii wands, but this is the first time they got me…plus for every game I’ve seen all u do is sit down and move ur head, with the ps4 controller or the wands.. I may look like a twat if anyone is watching me out the window but not nearly as much of a twat as people trying to get the kinect and the ps eye to work lol.. Positive thinking lol..

          • Yeah at least VR isn’t stupid like the Kinect or anything like that. Hopefully one of my friends gets the VR one of these days and I can try it out, even though i only have like 1 or 2 friends that own a PS4 lol

  4. i kinda hope the final map is pretty massive like green run and origins.Felt disappointing that despite the new generation of consoles being more powerful and such, i thought they would expand there boarders with zombie map sizes. i like exploring massive maps like those.

  5. <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il437r:….,……

  6. <<hp.. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!il948r:….,….

  7. just saying today is the 4th of September can anyone else download the new map pack cause its downloading for me right now, no bullshit