A new Triple Play bundle is now available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Black Market on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for the weekend.

This new bundle includes 1 Melee Weapon Bribe, 1 Ranged Weapon Bribe, and 10 Rare Supply Drops for 2500 Call of Duty Points or with 500 Cryptokeys. According to the bundle’s description, the Triple Play bundle can only be purchased twice: once via using Call of Duty Points, and once via using 500 keys.

The bundle is set to be removed on August 29 at 10AM PT.



  1. Man, you gotta hand it to Activision. They already make tons of money from these supply drops. They give output decent deal and you can only get it once lol.

    I swear they are so fucking hellbent and stubborn on this supply drop shit. I can not wait to see how badly they rape Infinite Warfare with this garbage. Black Ops 3 has gotten the worse of it so far

    • We should really be getting these things in the Season Pass. I know that it’s not advertised, before anyone mentions that and tries to excuse it.

      • That’s the problem, we should be getting these weapons. How do you give out these “bonus” weapons (as these fanboys put it) for three games in a row and then magically stop come Black Ops 3? Wasn’t there a thing that said DLC1 was supposed to include the MX Garand and Marshall 16 but Activision wanted to cut that content to put in supply drops because of their little micro dlc sales?

        This supply drop shit will kill Call of Duty in the long run. Sure they’re getting a quick buck right now, but trust me they continue this bullshit, it will hurt Call of Duty

        • Let’s not forget that the bit about Activision locking the MX Garand and Marshal 16 into Supply Drops wasn’t even official, so Activision can’t be responsible for it, which sucks. Call of Duty WILL die because of this and it’ll be well-deserved.

          • I think that was the original plan before they announcement. So at least these cucks were smart enough to cut something before saying anything about DLC1

        • This is the #1 reason I wont be getting Infinite Warfare. I dont care how good the game may be, if its got this random supply drop bull***t I wont even touch it. I wont be buying any DLC or map packs either for BLOPS3.

        • It already has made a serious dent in its reputation. We all know it’s comming back hard in IW, and besides the movement system it’s one of my main reasons not to buy IW (on day one) and many former players are making the same decision, not one of my friends is buying IW as it stands now and are switching to other games.

          And my guess is this isn’t only the case in my circle of friends seeing the huge difference in pre-orders IW has compared to Bo3…

    • Activision seriously thinks that weapons are worth $10-15 for a melee and ranged weapon? This nonsense is so blatantly overpriced it’s not even funny.

        • Demand. The system plays on the nature of people being attracted to something so much, that they’ll keep spending and spending to get it. Just like lottery and gambling.

          Activision’s slowly pulling out the gambling addict in all of us by doing this shit…

  2. So unless you’re some weirdo who hoards hundreds of keys…You’re being forced to spend money on this bullshit. Oh and they made sure to make it active for 3 fucking days, which is not nearly enough time to make 500 keys. GG, Activision.

    • What’s so weird about hoarding keys? Literally after the 5 for 3 deal anyone with a smart brain would have saved their keys up for either new weapon drops or for the next deal. You get about 100 for just doing every contract of the weekend.

      • Yeah, like we’re all fortune tellers that should know if and when Treyarch will have another deal. Guess my brain isn’t “smart” enough to predict the future.

        • That’s what patience is called. I saved up to 600 keys just doing contracts alone the last month plus some extra just for playing. I wanted to spend them all and try my chances but I decided to wait it out and see if anything would come up.

          • It has nothing to do with patience. Logically, you should spend your keys, because if you get a gun, you’ll have more play time with it than if you hoarded and got the gun months later, understand? I promise, you’re in the minority if you save that many keys.

          • No I believe you I defiantly am in the minority of people who saved them up, I just don’t think it should be called weird. I use to use them all before the deal thing happened. I’m also probably gonna be playing BO3 for the next 2 years so play time is not a concern since Infinity Ward might put a bad PC port.

          • Weird, by definition, is contrary to the norm. My point was how Activision always has some money-grubbing agenda when it comes to deals, and this was a perfect example of that. Didn’t mean to insult anyone.

          • Didn’t mean to insult anyone either on my end too mate when I said anyone with a “smart brain”, I just figured with more keys you get more chances at a single moment in time like if I saved 300 keys I’d get at least 10 spins in just a minute worth of time.

          • Logically, you should spend your money on codpoints whenever you can, so you’ll have access to p2w gear asap…or, you should spend money on booze every paycheck, so you can talk to women better…your logic is illogic. If “$mart $aver$” are the minority, I can’t imagine the conditions of the majority.

            I saved up 2000 ckeys, spent 500 on tplay, ended with 1500, but now I currently have 1555 thanks to ckey return of investment from rare supply drops. Semi-worth it. Got Distinction & Fire Axe.

          • No…It still makes sense to spend as you get them, as I’ve explained previously. Good for you for saving, but it only pays off if Treyarch gives random deals such as this Triple Play shit.

          • And you clearly don’t know me, so don’t even state that I clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have replied.

            It’s not about making sense or logic. It’s about your CHOICE whether you save or not. Your choice is determined by having been made (an) informed decision(s). Obviously, you chose to spend them. Why? You convinced yourself that you will have more time to play with supply drop gear IF you draw them; IF. Obviously, I chose to save them. Why? I convinced myself that future promotions WILL come about after experiencing previous promotions on the Black Market. Fortunately, Tplay GURANTEES 2, again TWO, gears; NO ifs.

            P.S. If my comparisons were horrible to your logic, and they retained the structure of said logic, then your logic must also be horrible.

          • Lmao. Your comparisons involved spending money, which is entirely unrelated to spending cryptokeys (a currency earned by PLAYING THE GAME). They didn’t retain the structure of my logic because they are on entirely different wavelengths.

            Yes; no matter if you spend or save, you’re taking a risk. It literally comes down to just a matter of choice. However, you continue to push YOUR choice onto me on the SOLE BASIS that the Triple Play deal was announced. That is your only proof that saving pays off. Then you tell people saving was ALWAYS the best way to go. Hindsight is 20/20, and so you took your chance to tell EVERYONE how well it’s paid off for you. You’re being quite obnoxious to say the least.

          • Listen dude… Something gets announced u save for it.. I started saving for my 4k tv and Scorpio when they got anounced..

            They have just anounced this so this is when I would save for it.. U don’t save for something that doesn’t exist… Its been poorly done and probably on purpose so people pay for the Cod points..

          • If it happened once it probably will happen again is what I’m saying. The 5 for 3 deal probably will happened maybe towards the end of BO3 life cycle. I’m just waiting to seize the moment and if it never happened hey you have a shitload of keys to waste still. I didn’t know the community has problem with people who save up their keys.

          • I don’t have a problem with people saving keys, I’m just saying this deal is shitty for everyone else and I don’t feel it should be defended.. Just another way for Activision to make more money not a deal for us to enjoy as an active player..

          • Maybe I started off wrong the way I said it but I’m not defending it. I was just wondering why Former thought saving your keys up was weird. I guess the second part of my reply made it seem that way. With this happening this week I defiantly feel a double CK weekend would have helped others out.

          • Don’t worry mate you aren’t alone, I had 2100 keys saved up before this deal, got around 1500 after buying the triple bundle and then burning the duplicates. I now have every single DLC ranged/melee weapon in the game and haven’t payed a penny. As you have mentioned, and I have mentioned on previous supply drop threads, it is far more logical and beneficial to save up a couple hundred keys for deals like this/ buy 1 get 1 free deals, or even to save up 1000 and do a big opening, than spend 30 keys as soon as you get them. The supply drop system is here, it isn’t going away, so beat the system or just go with the flow. They also seemed to have improved the odds of not getting duplicates of weapons you already have. We can only hope that every small improvement to system is passed on to Infinite Warfare, where I also hope to not spend a penny. For example the daily/ weekly contracts have been out for what 2 months? It’s 100 free keys a week so that’s what 800 free keys? Not to mention the keys you get for playing ( which I will happily admit the earn rate is woeful). Most of the time I just play and forget the keys are even there until I bother to look.

          • No one’s saying it should be defended, but let’s be honest: ever since launch Activision has done so many types of supply drop deals, that it’d make sense to save up for something and then splurge on those deals. It sure beats opening up drops one by one.

            At least we can learn from this and start to actually save up for whatever currency IW uses.

          • You don’t need an announcement to realize that tech is always evolving. Of course I’ll save money regardless if Nvidia announces the 1080ti or not; there will always be a better and stronger gpu in the future which I can upgrade to. After the 5 for 90 ckeys deal (which, regrettably, I barely had enough for 2 draws…), I anticipated future deals/promotions, so I saved up ckeys SIMPLE. And whadda you know! We got Tplay for just 500 ckeys!

          • Ok, I guess I’ll have to explain myself from scratch since people like you can’t read what I’ve already said.

            By saving up your cryptokeys, you’re missing out on more play time with the potential weapon you could get from them if you spent the 30 keys right away. For example: Person A spends his 30 keys right away; gets a Peacekeeper in July. Person B saves up his keys over 2 months; gets a Peacekeeper in September. Person A will enjoy the Peacekeeper in-game for 2 more months of Bo3, assuming Person A and B will stop playing when the new CoD comes out.

            The only reason you’re telling people to save is because you got lucky and Treyarch created the Triple Play deal which literally requires you to be a hoarder, unless you want to pay $$ (which was their agenda in the first place).

          • My reasoning is not about luck. Do NOT propagandize what I did NOT say. Therefore, you are spitting out lies & misinterpretaion. All I said was “save.” I would also say that it would be smart to SAVE if you REALIZE that Craptivision WILL release Black Market Events, especially after the 5 for 90 and Specialists Theme promotions that already happened. You don’t even need to be smart. Just LEARN from the history and KNOW for the future. Your argument is solely about the quantity of time for specific weapons; I care less. What I care about is the quality of time I put into the game in its entirety. I ENJOY playing BO3 with just the Kuda and KN-44. The supply drop weapons and melee can wait until the time is right. BO2 didn’t die on PS3 (played last night), so I don’t expect BO3 to die on PC.

          • Hypothetically, let’s say this Triple Play deal is the very LAST deal in Bo3. Would there be a point in saving then? No; all you’d be doing is prolonging the acquisition of more gear that you could use. That is my point.

            You telling people to save is justified on the basis that more deals like this ARE happening, when in reality, they could stop altogether.

            “I enjoy playing Bo3 with just the Kuda and KN-44” Good for you, but YOU aren’t EVERYONE, are you? That’s your own personal mindset, while others would like to get a DLC weapon ASAP, and you’re telling them to save when the new CoD will be out in 2 months time.

    • <<fb… ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★::::::!iw218t:….,….

    • Really. It takes at least an hour to get 30 cryptards. I don’t want to blow my entire weekend on playing this shit. There’s no doubt they’re trying to keep people from that Titanfall alpha.

  3. Fuck activision man. How the hell r we supposed to get 500 cryptokeys in 3 days? I dont even play mp anymore. Im betting its because activision knew that we Wouldn’t get the boxing gloves in time, so they pull this shit to boost their player count. They have no passion for this franchise anymore.

    • Dude, the contract meter just hit 50% yesterday. They fully calculated this. We are going to hit 100% before the timer runs out, with or without the triple play bundle.

    • Yep and BF1 beta is starts the 31st. Screw BO3. All they care about is adding content to hopefully get a few extra $$$. Meanwhile, the game is completely unplayable for a ton of people. It’s so disheartening to see what this once really fun game has turned into.

      Remember when Vonderhaar said there would be “No new weapons or weapon variants” and “only cosmetic items” in the Black Market? What happened?…….weapons in the Black Market and Vonderhaar fell off the face of the earth. I’m sure the idea was forced down from the top. But if you can’t back it up, don’t say it. It’s pretty obvious that micro transaction weapons are here to stay.

    • I was playing it today and the past weekend…let me tell you one thing. The game is pretty fun! But I really don’t like the targeting assist! I can literally get kills barely even trying…not cool.

    • I didnt like the TF beta. The movement doesnt feel nearly as good as BO3. The “double jump” is completely worthless.

  4. I did it and got two new weapons (no duplicates). Did I get lucky or did they fix that? Anyone get a duplicate weapon with either of the weapons bribes?

  5. So 2500 cod points for a duplicate chance? HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH…HAHAHAHA..haha..My sides hurt now, but let us do a little math. First of all how are you suppose to earn 500 Ck over a weekend with the drop rate the way it is. Secondly they make it 2500 cod points intead of 2400 so your forced to pay $2 more to make it to 2500. So instead of $20.00 it will be $22.00. What a joke. $22 for an in game item that you might already have. What an absolute joke. Boy i am so glad I quit playing C.O.D(Cash obtaing device)

    • It’s scummy and sketchy marketing, you’re not wrong there. But it actually guarantees you don’t get a duplicate unless you have EVERYTHING.

      • Ok my bad I didn’t read the description but now we know why it is so expensive. No point of arguing anymore really, considering this is the way Cod is moving forward from now on. The next generation of the young fanbase have already been brainwashed.

          • And it is such a kick in the balls for the older fanbase, Most of us has moved on anyways but still wrong. Distasteful and a disgraceful way to treat the original fanbase.

    • Now i’m not saying it’s ok for them to price them that high with such a little time period, but you can get 500 CK if you sweat your balls off and play BO3 non-stop. I started out with 30 CKs when they introduced triple play, now i have 363 CKs all within 1 1/2 days lol

    • Hey dumbass, just incase you’re incapable of reading, the triple play gave a disclaimer guaranteeing no duplicate weapons would be given out.

  6. Lmao they always find a way to fuck with salty gamers head!! i swear they really want you to invest your money or time into the game!

  7. I knew i was saving my cryptokeys for a reason. Ive got 600 saved.I was hoping it would just be weapon bribes for 100 each, but this seems like fair bundle, i guess. At least ill finally get a reanged weapon.

  8. Just so I’m clear… the bundle disappears on Aug 29, not the actual bribes right? I’d rather use my ranged weapon bribe on the last BM update since I have this feeling they’ll release something totally crazy/awesome – but sadly at the end of the BO3 cycle thxActvsn. I know we can’t get a duplicate but I don’t like any of the ones I don’t have right now (I only have the Banshii and the Peacekeeper lmao).

  9. Boy… I remember this time last year, somebody told me BO3 wouldn’t have ridiculous microtransactions. Now look where we are…

    I’m waiting to hear a comment on how IW won’t be the same, and it will be fair now. I’d love to be proven wrong, though.

    • If IW has supply drops, that’s it. Game over. Activision would screw themselves over. No one would buy their game…I mean, I still would. I just wouldn’t open any supply drops.

      • To bad a lot of players don’t think this way, I haven’t bought a single DLC/camo/SD since the days of Bo2 and I thought others were doing the smart thing as well. but activisions revenue from SD/DLC went through the roof these last years in such high numbers this suply drop cancer is terminal now…

      • Yeah, if only that was the case. But nope. They’re making billions off of this. So it’s not going anywhere, until a new system appears and makes Activision even more money.

        Frankly, if the Supply Drop system was more fair, then I don’t think anybody would be mad at it. But thing is, it’s not. Drop rates for good items are way too low, in comparison to the stuff you get from Overwatch (even though they’re cosmetic only).

      • It’s not game over if you buy IW. You still support them regardless. You gave your dollar vote to a corrupt corporation. You endorse Activision to continue the codpoints to supply drop scheme. You LOSE.

  10. Milking, milking and milking..

    “Treyarch aren’t to blame, It´s all Activisions fault” Blah blah blah. Well last time i checked, It was Treyarch that promised “cosmetics only” not Activision. Didn’t have a choice? How about; Not make such stupid promises in the first place?. Can´t wait for BF1.

    • Treyarch just said that specific items are cosmetic only, like character gear and calling cards.
      Activision made the whole situation suspicious by saying on their official website, “primarily, Black Market items are cosmetic”

    • Ah, yes. Battlefield 1. The game about World War 1. Even though France was on of the Triple Entente powers allied against the Central Powers. Which means that they were one of the most important countries. But Bf1 didn’t put them in the game, and is instead making your pay for it, by not including France in the game but it in the DLC instead. And it doesn’t stop there. £60 for an unfinished game without things and was promised, and we have to pay an extra £40 for season pass for those things and no doubt are things going to be missing from the DLC too.

  11. Im a recovering gambling addict who cant buy cod points to use on supply drops. I know thats my problem, but im also trying to teach my kids not to gamble and they keep saying how much they want the ffar and the peacekeeper guns. It really sucks that activision is so intent on turning this system into a gamble instead of just selling weapon packs. But its their game i guess.

    • You have more willpower than you discredit yourself. Look at it this way: what is the lose to win ratio from the sum of your gambling? If it’s something like 10:1, you should realize by now that gambling is the bane to your financial health and eventually to your family’s health. Just. Say. No. Resist the temptation. Do not let your mind contrive images of winning or having something when in reality it may not be when the results turn up. Avoid disappointment after a potential loss. THINK.

  12. They didn’t even give us a warning or tell us they were going to do this. I actually save cryotokeys about 100 and something and spent them all a few days ago. Next time they better warn us. I’m still mad I can’t get any fun weapon I want to use

    • Start saving up, and stop spending compulsively. OCD on ckey/ credit card spending = psychological conditioning of habitual gambling addiction. Activision is indirectly training all of us for the next COD installment. You guys are stronger than this, c’mon!

  13. I’ve quit playing because of how hard it is to get DLC weapons and it really takes all the fun away. I only play zombies now

    • Yeah, my friend noticed that last night. As if this deal wasn’t money-grubbing enough…they’re forcing over-payment as well. Got to hand it to them; they know how to be scumbags.

    • Buy the 2400 and then the 200. Sure its an extra 2$ but come on lol Not that big of a deal. My problem with this is they didnt announce this crap til last min. Luckily i havent spent any crytokeys for like a month and had enough outright for the 500 one.

  14. This is the reason I stop playing black ops 3 man its disgusting one month not playing black ops I bougth back in March rainbow six siege it’s a great game free dlc

  15. IMAGINE if Activision saves their arses by announcing: The time limit only applies to the purchase of 2500 Call of Duty Points. Players will have ample time to earn 500 Cryptokeys by the end of 2016. Rest assured that future contracts will also award Cryptokeys getting players that much closer to their goal. <_<

    • Ehhh I think they will make cryptokeys be temporary and make cod points always available to spend on the bribe xD

      • 3 days aint enough time to get 500 ckeys, LMFAO! Impossible, especially since people either have school or work during those days. Fortunately for me however, I saved 2K ckeys b4hand! Now back up to 1800.

  16. Activision, WHY Can’t you let us know about this stuff in advance? If you told us a few weeks out maybe more people could participate.

    • Their agenda was to make us buy, knowing that most people don’t save that many keys. That’s why they didn’t give us a warning.

  17. The good news is though, that these bribes were actually garaunteed to give you weapons you didn’t have. Seriously. I bought one to test the waters, my ranged bribe gave me the DBSR-50 which i didn’t have, and my Melee gave me Nunchucks, which i didn’t have.