UPDATE – October 5: Activision has further expanded the FAQ to talk about how digital versions will work.

If you are buying the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Digital Legacy or Digital Deluxe edition, there is no disc or code. You are *not* required to have both downloaded in order to play either content, which means you can just download Infinite Warfare or just download Modern Warfare Remastered — depending upon which one you want to play.

For Digital Legacy and Digital Deluxe Editions of Infinite Warfare on PS4, there is no game disc or voucher code. An Internet connection is required to download content. Modern Warfare Remastered and Infinite Warfare are two separate downloads and there is no requirement to have both installed in order to play either piece of content. No game disc is required if you purchased the Digital Legacy or Digital Deluxe Edition of Infinite Warfare.

UPDATE – October 3: Activision has posted a brand new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered FAQ on their support site and at Call of Duty site, detailing some new things about the remaster.

It confirms that for those that are buying Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at a physical retailer, you will need to have the Infinite Warfare disc inserted in order to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

Activision has discussed how it will work for all platforms. For those buying digitally, you will need to download the Infinite Warfare Digital Legacy or Digital Deluxe Edition to get access to Modern Warfare Remastered.

For PlayStation 4, Modern Warfare Remastered will be included as a digital code in the box in Infinite Warfare’s Legacy and Legacy Pro Editions. For Xbox One, Modern Warfare Remastered is actually included on the same Infinite Warfare disc (no extra download code), but there will be an additional download required to play Modern Warfare Remastered. 

For both platforms, the Infinite Warfare disc will be required to play Modern Warfare Remastered.

  • PlayStation 4 – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game digital download that will be included in the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition and Legacy Pro Edition on PlayStation 4. The digital download is redeemed via a voucher code on an insert in the box. The Infinite Warfare game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered. Internet connection is required.
  • Xbox One – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is included on the Infinite Warfare Xbox One disc (no voucher code required) in the Legacy Edition and Legacy Pro Edition of Infinite Warfare. Before Modern Warfare Remastered can be played, an additional download is required. The game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered. Internet connection is required.
  • Steam – A Steam key will be provided in the Legacy Edition of Infinite Warfare that will provide access to both Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered. Internet connection is required.

Original Story: 

Following the release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Launch Trailer this week, Activision launched a new site to highlight Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered at callofduty.com/modern-warfare-remastered.

This site has new legal wording under the first half that has not been present in their marketing or FAQs before. It states, “Modern Warfare Remastered is a full game download (game disc must be inserted to play Modern Warfare Remastered).


This is the first time an official Activision site has listed that a “game disc” is required to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, regardless of which edition you buy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Legacy/Legacy Pro), is a digital download only. The box includes a digital code to download Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered.

For those who are getting the two games digitally via PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, or Steam, this does not apply for you. This only applies to physical purchases of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Legacy and Legacy Pro editions.

Many fans were suggesting the possibility of selling their Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare disc after getting the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered code, but it appears that might not be an option anymore.

As we stated above, Activision has never used this wording before, so we are not sure if this is a mistake, or something changed.

We will update if we get any information from Activision regarding this.



  1. Furst

    now where are all the son of a bitchez who were going to sell infinite warfare and play lmfao …digital deluxe edition for the win ..this year’s deal is greatest for the deluxe edition

  2. Now where are all the son of a bitchez who were going to sell infinite warfare and play MWR lmfao …digital deluxe edition all the way ..this year’s deluxe edition is greatest

    • How it is? The three reasons Im not buying season pass this year: In bo3 I regret it the most, shittier matchmaking = tinier player pool and im not able to play the game for like 6 months starting in July 2017. Meaning if I bought deadon pass, I wouldnt have chance to play DLC 3 and 4.

        • Yes. But if you didnt know, when you have season pass you are only plying against other people who have season pass. For example, I have season pass and all map packs installed for BO3. If you dont have any map packs or any between 1-3, we will never have a chance to meet unless there is a party
          Every player is in a player pool.

          • Accurate. Also, the chances of playing a DLC 1 map during DLC 3 are slim, because in BO3, after a certain time, they put the newly-released map pack in the current rotation rather than keeping a standalone playlist. This move a both pros and cons, but the main con is that playing the DLC maps is very rare. And that there is a small player pool,, like you mentioned.

            It is notable that DLC maps remaster fan-favorite maps, but that does not outweigh the cons previously stated, especially for players who are rather new to COD.

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    • I’ve never bought the highest priced COD before but it was a no brainer this year! I normally spend £40 for the game and then another £40 for the season pass – that’s already £80! So I thought this year why not spend £15 more in one chunk and get 2 games, a season pass for 1 of the games and about 10 pre-order/pre-purchase bonuses!

  3. It makes sense, if people used the code and took their game back for credit/trade in they’d essentially be getting a game for free…

  4. Well that’s my initial plan going down the drain. If I do get the Legacy Edition, I will just get it for Campaign, Zombies and CoD4. I ain’t going to touch multiplayer what so ever. Not hopping on any bandwagon, just most of the features I have heard about really put me off playing it.

    • More gimmicks than ever before, black hole grenades, and a specialist that runs around on all fours like Harambe himself! What’s not to like?! /s

      • What’s wrong with those things? I think they’re interesting ideas and it’s better to have a crazy, random game with great hit detection (presumably) rather than a game that’s random with weird lag compensation and unbalanced team-based SBMM (BO3, although it’s not a bad CoD).

        • Well first things first, one of the “specialists” can mark players for death. Marking them for players to see and stopping their health from regerating. Already a nope.

          Weapon variants. Where did we hear about these? AW and they were the worse thing ever. A second nope.

          Some new stupid perks like pinpoint which is still pretty ridiculous whilst the overused tracker is back. Another nope.

          • Yeah, I still don’t see the problem, although I don’t mind those reasons. Specialists are used how many times a game? And aren’t variants different this time around and are more fair to earn for free than AW’s? Way more fair, actually, it seems. Tracker didn’t seem overused to me but I always skip killcams quickly because BO3 makes me rage so I guess I lack credibility in that regard.

          • It’s a trait which gets used across the whole game. So it’s pretty OP.

            Some variants I heard of seem pretty OP.

            And tracker is still annoying af.

          • Welp, in light of that worrying news, at least crazy games with crazy TTK’s can be fun, if not after their life cycles. I agree now, it sounds like worrisome news.

  5. Good. Fuck CoD haters. You spend years attacking, disrespecting, and belittling developers then act like you deserve shit.

    • lol, me too, I was called retarded and so many other things for even thinking it, but here we are, 5 or 6 months later, and it looks like we were right.

  6. this is cancer. they have to have the game disc in to play the SEPARATE GAME. So you can’t have BF1 in or any other game and hop on MW without filling the slot. i love reading how activision wanted to bring back an old classic and give back to the community as if thats their honest intention. they predicted this game would flop, so they’re forcing players to commit to something thats never been done before on console. feelsbadman. but im not stupid, this year im skipping COD all together, and that’ll be the first year i do that. I’ve played every cod since 4. best believe they catch flak for this too.

  7. Pretty stupid if that’s the case. People shouldn’t be g forced to keep Infinite Warfare if they’re already forced to buy it just to get MWR. Doesn’t personally affect me because I’m gonna play both games and if i end up not liking IW, I’m just gonna uninstall it.

  8. Haha suck on that you little crying complaining kids. 😴 For those who havent even played the game and gives IW so much shit for absolutely no reason at all. “Man, this sucks! We wanted WW2” blah blah. I’m one of the very few people who doesnt really give a shit what movement is like. Call of Duty will always be Call of Duty no matter what you may say. I’ve played the game long enough to recognize the feel of it. Buying a game only to play a game that released almost 10 years ago with better graphics is probably the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You’re basically gonna spend 80+ for a game with better graphics when you’re better off just going to Gamestop to pick up the game for less than 5$ on last gen. so fucking stupid. And no, not here to argue with anyone because I know it’s gonna go down 😌

    • personally, I wanted sequel to Ghosts. They the campaign with a huge cliffhanger and then switched to a new story, which makes zero sense

      • It’s because Activision knew a lot of the people who think that Ghosts 2 multiplayer has to be like the first Ghosts which had slow-paced maps and really fast time to kill won’t buy the sequel.

    • I agree for the most part, but I don’t mind playing a remaster to see significantly enhanced visuals, and I don’t think anyone who is should be knocked for it, just like how someone is going to call you a “CoD fanboy” after your comment (they will, it’s imminent). As for IW, I think it looks fun. The graphics are insanely good (haven’t seen one good argument against that) and it looks like mindless fun. I don’t see what’s so “bad” about it yet, I actually like the smaller things like the design of the guns and how the bodies are in anti-gravity after they die. This new Infinity Ward is way better than they’ve ever been and I can’t wait to see how the game shapes up, I hope it’s good. Nothing has given me any negative hopes yet.

      • I am more surprised that TV had a Coaxial cable connector and the PS4 had an adaptor. Damn that’s a lot of work for a 220P TV.

  9. Lol, that’s pretty ass backwards, let digital owners play the campaign early and not have to have ∞W installed, but lock off retail owners, where is logic¿

    • It’s still pretty crappy, I have to be honest. Why lock something that so many gamers love behind a pay wall to sell a game that many gamers aren’t interested in? Now, I do think that IW is being blown way out of proportion because of its setting, but they do have every right to complain. It’s definitely funny though.

      • At 1st i was really excited to finally get a new IW game but once I realized that they threw their identity aside almost completely and copied the treyarch multiplayer MP format that the last 2 games had I was really disappointed to say the least. Even disappointed to the point where I almost wished I could buy COD4R alone. Still holding out hope that IW at least does the BO3 MP format better than treyarch did as i would be ok with that. In any case, we are getting the best hardened and pro edition offerings they ever gave us by far. its hard to complain about just $20 more for COD4R and just another $20 more if you wanted season pass on top of that. Theres little micro dlc type extras too like camos but that honestly never really concerned me. if you already were planning to buy IW and lets face it, most of us were whether we like to admit it or not these are extremely reasonable upgrade offers. It should be obvious that they wouldn’t want to compete with themselves by releasing 2 stand alone COD games at once so any reasonable person cant really blame them for doing what they had to do. Im almost certain that COD4R will be a separate purchase at some point after the X-mas shopping season tho.

        • TBH I’m a huge criticizer of CoD and Activision, but I’m going to disagree that they’re objectively copying BO3 down to every detail until the game is released and everybody has played it, and even if so, I wouldn’t call it “copying” because that implies copying every line of code, so IMO that’s been blown way out of proportion. Though I’m not arguing that they’re using a similar concept. I agree with everything else, though.

        • Uhh they’re facts…? Why act like such a corporate shill? Are you employed by them? Why do you swiftly jump to defend them when you’re given the opportunity? At least elaborate.

          • Sure, whatever you say. & who’s defending them again?? It is simply out of pocket ’cause you talk about things that you can’t control and that’s a fact. So why bother wasting the time and thoughts on something that will continue doing whatever it please. There’s no delegates, business man, ceo’s around charlie intel, just gamers of all kinds that want to know ’bout video game, Not their business model blah blah. Sure it is open up for discussion but who really gives a crap, honestly…it’s just getting old dude, just saying.

          • I don’t have control over what, exactly? The consumers rule the product, and whatever we say goes, so just because I don’t call the shots business-wise that means I can’t complain and that you can defend them? Activision deserves it.

          • Why should I, though, if it’s my honest opinion? I’m not going to sugarcoat anything, it’s a genuine issue that affects gaming, and you expect me to not bring it up? Jezus

          • Are you making an obvious change or any progress whatsoever to this “genuine issue”? Go ahead I’ll wait.

      • DLC sells more than the games now. Because the core game content is actually pretty lame/boring/not what people want.

        To keep sales up, ATVI are forcing people to buy IW to play MWR. By requiring a disc to play MWR, it stops IW being sold pre owned, so people who normally wait to get it cheaper pre owned, can’t do that. (even if they did the MWR pre download code would have already been used).

        • Yep, they’re exploits, nothing else. I won’t even be able to get a physical disc for MWR separately even if I wanted to, so what about those who don’t like digital-only AAA titles? It’s unbelievably greedy.

    • No matter how bad a CoD is made out to be, they’re all fun for at least the first couple weeks. After that, the flaws start to be revealed and the game is either solidified as shit or continues to be an exciting experience.

    • You can’t take anything seriously when it comes down to cod. All the whining, bitching and hating just is ridiculous at this point. As a developer I would completely ignore anything the so called ‘fans’ write and talk.

      Hating cod is a sport nowadays. If you don’t like the game don’t buy it. I don’t go to battlefield forums and sites to say how supposedly shitty it is (it is not, just an example). If a product does not appeal to me, I ignore it. Not going around writing shit like so many do. I get cancer when I see call of dutys pages, filled with so many shit.

      It’s probably fucking depressing being a cod developer.

      • of course you would ignore what they say because you’re a soulless code monkey who does whatever for his pittance of $40k a year if that. enjoy making the shittiest games to grace this gen, CoD drone. meanwhile people will be eating up Titanfall 2

        • Great logic there. “I haven’t made a single game and these guys have
          made many, so this is why they’re bad at making them.”

          News flash dude, developers aren’t always chained up and forced to do what they’re told. Publishers give them plenty of freedom to make their games. If you find a glitchy game like Sonic 06, then that’s the developers fault. Even the worst games this generation don’t come close to that of Super Monkey Ball Adventure for the GameCube or Sonic 06. Hell, even No Man’s Sky doesn’t come close.

          • stay mad that your terrible “””game””” routinely charges you $50 for a seaosn pass for a set of 12 maps that you’ll never actually play, should be in the base game, and now we also get weapons that we’ll never use.

            sure, I’ll readily admit that there are very few glitches in CoD. but that’s not something worthy of note — they’re working on a what 15 yr old engine? they know the ins and outs, to the point where IW is literally a copy paste job. stay cucked kiddo

          • It’s not the developers’ fault that you paid for DLC that you won’t find yourself playing down the road. It’s for people who actually enjoy the game, so why buy it if you don’t like the game?

            There are also many other studios that reuse their engines and assets for their games all the time. Zelda, Forza, Pikmin, and more. So why does Cod get put up as the wicker man? It’s simply a good engine. And don’t go acting like it’s all “copy and paste”. Either you get an AW or something similar to the previous game, there’s no in-between. Either you get a lot of change or little. Pick one.

          • Listen goy, if I buy DLC I am not only wasting my money but I am also putting myself into a tinier box than I would otherwise be in. People already don’t buy the DLC because they can’t match with anyone else! What did you think, goy, that everyone would play CoD DLC? Hell no. So when the day of CoD #123 is over, and the next one releases, I just can’t play COD #123 because no one who has the DLC will be playing! But you didn’t think about that, goy, because you love that acti pittance.

            As for reusing engines, there’s nothing wrong with that. As for “getting an AW”, AW wasn’t different from regular CoD except that now the Y axis was made much more important than it ever had been. The problems with AW were HOW significant the Y axis was (that is to say, player characters jumped far too high on double jump. I still maintain that BO3 is how AW should have been), certain guns (STG44, Bal27, ASM1, etc. Haven’t played the game for like six months, but six months ago the STG44 Vampire raped everything it came across) , the map design, and the killstreaks being absolute garbage with the soul exception of SYSTEM HACK: Ready for Deployment.

          • I think you took my words out of context. All I said was that you shouldn’t buy DLC for a game you don’t like. I never said that you should buy DLC for a game that will have a year long life cycle, because that is also stupid to do. Which is why I have rarely bought DLC for this franchise.

            I also don’t understand what you’re saying when you tell me that adding the Y-axis didn’t make the game much different from the previous titles, yet say that it has been a bigger factor as well. So didn’t that differentiate the game because of that major difference or not? I also agree with everything else, the maps were subpar, system hack reigning supreme, and don’t forget the skill based matchmaking.

    • I will try out zombies and campaign. But won’t touch multiplayer. So many different OP features turn me off ever playing it.

  10. To think that a digital copy sould cost a bit less ’cause they aren’t using any physical material whatsoever, ’cause it is just that, a digital download. But nah, $60.00 is just right, people won’t see the difference.

  11. I’ve been saying for months that MWR won’t be sold separately.

    If Activision isn’t going to let me buy the Weaponized and Cyborg camo for BO3, then why would they sell MWR separately?…

    • Some recycled camo’s VS one of the most anticipated remasters out there….

      There is money to be made with MWR, I highly doubt that they won’t release this game as a separate DL somewhere down the road.

      They let it seem now you will be left out if you don’t purchase IW, all for the sake of generating sales for IW, it’s no coincidence they don’t brag about CoD pre-sales this year…

      • This is more like te minifridge than the camos. Its the collector’s edition bonus, and isnt being sold separately, just like the fridge.

          • Demand is not what dictates wether or not something is a collectors edition bonus. Thats just what MWR is, and it just so happens that alot of people want the collector’s edition bonus without having to buy the collectors edition, but thats not how they work.

          • I still expect them to put it on sale separately around March/April time as they know they’ll make money from it.

  12. Well not getting it for awhile then, I’ll wait for it to be on sale at EB or something. Not getting the shitty new Cod just to play the best one ever.

  13. *Long read just wanted to put this out there and hear others opinions on the matter and how they felt.

    I think there could be a way of getting back at the Almighty👃 Activision, Just hear me out. They might be making IW(*most likely pay to win*) required to play MWR (great respect for Raven). If this is true that’s some bs. Activision is screwing this community just to make a quick buck off anyone and everyone. They don’t care about us. I remember when cod was playing until the early mornings with my buddies, unlocking all the cool things to show off and prestiging thus giving a since of accomplishment. Who had “bragging rights.” The good ol’ days. Now it’s a random gambling machine with a bunch of extra crap most of us don’t want.
    Which brings me to my point I think we should skip or at least hold off on this next installment. Is it really going to kill you not playing cod this year? Another year of getting screwed over by the mighty Activision. They will be bound to release the MWR sooner or later seeing we aren’t putting up with their shit anymore. Bf1 does look amazing I did play the beta and I thought is was great. But before you judge I am new to the series this will be my first BF. I’ll be trying something new this year. I’ll be suprised to see what can come of this if we all stood up against them.

          • Haven’t played Bo3 in a while now, but back when I did and the marshall 16 and that one shot cross bow came into play, it sure felt that way…

          • It was probably just in your head. There are like 8-10 dlc weapons now and you dont see the few people with them dominating, ever. Theyre no stronger or weaker than the base guns. But people see the pay wall and assume its stronger and it changes their perception. If everyone got them for free, you wouldnt have felt like they were op.

  14. Great. I’m actually glad if it works this way. People are complaining so much about the remaster ( I actually just noticed someone complain about the new graphics just as I predicted ) that it reached a new level of absurdity. I swear, Activision should just drop the remaster for the hell of it. The “fans” don’t even deserve this remaster. Come on. Insult me all you want.

      • If you don’t like it, then sue me. I never said I’m better. Hell, I’m doing the same exact thing, ironically. What can I say? Mea culpa. But if the “fans” can get away with bitching and crying about every little insignificant thing that doesn’t even change the gameplay (“Oh god, there’s no black around the scope!”, “Oh god, there’s a radio instead of a C4 detonator when you use a killstreak!”, “Oh god, the killfeed icons are not exactly like in the original!”, “Oh god, the grass looks too fucking different than the original version”) then I should be allowed to call out the so-called “fans” for being downright unreasonable and absurd. I want this remaster to be great just as much as the next guy. If certain gameplay elements would’ve changed the feel of the game too much, I would’ve been the first one to complain about them. There. I said it. However, knowing your track record, you most likely won’t even reach the end of my comment because of your pride and laziness, spin my words around and interpret them anyway you want and call me names like you usually do. If you prove me wrong regarding your persona, then good for you. If not, I’ll be waiting for someone who understands my point of view. Have a nice day.

        • I have no pride and track record. Lol this is the internet. Like i really care. Everything else you said, I get and you even admitted yourself that you’re doing the same exact samething. And you talk about being absurd and unreasonable, you should probably look at yourself in the mirror. Because saying “oh man people say things i dont like on the internet oh no pls no remastered “. You’re just as absurd and unreasonable. Why do you fucking care so much? I can admit that some of these people are absurd and unreasonable, but I’m going to worry about them because i want to play the damn game regardless and im going to.

  15. All you people spouting “haha stupid whiny kids that’s what you get for not giving IW a chance” can seriously go suck an abundance of dicks. Using “kids” as an insult is so patronising it’s unreal, get off your pedestal.

    I’d try IW, but I just don’t want to. Black Ops 3 and AW were enough futuristic gameplay for me and I’m just a bit bored of it. IW just looks like more of the same and I’m not excited enough for it to buy it, but I would buy MW Remastered if they’d let me.

    Simple as that. Some people just don’t want to try IW, and are annoyed that Activision are shoving endless footage of MW Remastered down their throats when they can’t play it.

    • Theyre not shoving anything down your throat. You dont have to watch the trailers. Theyre put out for people who are interested. You think they should stop releasing information because YOU arent interested? If you dont care, then dont pay attention.

      • Yeah but they are though aren’t they? Not saying they shouldn’t, or that because I’m not happy it’s a bad thing that they’re promoting their game, but they seem to be marketing it more than the actual main game lately. Either that or CI love talking about it so much.

        I don’t expect anything to change because of my frustration, I’m not *that* dickhead consumer, I’m just frustrated with their decision to make MWR so restricted when a tonne of people, myself included would love to own it standalone.

        You missed my point, I AM interested, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting on here. Also the “if you don’t like it don’t comment” argument is stupid. People are entitled to have negative opinions about things. The only thing I have a real problem with is the bellends calling everyone that isn’t happy a “kid” like it makes them intelligent.

        • They havent been marketing it more. Its just Raven keeps tweeting out updates and CI covers them. Over all, Activision has covered IW more, or at least the same as MWR. And even if they were promoting it a bunch, its still not shoving it down your throat as viewing it is entirely voluntary.

    • A lot of people have. Activision aren’t stupid so they know loads of people would’ve just returned IW which defeats the purpose of them not selling it as a standalone game.

  16. Guys, Both Games will Be GREAT! You want some “Old school” GO play MWR, you want some Specialists and new Streaks Go play Infinite Warfare! Great year for us Cod Players. Stop this crying and complaining 24/7

    • First of all, whats great for you it isnt for everybody else and vice versa. With that said think about this scenario: from now on you are not allowed to buy nutella without purchasing a peanut butter (which is packed with it) and you cant exchange peanut butter for nutella. Both of them are loved by many people but if there is at least one person that doesnt want peanut butter, you have to respect that and give him the option to buy nutella. Whats happening right now its a legal crime and no matter if you want both or one or none of them you should be supporting it.

      • A legal crime? Seriously? Firstly, your analogy doesn’t work, they didn’t have to release MWR at all whereas Nutella and Peanut Butter are already on the market and have always been available to buy seperately. Secondly, they’ve developed MWR as a BONUS for people buying the more expensive packages of this years Call of Duty game which most sensible people appreciate.

        Am I gonna play IW? Probably not (although I’ll certainly try it) but I’m not gonna bitch about it. That’s like saying, “I want the bonus features on Star Wars The Force Awakens but they’re making you buy the whole movie that’s so unfair, it’s a crime!” – get over yourself kid! This years CoD is Infinite Warfare which has an OPTIONAL BONUS of MWR and it’s very simple, and very fair!

        • You didnt got my point, MWR shouldnt have been an IW exclusive just like Nutella isnt attached to a PB, although many markets feature packages of both for better overall prises. MWR isnt a little thing like a mini-drone to be consider a “cool feature” its a whole diff game. Your analogy is the one that doesnt work because MWR doesnt have the value of a bonus feature but, lets say, episode 0 of star wars.

          P.S.(1) You call it bitching, i call it constructive criticism, something that every community needs.
          P.S(2) Nowdays “kid” is supposed to offend someone? Anyway i wish you goodluck finishing your schoolyear, one day you might be working on a master too.

      • Imagine a YEAR with 2 Call of Duty Games full of players on it 24/7: They give to us…stop crying and HAVE FUN Bro!

        • Learn to seek quality over quantity at your life, even if it was free to play (altought its overprised + overprised DLC) that doesnt make nobody’s work good, justified or give to it asylum over criticism.

    • Same here, if they think I’m going to pay €90 just for the remake while having to keep on a game I don’t have any interest in, they are sadly mistaken…

  17. I came here with the intention of discussing Infinite Warfare and the MW 4 Remastered game accompanying it. I’m pretty excited about them both, as I am with each annual release. However, the amount of vitriol and COD criticism really baffles me. If you’re that disillusioned by the Call of Duty franchise, where’s the conviction to disconnect yourself from it? I mean, if you’re not sold on IW, that’s your prerogative. But why not refrain from the discussion surrounding it? Apparently Modern Warfare 4 Remastered is only available if you purchase IW. If that revelation further sours this upcoming release for you, why agonize over it? I would have since moved on instead of brooding over it amongst consumers actually excited for the release date to come. You hate COD? Fine. Ask yourself, why are you here? What’s the endgame? How could you possibly be so disgruntled that you remain on a website dedicated to COD? What do you hope to achieve? Ruining the experience for others? No amount of speculation, when the game hasn’t even debuted yet or you haven’t had the opportunity to jump into the gameplay, will hurt the enthusiasm of the COD faithful.

  18. Dammit, I knew Activision would fuck this up…again. They should just give me the fucking code to download it, like they did with Call of Duty Classic. This fucking sucks.

  19. I don’t really mind. Excited for both games.

    Even if IW sucks, I’ll still play it. As long as it’s fun. I still play AW from time to time, and it’s not a good game, but it’s fun as hell…I also noticed it’s a lot slower than BO3…

  20. Wow I even need IW installed digitally? So I have to waste over 100Gb just for this? Fucking great. I thought you don’t need it installed digitally. I thought the license is enough.

  21. Lmao, spiteful ass mofos. Just dig that grave fam, not even bringing anything special to the gaming industry anyway…

  22. I was going to buy infinite shit so i can get mwr. Now that they are being complete c*nts about it i won’t buy either.

    Fuck lasers

  23. So wait, if I download the code for MWR on the PS4, I always have to keep the IW disc in my console to play it? Does that mean I HAVE to have IW downloaded on my console? If I don’t have to have the 60GB or whatever of IW on my PS4, I’d be real happy.