As announced before, Infinite Warfare’s weapon crafting system enhances weapons with new weapon perks that increase their abilities. One of those perks is Nuclear, which activates a tactical nuke if you get 25 kills with that gun equipped with the perk.

Here are the guns in the beta which have the perk as an option on their Legendary variant:

  • Mauler – Ruin
  • NV4 – Fallout
  • EBR-800 – Purge
  • DCM-8 – Purifier
  • EMC – Calamity
  • ScOott

    Furst… Getting a nuke he says lol… How about getting into a Fecking game

    • JohnGoodmansFace


    • ccrows

      The servers are getting hit from the outside Scottie.

      Even BO3 was a little rough playing today to where you could just tell that they were being hit… 🙁

      • Bobbiepadams4

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  • Harry

    Anyone else not get in a feckin game

    • Sgc_silverhaze

      Yeah stuck in lobby for 20 mins now

  • ajfybdjdi

    Beta menu lololo

  • ajfybdjdi

    No game no fun…

  • MonstaFreak

    You guys forgot the FHR-40 – Havoc. It’s in the Mission Team Depot screen.

  • This game won’t only ship with five assault rifles, right? I don’t think weapon variants are in any way a replacement for actual separate weapons. If they add at least two more in before the official release, then I’ll be satisfied. And no, I’m not counting classic weapons since they’re supposed to be a bonus.

    • killmeplease

      nope, including the classic ARs there are 7. Don’t forget about the ARX and the M1 Garand.

      • Quinten playing MC

        and there will be more classics!