Activision and Infinity Ward have officially announced the full schedule for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer beta.

There will be two weekends for which the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer beta will be available.

Weekend 1:

  • Available only on PlayStation 4:
    • Start Date: October 14 at 10AM PT
    • End Date: October 17 at 10AM PT

Weekend 2:

  • Available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:
    • Start Date: October 21 at 10AM PT
    • End Date: October 24 at 10AM PT

The beta will feature access to only a portion of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer mode. In order to get access, players need to preorder Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. If you preorder at a retailer, contact the retailer to get a code to redeem on Once we get closer to the beta dates, Activision will email a download code for you to download the beta.

If you preorder digitally, you will automatically get access to the beta when it becomes available on the dates listed above. You do not need a code. The beta is not available on PC.

More details about the beta, including the maps and modes that will be available, will be revealed at a later date. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Activision



  1. The beta is way to late for them to change something major. the only reason why they are hosting it is because they want people to preorder IW.

  2. So… how much money did Sony fork over to get double beta time in comparison to X1, and zero beta time for PC? Seriously, this exclusivity deal is an even bigger slap to 2/3 of the community than the Microsoft deal ever was.

      • If we really wanna talk about fair, PC has been on the losing side ever since the beginning of this shit. Can’t believe we still have to suffer because Activision has to take side in this console war BS.

        • You think they have a choice? That’s the way the industry’s business has been since last generation. I would know due to my past complaints, it’s just a waste of time now because there’s nothing we can do but take it if we want to play this franchise now. And let’s not act like PC doesn’t get anything exclusive, how do you think it feels to have to buy another $30 copy of Black Ops 3 just to play mods when consoles should have it too? Nobody wins, so there’s no use complaining about it now.

          • Isn’t mod tools like the only exclusive that PC has had since WaW? Sounds like the 8 years of nothing really paid off. He’s pretty much right, PC has been getting it’s asshole rammed for sometime now. I’m surprised people on PC still even buy anything that says Call of Duty on it considering how well they take it in the ass.

          • I don’t really feel sorry for CoD on PC, it would be given more support if it sold more, PC players have proven time and time again that they don’t care about CoD because the games weren’t good enough for them. PC isn’t just exclusive to CoD you know, there are many exclusive benefits or business deals to PC that consoles will never get. It’s obvious that the PC port isn’t ready to be shown to the public just yet.

          • I mean I know it’s not exclusive to PC, CoD is everywhere obviously but he is right PC hasn’t been getting the short end stick since the start of it. They are just now getting something decent on their end which is mod tools. Plus on top of that, punishing your players who do play PC CoD because it doesnt sell enough? If that’s the case, that should be even more reason to not buy Call of Duty on PC because they clearly don’t care lol.

          • I guess you can call it a big cycle because it all circles around to CoD just simply not selling well on PC anymore lol. If you ask me it only exists to see the graphics in their maximum potential as well as the raw files.

          • Only Treyarch is nice enough to actually give us that. I’m just asking for basic support on PC here, but I know that IW’s too good for that.

          • I’ll be honest, if they had just do COD on PC once every 3 years with Treyarch doing the PC versions, then I wouldn’t mind so much. At least I don’t have to deal with the lack of support and potentially shit ports from IW and SHG.

          • within the first 24 hours of release or after release you will know if its shit port or not. its not like they will run out of copies of cod lmao sometimes its better to just wait.

          • I’m not even asking for exclusive features here. Just basic support that you guys get. How do you think we feel when we see the devs answer console feedback, but not PC? I just want some equal treatment on that front, but apparently only Treyarch’s good enough for that.

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          • A beta that could potentially win customers over if they do it right with optimization, or scare everyone off because of shitty optimization. That’s the main problem here. Other than Treyarch, no other devs have the balls to show off their PC version, always because they don’t put enough efforts in them.

      • Non of the platforms gets a beta. This whole so called beta thing is ridiculous, a beta is all about feedback, to iron out its flaws pre launch. What the hell are they going to change upon the feedback they get if the game comes out 10 (!) Days after the last weekend.

        And to top it all off, just give the xbox players even less days to find and report flaws in this so called “beta”

        Bunch of bullshit that’s what it is…. beta pffff

          • That’s exactly what a beta is for, as said the game is gold when this demo is released, and coming out in 10 days after. Good luck to IW with changing anything in that time frame, it’s not just switching some numbers but involves intense testing…

            So expect the same shitty server issues every CoD had on day one…

      • I mean, if you wanna look at it that way, sure… but given IW’s bad track record with PC since MW2, that reason doesn’t hold a lot of ground. If anything, they should at least give us some proper goddamn PC info to make up for the lack of a beta. But best thing we’ll get is probably the system requirements 2 weeks before launch, like every non-Treyarch year.

    • Not really. Microsoft wanted ALL DLC to be timed exclusive, the franchise hasn’t had betas since World at War under Microsoft for some reason. I’m thankful that we’re getting one at all.

      • I’m not even an Xbox player, so that means nothing to me. I am too aware of the PC community lacking players as well. So I pray to God that even if IW turns out a shit port, the devs will at least take responsibility and provide us with some incentives for less popular game modes. Treyarch did so well this year with specific 2XP playlists in BO3, it would be a shame to go to IW and not see a similar treatment.

        • really hope tdm, dom and kill confirmed are in one playlist at the top and tdm playlist is in the middle of the list so peopel will choose something other than tdm only. and if they really want to they can choose tdm in the middle of the list

    • Call of Duty was directly affecting the sales of the Halo franchise. Black Ops 2 came out 1 week before Halo 4 and dried up all the kid’s wallets by that time, so Microsoft got pissed.

    • relax, it’s 3 days extra beta for ps4 and 30 days early dlc, if it was a year exclusivity, then it could’ve been a big deal. let the ps kids help fix the bugs the elite pc gamers & xboners.

      Fifa 17 demo managed to take down psn, imagine the biggest game on it LOL hell destiny/bo3 goes down regularly on psn

    • In my opinion, I think Microsoft should integrate the PC and Xbox players together via crossplay for Call of Duty. That way, the PC populations are reinforced thanks to the influx of players.

      Sony can join in and Microsoft is welcoming them, but you know how Sony will reply–by declining the offer. Boom! Sony fans are pissed that Xbox has crossplay, along with the lack of mods.

    • >2/3 the community
      PC doesn’t play CoD, CoD is a console FPS almost exclusively.

      in reality, CoD isn’t even a console FPS, it’s a drone FPS, look at how many people jumped ship from xbox to ps4 despite ps4 having literally no games! hahahaha just for CoD. dude drones lmao

    • The game is already gold when the “beta” is rolled out, only thing the going to make changes is by releasing a (day one) patch.

      in other words, complete bullshit this “beta” call it a promotional demo at least then…

    • Well it’s about time PS4 got some love. Xbox had the exclusivity when AW first came out and way before that when it comes to Call of Duty. You have always had everything first – think how we felt when we got the DLC a month after you. It was annoying so I know how you feel but now it’s swapped around so it’s fair. You’ll just have to deal with it like we did. AW was your last early exclusive game and BO3 was our first and I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon. My guess is that we’ll have the exclusivity for the same amount of time that you did.

      • I figured I would get a response like this.

        It’s funny because I dont ever recall Microsoft doing cucky ass stupid deals that blatantly punish other consoles. Like “pre order the ACTUAL GAME TO PLAY IT 30 DAYS EARLY ON PS4 ” or PS4 getting more time with the beta. Sorry, that never happened with the deal on Xbox. All we got was 30 day early DLC. That’s it and honestly good for you guys on having DLC early on PS4 I honestly couldn’t be more happy for you guys. Go wild with that shit for all I care. Personally me, map packs aren’t that great anymore so honestly enjoy it.

        But once idiotic shit happens like I just mention that’s crossing a line. Is there anything i can do about it? No. Can I bitch about to make myself feel better ? Yes.

          • There would have been no reason for a remaster in that time anyway. So we would never know, but as far as I’m concern the Microsoft deal was only DLC. It did not relate to anything of a pre order.

        • Microsoft made stupid deals all the time, none of these corporations are excused from this, it’s an issue in the industry that’s being exploited. Let’s not forget the fact that Microsoft wanted 30 days for *all* DLC including microtransactions. With Sony we’re somehow getting betas again and we might even get annual betas if they’re successful. Imagine being a PS3 player and getting screwed throughout an entire generation.

          • Except the fact I’m not saying Microsoft is innocent so save your little Microsoft rant for another time big boi. I’m pointing out how retarded this deal is for Call of Duty and how it even punishes anyone more blatantly for not being on PS4

      • Talking about exclusivity atleast treyarch didn’t screw us over with updates like weapons like aw did for ps4 only map packs and atleast we get a (almost) bug free map pack when it comes out when it crashes with you lot. oh yeah btw have fun with infinite warfare map packs 1 month early while we play bf1 map packs early (:

  3. That’s so unfair. They should get only one weekend just as Xbox should. And it’s even more fucked up there’s no PC beta for you PC players out there. I can understand getting DLC first but all of this other exclusive shit is stupid.

    • Right. Like PS4 can have all the 30 day early DLC for all I care (i mean map packs haven’t been that hot since BO2 so like i give a fuck lol) but once they start doing retarded shit like “pre order IW to play CoD 4 campaign 30 days early on PS4” or PS4 getting two weekends. Like this shit never happened on all. This is by far worse and I don’t how anyone can defend it.

  4. Atleast Xbox got the dlc weapons and updates the same time PS4 users got them this year… Whining about a beta… LOL! C’mon…are we children?

    • Wow. We got weapons at the same time as PS4. Weapons that are nearly impossible to earn. I never thought of it that way. No it’s cool though, now I guess I can’t complain that PS4 players get a 6 day beta.

    • Yeah, nothing to complain about. Just Xbox One only getting three days to play and PS4 gets a week.

      But hey, at least we get microtransactions at the sametime. WOOOOOOO!!!! HELL YEAH

          • I find its those of you who are whining over such meaningless nonsense to be mentally retarded! It’s children who whine about things being unfair and demand equality… Though that’s unrealistic! When your life dwindles down to whining about a beta on a website, I’d say you’re quite childish. There’s far bigger priorities in life.

          • Lol typical child tactics… Resort to name-calling when you realize how dumb you come across and repeat the same bullshit!

          • It’s funny because you named called me in your first replied when I didn’t namecall you to begin with and you name called anyone who disagrees with your opinion in your original comment. You have to be mentally challenged

  5. And where the fuck is the PC beta? And for all the PS4 people telling Xbox people to stop bitching and being children just remember you were once that bitching child when Xbox was the exclusive console

  6. at least xbox players are getting 1 weekend of the beta, as opposed to pc not getting a single chance of playing the beta.

  7. So, i get to play the beta for only 3 days?
    I barely can do anything in that time.
    Also, for the PC people, that i kinda belong to, they probably don’t want us go leaking the whole game like last year… *cough* Firebreak leak *cough*

      • I doubt it’s because of leaks. It’s more like Infinite Ward knows the port they made is utter shit. Like the Ghosts one. Jesus, this game ran like hot shit. So expect the same with Infinite Warfare. Seriously, expect it. I wouldn’t buy the game for PC. Sadly, they don’t give a flying fuck about this platform.

  8. Why are xbox players complaining? They had a contract with actvision for years. And ps4 only has 6 days for beta. Regardless of what platform you’re on, you got screwed this year. Activision always find a way.

  9. this exclusivity better not hold us back when scorpio and the next cod drops. i dont want a drop in graphics because ps4 cant get their shit together… 🙂

  10. So Xbox players get only 3 days to play while PS4 gets a whole week and PC gets nothing? Damn, they’re basically punishing you if you don’t play on a PS4.

        • See, that’s exactly what I’m saying. We only got map packs and guns 30 days before. PS4 gets exclusive campaigns and updates in addition. It’s not fair.

      • It’s not a matter of being enough time. It’s a matter of being fair and giving both consoles an equal amount of time to play.

        • “It’s a matter of being fair and giving both consoles an equal amount of time to play.”

          It’s called contract man. For years xbox had dlcs a month ahead of ps4 and pc. This is Sony’s second year being the main platform. This is expected.

          • The thing is, PS4 gets way more exclusive bonuses than Xbox ever did. We just got map packs and guns (which were randomly generated in AW and even harder to get). PS4 gets exclusive updates and get the MWR campaign early. If that’s not unfair, then I have no idea what is.

          • I don’t disagree with you, but like i said it’s contract. Its gonna stay that way for as long as that contract is still alive, unless Activision decides to be decent for once and not renew it.

          • If you think this is even close to how unfair AW was you clearly didn’t have a PS4 at the time. Sure the guns were RNG but you still had them a month early on top of the DLC. At least all the micro-DLC and stuff in BO3 has released at the same time (or very close to it). And you want to talk about exclusive updates? There have been maybe 2 updates for PS4 that XB1 didn’t get at the same time. In AW there was a month or more delay between those as well so we had game breaking shit for months after it had been patched on xbox.

            Besides, this is the 2nd year Sony has had this. We had to suffer through over 5 years of MS getting EVERYTHING a month early. Yeah, we’re getting the MWR campaign early but you can play it in a month. Does it suck, sure, but it’s what Sony players had to deal with for ages. I’m sure you weren’t complaining about the contract when it was in your favour.

            Really the only players I feel bad for are PC players. Their port usually sucks and they never have had any kind of exclusive deal.

  11. I do get why people are complaining that PS4 players are getting 3 extra days, but they’re just that. It’s not like you have full access to everything in the game, and it’s only to test and try the game out, giving the developers feedback so they can tune it before it launches. I swear, people are bitching for the littlest things… I feel bad for the PC players though, since they aren’t able to try the beta out at all. Though, I guess it’s because some PC players touch encrypted files and it reveals things out before the game launches, and there’s that.

    • You really blindly believe these buzzwords like “feedback”, “encrypted files”, “leaks” have any sort of negative impact on a pre-release CoD? Come on, bro

      • This is for the sake of the developers, and it affects them greatly. Yes, feedback is a big thing, without it, Re-Jack would’ve been an OP specialist ability. For encrypted files and leaks, it is still important for the developers. Sure it helps us with hype or disappointment, but what is the point of the developers previewing/teasing us with upcoming updates?

        • What? M8 that’s some stupid ass argumentation you got there. These leaks have had a 1% impact on the sales or reception of the game, if anything most of these leaks hype people more than just hushy hushy bullshit that developers claim to do.

          Please stop reiterating this nonsense and think carefully. There’s a motive to every action and developers are just mad salty that their own content gets leaked before they can make YT or advertisement money off it.

          • Calm your tits down. Why are you so mad? Did you even read the whole comment? I already know that it helps us with hype and disappointment but doing shit like leaking info is disrespectful to the developers. They made the game, and they can show it when they can and when they want to, and leaks won’t make the developers salty at all if the leaker gets money/views off of it. They get paid more money by doing their job than getting money from YT and shit ads.

  12. This isn’t a BETA people, it’s a straight up timed Demo to churn out some more pre-orders for PS4. If the publisher has decided that this is the right way to do profit then let ’em be.

    Mark my words, IW won’t care about your “feedback” just 2 weeks before release. At the very least they might make some minor adjustments, but knowing IW’s track record with pre or post launch support, I doubt it.

    As for the PC community, man you guys have the chance to show Activision you aren’t going to put up with this anymore and just vote with your wallets or if you insist, buy from grey markets so that they get no profit, but at that point you have no right to complain about anything.

  13. LOL PS4 guys will be playing infinite warfare beta well i will be playing Battlefield 1 on the 13th. If this was a MWR beta than i would be upset but infinite warfare nope.

          • Yea when you preorder on xbox you even get 1 month of ea access to go with the game so no matter what the ea acces is free. or you can get EA access for $5 than you buy BF1 for $54 and save a buck. I can’t wait man 20 days lets go. i prob won’t even play the infinite warfare “Demo” but i will still get the game.

  14. So I’m assuming the first week is for Pre-orders and the second week is Open and probably Pre-orders only on the XOne… Eh…

  15. Battlefield One has had an alpha and a beta and a lot of feedback was used to tweak the game, maps and fix technical issues. If PC is not getting the same support why charge the same amount at launch for an untested product?

  16. In my opinion, this type of business practice should be illegal. Xbox, PC, and PS4 players pay the same price for the game and the Xbox and PC players get an inferior product. Absolute fucking bullshit and I don’t give a shit if you think it’s “not a big deal” (not to mention that people that say that are all PS4 players).

    • The product everyone is getting is exactly the same, just different dates. And why do you care all that much about a beta?

      You should be more annoyed that I will be playing the campaign for Modern Warfare early October :p

      Maybe we should make EA Access and Origin Access illegal too? After all people who pay for that get to play Battlefield 1 on October 15 instead of October 21 (or 18 if you bought the Early Enlister version).

        • Ohhh, goofball! Thank you for using a rather friendly curse word 🙂

          I was making a point, BF1 with EA/Origin Access is playable 6 days earlier for normal versions and 3 days earlier than the Early Enlister versions, so yes, EA/Origin Access should then also be made illegal when someone suggests to make console exclusivity illegal.

          Both do something which can be annoying if you aren’t in the target group.

          The whole making illegal thing is silly tho, everyone gets the same game in the end…

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  18. …Only for them to make the beta free to everyone for a weekend AFTER you’ve preordered to get in the beta. I applaud their cunning to fuck the customer as much as possible.

  19. Lol this comment section is funny to read when u have both consoles and don’t care about p.c..

    So much salt and side taking… It’s beyond me…

      • This is perfect for me, I had to pre order the game twice last year just to get into two beta’s this way I can just pre order the version I want..

        • The thing is not everyone has both consoles and I’m sure most people can’t afford both either. I sure as hell can’t. So i can only play three days where PS4 has six days? And PC even gets nothing? Last year was fine they way they done it. PS4 gets it, boom a week. A week later Xbox One and PC gets it. They get a week too.

          • I’m not sure If u read my edit in time, but seriously I wouldn’t even be botherd about a second week at this point, as long as I can test the ttk out for my self, n save my self wasting alot of money that’s all I’m botherd about..

            Some big games coming out in October for xbox, Gears of War 4, that’ comes with Gears 1,2,3 and judgment.. Feck playing a beta where progress doesn’t even get saved anyway, I’d rather play through them n wait for the full CoD to be released..

          • I didn’t see the edit. All I’m saying is i just want equal play time just like PS4. I dont mind waiting a week or anything. That’s whatever honestly. I just ask for equal play time. Honestly the only game I have interest in October is BF1, unless there is something i haven’t been paying attention to..

  20. pretty easy to see this was done to screw battlefield over. add beta with a second ps4 week on the day battlefield comes out. not suspicious at all.

      • you don’t understand business do you (or logic for that matter)? what did overwatch do to battleborn? why was the beta mysteriously delayed to this date, when bo3’s was in august mind you (ho ho ho so normal dude)? why was ps4 added for the second week?

        use your head

        • You seem to be getting very defensive for no reason. The beta was pushed back due to Bo3 DLC 4 releasing very late this year. (October 6th for Xbox/PC) Why would they put a beta the same week a DLC is releasing for their own franchise.

          “use your head”

  21. personally i am a playstation fanboy and i am excited that we have exclusivity but i hate that som1 has to wait a month for dlc, everyone should get dlc at the same time!

  22. I find it funny how people are mad they aren’t getting the beta as soon or at all but Wii U isn’t getting the game at all. 😛

    • You serious? There hasn’t even been a Call of Duty on the Wii U since what, BOII, Ghosts I think? Why would people get mad now, everyone who owns a Wii U only cares about the usual Nintendo rehashes anyway, lol.

  23. Whenever there’s no beta for PC, that shows they haven’t even thought about porting it yet. Black Ops 3, while being very CPU dependant, had a strong PC port, with multi monitor local split screen, mod tools, great graphical enhancements and most of all, a working beta. This shit is going to be the same as ghosts with 1 week delays on DLC, terrible frame rate, graphical bugs and crashes.

  24. If you guys love OP Scorestreaks, OP Explosives and Advanced Warfare’s TTK, you’ll probably enjoy Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

      • Yes I’m from “Nottz” haha. I’m uploading my thoughts after playing the game right now. Some parts I like, but for the most part the game didn’t really impress me. Scorestreaks are really good though and I can see Frontier being a fan-favourite map.

        • Lol wow what are the chances of that! I can’t belive it man, all this time n I didn’t know that, next year il drive us down to the event so u don’t have to get a train lol.. J4MES Is from Nottz as well lol.. Yh il check the video out, as long as it better than bo3 and not as bad as ghosts il be happy..

  25. Well i’m happy about that, All PS4 player will have the laggy, glitched Beta; and next weekend we can hope to have something working fine, for Xbox one/PS4..

    Enjoy PS4 !

      • Well it’s still a pain in the ass when you try to play something and it’s not working as it should be.

        I don’t mind glitch in-game like when you can go under the map, it’s a beta and it’s the purpose of it.
        But when the game freezes everytime, crashes, host lags, it is really painfull and if they can correct that for the 2nd week end that would be great.

  26. I’m just gonna preorder the game from Amazon, get the code, play the beta and then cancel the preorder. If the game turns out to be decent, maybe I’ll buy it on a Christmas sale.

  27. looks like Activisions autocorrect replaced Demo with Beta again. The game was copy/pasted from BO3 last year and now they claim beta 2 weeks before release. haha

      • Beta implies that the game is still being developed. which in this case its not. IW has already with gold. Meaning its being shipped out.

        • Beta testing can be done before launch date. It’s more for servers and balancing, but it it still beta testing, nonetheless. It’s easier for them to distribute the game and then have a Day 1 patch rather than have it all together beforehand.

        • Yeah…because whether they call it a “demo” or “beta” will DRASTICALLY affect the pre-orders. It’s Call of fucking Duty. Sales are inevitable.

          • It had shit preorders so they bundled it with MWR then when the preorders where still lower than expected they added the “beta” for preorders only , which in reality is just a demo. It’s just the sheep these days don’t know the difference and think Beta sounds like some sort of exclusive club they want part of. Yeah cod will always sell but it’s all about getting them impressive preorder numbers so they can bullshit figures to their board and investors. The same reasons they hide player counts and don’t publish sales figures for 3 years now. Call of fucking duty yo.

          • That’s a nice story you told, but there’s no indication any of it is true. You say they’re hiding numbers as if they should be ashamed, but CoD continues to be the highest selling console game pretty much every year. What is there to be ashamed of? Your cynical outlook on CoD is more “sheepy” if anything. You probably still buy it every year, but still come to Charlie Intel to spew unsubstantiated BS, like many other sad souls do.

          • Who said they where ashamed ? Oh yeah , you did !! You’re arguing with your own statement. Hahaha Keep fanboying the shit out of everything tho. Blinkered moron.

          • If you could learn to read, you’d see that I typed “as if they should be ashamed” I never said they were, you bumbling fool. I guess you need to grasp at straws though, considering your argument is about as stable as a house made out of napkins.

          • Based on what you said about them hiding numbers, which is obviously hinting at them needing to hide something, which they don’t.

          • not my fault you have no fucking clue what you are talking about is it.

            They no longer publish sales figures, for the same reasons they haven’t included player counts, Investor confidence due to lower across the board sales figures. Money they are now making back from microdlc and supply drops. (try using google)

            Not really that difficult to understand. Unless you are you, obviously.

          • “Investor confidence”…The confidence lies in the fact that CoD still continues to be the highest selling console franchise for the past decade. The fact that you think them not recording sales is a big conspiracy is actually laughable.

            Btw, you linking me a graph of past recorded sales literally provides no backing for your argument. I get it though…gotta try to show me irrelevant statistics to appear as if you aren’t talking out of your ass.

          • They arn’t sales figures, that opening weekend numbers, Cod wasnt the biggest selling game in 2013 and you obviously dont understand how investors invest. Sorry to confuse your small brain with such information..

            Here, educate yourself and stop acting like a butt hurt fanboi.

            Also , really sorry if providing you with evidence and facts hurts your feelings.

          • I find it funny you’re quick to call someone a moron when you can barely form a coherent sentence. It takes you 3 replies just to roll out your spastic pseudo-knowledge at me. Lmao.

            Investors invest in a franchise that’s performing well financially. What has CoD been doing for the past decade? Exactly that. I don’t need to educate myself in the slightest. It’s pretty obvious that you’re anti-CoD, and you literally come to this site to knock a popular franchise. So edgy, kid. You’re a real pioneer to the gaming community!

            Funniest part is that you secretly love the game you’re bashing, otherwise you wouldn’t care to study up on its statistics. It’s adorable.

          • there you go again, making no sense, having nothing to back it up then making out your opinion is mine then countering it yourself, you are a dickhead, tra

          • you cant edit post from disqus once they are posted so the only option is to start a new one, yet again something you wont be able to grasp.

          • You can edit your posts, dipshit. I do it all the time. How long have you been on this site without learning that? Pathetic.

            LOL. You went back and deleted your other replies. Priceless. It’s ok, dude. No need to be ashamed of being a spastic.

          • You can’t edit or add, nobody deleted anything , you really have no grasp of reality have you. Yet again another reply where you just make stuff up….. lol

          • Disqus misled me to believe you did. Notice how I edited my comment to not include that….because some people know how to edit instead of spamming multiple replies like a tard.

          • wow, talk about making your own bullshit up! you have absolutly no idea how business works, what sales figures or what investors are. move along moron.

          • That a marketing statement, released to pubicise a positive result, published sales figures are an entirely different thing,

            heres an investor press release,

            As usual, it’s not possible to easily translate the $550 million sales figure to units sold, since Black Ops 3 is available in multiple editions — including the $200 Juggernog Edition, which comes with a minifridge, and inside a $430 PlayStation 4 bundle. Activision said that with Black Ops 3,
            worldwide sales over the three-day launch window “rose significantly
            over the previous two years,” but the company did not provide any actual
            figures for the number of copies sold.

            OK , fucking get it now? Anything else you need spelling out?

  28. i bet they didnt do pc version cuz people would find out shit in the files, also cuz they dgaf about pc. They better add uncap fov and fps

  29. Sounds fair.. let the call of duty n00bs test it out for us before the real weekend of the beta testing starts with the xbox users. Make sure to get those bugs out of the way PS4 users, us xbox users won’t put up with it and infinity ward knows it.

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  31. Has anyone seen that episode of south park where they have console wars on black Friday ? Everyone on Sony’s side is sucking some dick while everyone on Xbox side is taking the dick and no one gives a fuck about PC so we’ll leave it at that. Peace.

  32. I love how Xbox gamers are so triggered by this. I understand pc gamers being annoyed. U guys regularly get screwed on these deals. Having mods doesn’t rly make up for it. But as for Xbox users it’s kinda pathetic. 3 extra days of one games beta and almost 2 years of early dlcs when uve had 5 years of early dlc. They don’t even compare yet u guys are throwing a tantrum. We’ve dealt with it for 5 years now grow the fuck up and deal with it for at least 3 before u go having a cow. Honestly. Ur nor proving that xbox is better. Just that Xbox is full of hypocritical cry babies.

    • I’m on Xbox One and agree. I didn’t like PlayStation users getting screwed on DLC while we got it early. It is what it is, though, and it isn’t a big deal really. At least getting it late means less exploits to worry about.

      • Thanks and I appreciate that. I wish both systems could’ve gotten the same treatment for the last 7 years but unfortunately corporate shit and deals make stuff unfair. It’s life. Don’t go complaining about mistreatment to another consoles gamers who’ve dealt with it for 5 years. Especially considering how Xbox gamers used to constantly rub it in us PlayStation gamers faces. Not saying u did it. Just karmas a bitch.