Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare introduces a new Combat Rigs system, which is 6 special characters that feature different abilities for players to use. Combat Rigs offer Payloads and Traits.

Payloads are similar to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3’s Specialist Weapons and abilities, in which the character gets a certain weapon or ability to use for a limited period of time. It’s exactly the same as Black Ops 3 to activate — press L1 + R1 once the meter in the bottom right has filled.

Here’s the six Combat Rigs:




  • Erasers
  • FTL Jump (traverse a space)
  • Phase Shift


  • Supercharge
  • Perception (gives the player more awareness than ever before in Call of Duty…if theres an enemy looking at you, edges of HUD will light and let you know someone is looking at you)
  • Power-slide




  • Steel Dragon (weapon which helps suppress a closed combat area)
  • Bull Charge
  • Reactive Armor


  • Infusion (health will come back faster)
  • Man-At-Arms
  • Shock Wave




  • The Claw (powerful weapon, its a rapid spread shot weapon that takes out many enemies with ADS. Shots recocheit around)
  • Overdrive
  • Combat Focus


  • Ping
  • Persistance (changes the way you interact with score streaks….instead of resetting on death, they will persist. Come at increased cost. Cannot wrap score streaks)
  • Resupply




  • Gravity Vortex
  • Micro Turret
  • Centurion


  • Relay
  • Trophy Drone (supports team…drone that flies and self detonates and take out any grenades. Players can get only one per life.)
  • Hardened




  • Ballista EM3 (3 shot rail gun, sticks people to a wall)
  • Active Camo
  • Pulsar


  • Marked Target
  • Rearguard (every time you spawn, you have an armored shield on your back)
  • Heightened Senses




  • Qualizer
  • Reaper (lethal melee, crouches down, and charges at you)
  • Rewind


  • Rushdown
  • Propulsion
  • Combat Burst (get short burst in speed after every kill)

A big feature that separates Combat Rigs from Specialists is that you can actually change your Combat Rig mid-match. So if you want to adjust your style during the match, you can easily do so.



  1. Awesome. I love Specialists and I’m glad that IW is doing their own take on them (I don’t think of it as a lazy BO3 rehash).

    • I was hoping there wouldn’t be any Specialists, but I am interested in the way IW did it. I just hope there aren’t bullshit specialist weapons like Gravity Spikes or Purifier-esque types (I love Purifier though), because a noob can go 3-15 to 15-15 with specialist weapons. I’m digging this game so far, and the game looks less goofy than BO3 with its futuristic military feel.

  2. Atleast they dont look gay and shitty this time.

    They look like fucking soldiers and are badass

    Hopefully its more balanced than shit ops 3

    • none of their faces are shown. I think Rigs are more like suits you put on, unlike specialist where they were actual people

  3. Thins that i dont like till now:
    – Hitmarker Sound
    – Facilities Maps
    – Laser Guns

    Can you guys hear the HIT sound??? Cause I CAN’T!

      • CoD has now reached the level of Santa Claus, apparently.
        “I asked CoD for xyz, and got me zyx. My world has been shattered!”
        How old are we again?
        Life ain’t fair, neither is CoD.
        Deal, or stfu.
        Nothing personal.

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  4. They actually look like real soldiers unlike the gay specialists from BO3.
    I hope they don’t fuck them up and add clown masks and gingerbread masks like the gay shit from BO3 and AW.