PlayStation Europe has announced three different Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare PlayStation 4 slim bundles that will be coming out this year in Europe.


The first bundle is the PS4 Call of Duty Early Access bundle. This bundle goes on sale October 5, 2016 in Europe and features digital download codes for both Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. This bundle is called Early Access because once you redeem the MWR code on Oct. 5, you can immediately start playing the MWR campaign mode.


The second bundle is the PS4 Call of Duty bundle, which includes the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. This includes Infinite Warfare on disc and Modern Warfare Remastered digital download code. This bundle is available on November 4.


The third bundle coming to Europe features a PS4 Slim and just the standard edition of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Available November 4, 2016.

SOURCE:Β PlayStation EU



  1. Sheeeeit I saw this and thought they were talking about releasing bundles of previous cods for ps4. Now I’m just disappointed again.

  2. So people are uber pissed that Modern Warfare Remastered has different gun sounds.

    This is how far we’ve come as fans.

    This is why no one deserves a remaster of COD4 serperately.

    • Not really complaining, it’s more of noticing a difference and even then, its weird they are reusing sound effects from AW when they could just use the original COD 4 sound effects. Wasn’t really a need to change it.

      I honestly dont give a damn when the sun goes down, but at the sametime I rather have the sound effects from Call of Duty 4. Plus it’s CoDXP, and it’s not the final build of the game.

      • The gun sounds of CoD 4 were decent for their time, but haven’t aged well, and would be weird with the beautiful graphics.

      • Old sounds need to be reconfigured, as the sound engine is different now.

        It’s easier to have higher quality sounds already there in the engine than taking the time to make the new ones into the engine and then replace them anyways.

          • I knew I’d heard those running and walking sounds before!! I thought it was just me hearing it wrong!

          • It’s funny too because Infinity Ward is still using the sound effects (running, walking, grenade being thrown) from Call of Duty 4 in Infinite Warfare. So why change those things in CoD4 Remastered? Lol

          • Most definitely. A Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered just makes me want an old school Call of Duty that’s brand new even more.

            But like I said at the of the day, it doesnt bother me with the changes as it’s not the final product and it’s a small. It’s not a make or break type of deal for me. The only way they could do that for me, is adding supply drops in the game or changing the balance of the game (guns, perks, etc).

          • Absolutely man but I’m not sure we’re even going to see that next year. Advanced warfare 2 is probably half made by nowπŸ˜‚
            On MWR I’d hate it if they fucked with the perks or added supply drops too. Wouldn’t complain if they added the mw2 streaks though hahaπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

          • Let’s hope that’s not the case hey! I just seem to recall condrey saying that they were intending to make advanced warfare in to a sub series with at least 2 sequels. doesnt necassarily mean they have to be one after the other I guess so fingers crossed we’ll get something modern day or past from them.

          • Condrey said that? When was this? I remember Infinity Ward saying that about Infinite Warfare but I never recall anyone at SHGames saying that about Advanced Warfare lol

          • Just had a quick search and found this but obviously a lot has happened in the last two years so who knows!

          • If they do do an AW2, hopefully they just change the boost jumping to thrust jumps. Or just make AW2 futuristic without exos

    • it’s not a big deal BUT what pisses me off is the shitty voice anouncers. The older ones sound 100x better you have to admit they fucked up bad on the anouncers but it’s still something they can fix

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    • Why mess with the gun sounds, the original gun sounds sound exactly how they are in real life. The announcers are just plain awful and takes away a part of nostalgia. What I’m wondering is what is that surprise coming in December for cod4 remastered, won’t be surprised if Activision adds some type of RNG in it.

          • Loved WAW’s announcers, especially the battle cry in the game mode war when you captured a flag and gain momentum.

          • Loved the WaW announcers and whatnot. WaW is an all-around perfect game to me probably Black Ops 1 as well. Two of my favourite Call of Duty games.

            I have to say, if we never get a World War 2 Call of Duty game again, then I’m happy World at War was the last because that is hands down the best WW2 game I have played

          • People petitioned against using real gun sounds I think. So if you record a real gunshot of a gun made by Glock or Remington or something, when you use it in the game you have to pay money towards the company which made the gun, and people don’t like that because it’s supporting gun companys.

      • so quality should be sacrificed for outdated, fake-ass sounding effects just because you can’t take off your Rose-colored glasses?

      • I think the problem is more about the quality of the audio files. It’s like if you have a really good headphone, you can tell the difference between 128kbps audio and 320kbps or even lossless FLAC. COD games have been using FLAC for audio since at least BO2 now. So it kinda makes sense that they would have to redo the audio now, since the original raw audio for COD 4 probably isn’t around, and the only files that remain are too low quality in comparison.

    • Pathetic isn’t it. Can’t say 100% until we play it but it looks and sounds incredible. People have been crying out for an old school cod to play yet the second they finally get one they start bitching about itπŸ˜‚ Great logic guys

    • guys tbh i thought the sounds were weird in the first place. We just got used to them i think. Making new neural links hurts i guess.

      Tbh all i care about is ability to turn off medals like i can in halo MCC.

      If they want to make a remaster done right at least do something that one of the biggest screw ups ever created has.

    • They are a joke, honestly. Leave the original sounds? Like really, they are plain, single bar sound effect! If they have the chance to make it better, then why the fuck not? I swear people like to nitpick on the most obvious next gen changes. Specially the same people, over and over again. They always want shit they way they want it! “Do not put the bean’s sauce on top of the rice, I want it on the side” type of douchebags. Yeah they re-use sound effects from AW ’cause they sound almost real, and it is dynamic! Not to mention, it is a remastered fucken game. Why not be glad and humble that we are going to get the chance to relive the experience. I don’t need to be a “Activision cock-sucker” to acknowledge this.

    • OH FFS, can we just keep the current audio, and then have an option for classic audio. I mean, that’s the only way that EVERYBODY is going to be happy…

    • Plus it wasn’t even the full version. They were probably placeholders. Even so, they’re fucking gun sounds. Sounds. It’s a remaster. That’s like saying that because it looks better and different, it’s not good.