As announced back at Call of Duty XP, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare multiplayer features a new weapon crafting feature which allows players to upgrade the rarity of their weapons. Higher rarity weapons have weapon perks that enhance the weapons.

In an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle, Jordan Hirsh, Infinity Ward’s Multiplayer Project Director, has revealed a few new details about it. As you play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, you earn Salvage, the in-game crafting currency. Salvage earn rate is linked to your playtime.

You then visit the armory in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, where you can see all of the weapons and the rare weapons available. From there, if you have enough Salvage, you can select which weapons you want to upgrade. The more rare a weapon, the more it will cost in Salvage.

The crafting system is really actually pretty simple. While you play the game, you’re earning salvage, which is the crafting currency. So you’ll play the game. If you win, you’ll get a little bit more. It’s mostly tied to the amount of time you’ve played. So you’ll get that crafting currency, and then you’ll go into our armory, which will have a list of all of the base weapons, and all of the rare prototype weapons. So you can select the weapon you want to craft, hit a button, and craft it. (More rare weapons) will take more crafting currency to unlock.

In addition, Hirsh says that the game has over 80 different weapon options once all of the variants are counted. Hirsh confirmed that they have plans to add more weapons in the future, but did not expand on how weapons will be added to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

In the crafting system, right now I believe we have a little over 80 weapons. We have some plans to add some more in the future.

Call of Duty has been sharing some of the different weapons on social media over the past few weeks.

As of now, it is not confirmed whether or not Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has Supply Drops.

SOURCE PlayStation Lifestyle



      • If it’s not RNG, i might actually be into it. I never hated the idea of weapon variants. I just hated the fact it’s locked behind an RNG wall which means not many people get to experience them. Maybe that’s why these weapons variants are so over the top with the perks, probably everyone can use them because of a system that’s actually fair. I hope that’s the case.

        • It’s not RNG but it still promotes microtransactions. It’ll probably be the same as BO3, starts out harmlessly and then turns into paying hundreds of dollars for weapons.

          • I wish microtransactions in AAA games would just die as a whole. Whether it’s RNG nonsense or paying for cosmetic skins and pay to win weapons, it has to stop. Keep that crap in mobile games.

          • Microtransactions in AAA games. They can be done right and have a place in gaming. For example, in Rainbow 6 Siege, all the maps are free and the characters can be earned through gameplay, but to offset that loss, they have alot of microtransaction cosmetics.

          • You’re trolling, right? No game has ever done microtransactions “right”, what reason does Rainbow Six Siege have for microtransactions? No reason at all. Cosmetic or not, it doesn’t matter, keep it in tiny mobile games that you can beat in an hour.

          • No. Microtransaction are done perfectly in Rainbow 6. They bring in the extra income necessary to render the game a success while allowing them to give away meaningful DLC for free. Siege especially needs to bring in alot of money to cover its development as well as the scrapped development of patriots. Microtransactions gives it the extra income it needs.

          • I get it, and it’s good that it gets free DLC, but it also promotes Multiplayer-only games, which is not okay in my opinion.

          • Theres nothing wrong with MP only just like theres nothing wrong with SP only. Especially with siege where they sacrificed a full campaign (there is technically sp in the form of 10 mission) to make one of the best MP’s ever.

          • Actually, it’s worse to have MP only than SP only, and I’m also talking about MP-focused as well as MP-only games, with a joke of SP ‘mode’. Hence why I find Overwatch to be a joke, too. Also I don’t think Siege is that good, I’m sure it’s decent, but I wouldn’t count it as among the best.

          • Tell that to the kids and the adults who scream “It’s my money, I can spend it on what I want!”

          • Yeah, you can tell them to pipe it, because they’re the problem! Gamers with that corporate mindset are idiotic and basically ask corporations to milk their wallets dry. What Activision is doing is an exploit, nothing else.

    • Even if it’s not RNG, I’m expecting some really shitty Micro-DLC, like, worse than supply drops. Imagine if they actually try to sell a ultimate unlock thing where you can buy certain parts for ALL guns.

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    • This is the exact same crap they spun us last year about cryptokeys? Yeh they’ll probably let us earn enough to get some epic weapons to soften us up but I guarantee that most of the good stuff will be so hard to earn that supply drops will become your only realistic way of getting it. They’re not daft you know. That said I’m hyped for November! 2 cods one year👌🏻

      • Except cryptokeys are a currency for gambling, while Salvage is described as means for a direct purchase. Of course they can implement micro-transactions with it, but we’ll have to wait and see. We can guess all day long, but it’s pointless.

          • Ignorant of what? I just tend to not make assumptions and whine like most people on here. It’s a little more realistic to just wait and see what they implement.

          • I’m aware, and if and when it happens with IW, I’ll be bitching right along side everyone else. For now, I’d just like to wait and see.

          • We see all these changes coming to MWR, based on community feedback. So with your feedback, you tell them it’s okay to implement things we don’t want.
            Why people are okay with Activision wanting more than $120 a year is beyond me. I’ve been playing since MW. Nine titles. The better part of $1000. A THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS. And you wonder why some people are a little pissed that Activision is snaking into their wallets, while giving us less and less up front. So, for my loyalty for over 9 years, my $120 a year, all I’ve gotten was a Prestige camo, that all that was required was to buy 1 title from BO2 and after. Reward the Johnny Come Lately’s while wagging their dicks in the faces of the people who put them in mansions.

            Can we all at least agree $120 a year is more than enough for anything they may release during the year?

          • Please quote when I told them “it’s ok to implement microtransactions”. You really need to read someone’s comments before making yourself look stupid.

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  1. Still worried about there being better versions of base weapons but the concept and ability to work your way to the ones you want seems fair.I might like it since it appears it wont be random. Fingers crossed!

      • Nobody complained when you could pay $15 straight up for a DLC map pack with weapons, or $3 for a weapon directly in Ghosts and AW though…

      • The buying salvage isn’t that bad.
        Considering you can just play the game and choose the weapon to craft.
        I wonder how long you have to play to get the most rare weapon in the game at the start.

        • It’s pay2win, no matter how you word it. Using additional money to grant you an advantage or to unlock something faster than someone who put in the same amount of work for it.

          • I like to call it Pay2GrindFaster. It’s the exact same term i use in Warframe, which you can get everything in the game by grinding, but you can buy them. Yet, a average player can do better than a player who has bought amazing weapons on startup.

      • Honestly, I don’t like pay to win either, BUT I have less of a problem paying for the item that I actually want as opposed to a Supply Drop that doesn’t guarantee anything at all.

        • I agree, but it is just another sleazy way of digging into your wallet. $60-$120 isn’t enough for them anymore. I bet if someone did the math, on average, people are paying like $300 for the game now, when you include SD’s. Any surprise that Activision isn’t gonna let this die? Until EVERYONE stops giving them more than the price of the game and the season pass, we will have to deal with whoever has the most money, gets the best shit. Keep this “Keeping up with the Jones’s” out of gaming. If I want to be in the real world, I’ll turn off my console.

  2. That’s great and all, but how is the balancing¿ I reinstalled AW… AGAIN, and mofos want to rely on Speakeasy’s and Insanity’s to win as usual, makes me clench my teeth.

  3. I dont care how they spin it. we know they will turn it into a cashwhoring money grabbing pay to win scheme before May.

      • That’s because Activision saw the sales differences with supply drops and without them. Very little people bought COD Points when supply drops offered only cosmetic options, so they decided to implement “game-changing weapons,” otherwise known as guns.

    • I’m not in favor necessarily of this scheme and certainly am not in favor of the Cryptokeys and RNJesus, but I have to ask, where is the pay-to-win.

      No one has to buy the only gun anyone bothers to use in VMP Ops.

      • I’m pretty sure you will be able to buy variants with Salvage or COD points. Or… use COD points to buy Salvage. Either way, there will be a pay to cut the line option.

      • That will shit on my grave so bad, but at least I have something to spend with 1000CP. I didn’t play BO3 at all for the past few months due to low population. That’s because I didn’t have every DLC, though.

    • There will be. Every game nowadays like Overwatch and what other shooters are that contain loot of this kind allow this.
      I don’t give a shit about this.

      • Remember BO2, when no one had an advantage over another just because someone had a bigger wallet than the other? Oh, those were the days.

          • Really? So, the Speakeasy wasn’t an issue? Or the Obsidian Steed? And with IW variants? One that gives you an extra 10% score? That won’t be an issue either, right? I want to play CoD, not Keeping Up With The Jones’. Everyone should get everything. That is how you balance a game. If not everyone has the same shit, it won’t be balanced. Go ahead, and plead your cases now, cuz come Dec, it will be abundantly clear, if not sooner.

          • No, they werent. I never encountered i eingle person who i couldnt kill because of those guns. And i never spent a single cent and had tone of good guns. It reached a point where i had so many epic guns that i had to start getting rid of epic guns to make room for epic guns. Pay 2 Win means that payers get a direct and exclusive advantage. AW and BO3 are bot pay 2 win. The dlc weapons and variants can be obtained by anybody. Paying gives you no distsinct advantage.

            And really? 10% more score. Instead of 50 points per kill, i’ll get 55 ppints per kill. Absolutey unstoppable.

          • CoD 1, 2, 3, MW, WAW, MW2, BO, MW3, BO2, Ghosts… Games where your wallet didn’t matter. Better now? It wasn’t the title, it was the point, which you missed. Was I pedantic enough for you this time?

  4. ok if it isnt based on chances of getting what u want i dont mind but there will be supply drops for the new weapons but once u earn the weapon im sure u will be able to craft its variants by playing

  5. I would love to see in game currency being earned by PTO. In TDM, more kills = more currency, in dom, more captures, defends = more currency. So on and so fourth.

    This would actually get people to play the objective in objective based game modes.

  6. In my opinion it sounds better than AW and BO3’s system just for the fact that you can go after the weapon you want, you have the option to spend salvage on the variant you prefer and thats way better than completely randomized sypply drops.

    • I agree with you, it is an improvement to AW’s system. BO3 had no stat-changing add-ons to weapons. The only fair way to raise the stats of a gun is by the Pick-10 system (or the class customization in previous CODs).

  7. Well, they kinda did go the smart way here.
    Allowing us to choose the weapon we want to craft, but the rarer/better/powerful the weapon is, more currency we have to spend…

      • I am sure we are gonna be able to buy salvage, but i don’t really care, if it means we can just get em from playing.
        Can’t wait for someone to grind the rarest/hardest weapon in the game to craft when starting out!

  8. I wonder how much the upgrades are vs the amount of salvage that you will get. ALSO does anyone know how op will the max upgraded gun be vs a gun that hasn’t been upgraded yet????

  9. I think they should do away with the supply drops but it’ll be fine if they sold salvage you could buy just as you would buy cod points and such. Because if everyone can craft their own weapons there shouldnt be any supply drops. Or even if they include them they should have cosmetic items only, no weapons.

  10. I have no doubts that it is gonna be a good title since IW made it. But i simply refuse to play another jetpack call of duty game.

  11. even tough i don’t buy nor agree about cod points, i would rather buy salvage points than cod points. at least i know what i am gonna get

  12. Pay to Win a possible return, More Skillless Specialist System, Black Hole Grenade. Sigh. i may be on COD 4 this year. i’ll judge from the beta

  13. Rare Cost: 1,000 salvage. Salvage per match: 2-3. Nothing is changing really. Just like nothing really changed between AW and BO3. Name changes, the game doesn’t. I would love to be wrong, and all those weapons will end up in EVERYONE’S hands, but Activision isn’t gonna throw away a revenue stream. So again, ppl who spend will get Epic’s and Legendary’s while ppl who don’t, will be only able to earn a couple Rare’s. Stop being apologists for this dev or that dev, cuz it’s Activision who is implementing this garbage. I have $ to waste sometimes on SD’s, so I have most of the weapons in BO3. My buddy, who doesn’t have spare cash to throw around, and has only gotten the Malice and the L4 Siege. So, Cryptokeys really worked out for him, huh? Do not say, “Well, you can earn em in game.” Yes, that’s true, but it isn’t the whole story, and it isn’t a solution. The solution is getting rid of this ridiculous system. Why CoD worked up until Ghosts was because EVERYONE HAD ACCESS TO THE SAME THINGS. There was no advantage or disadvantage to be had. Now, whoever has the biggest bank account has all the advantages. AND THAT IS FUCKED.

    • I understand SD’s are completely random. I also wasn’t able to get many weapons and did not spend a dime. I had friends that also didn’t spend a dime and were able to most if not all of the guns. It doesn’t bother me one way or the other that I did not get some of the guns. The game still plays the same with or without those guns. No disadvantage if you don’t get them. Would they have been nice to have? Sure. But it in no way hurt my game play or experience in the game. I disagree with you that it gives you an advantage.

      • Well, advantage is used loosely. Bullshit, is more accurate. For BO3, your point stands, but with AW and (I’m assuming) IW, it’s false. When you start altering weapon stats, giving bonus perks and skills, giving a percentage of the community something that the rest doesn’t have, balance goes out the window. You say it doesn’t effect your gameplay, but remember the two weeks after the Marshall 16 came out? It affects EVERYONE’S gameplay.

  14. I hope the ability to upgrade your weapon is available in offline local mp co-op. It sucks when you can’t advance anywhere past level 1 after playing it for an entire year.

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  16. if IW were smart they would put DLC weapons in the lootboxes. if they actually gave a f&$# about the community they wouldn’t.