Infinity Ward has updated the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare beta on PlayStation 4 with the addition of Gun Game mode. 

In addition, today’s update also combined Kill Confirmed and Defender into a single Mixed Playlist. 

The Infinite Warfare beta weekend 1 ends on October 17 at 10AM PT on PS4. 



  1. FURST BETCHES. I’m sad they’ve put kill confirmed in the mixed list with that bag of shite defender๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

    • Not to mention I can’t even find a single match in the Mixed playlist. I think Defender would be more fun with a higher TTK, but oubs just aren’t coordinated enough

  2. I cant believe how bad this game. This game got almost NOTHING right. Wow InfinityWard, shame on you.

    How do I change my name?

      • Extreme TTK, bad maps (so far), almost all scorestreaks/perks/equipment copied straight from Black ops 3, Weapon variants are back (it would take you 5 days of playtime to get ONE epic variant through salvage), quickscoping is back, way too many lethals, washed out colors (seems like the grey filter is back), RIGS look bland, graphics are bland and the list goes on.

        Its only the first couple days of the beta and everyone is bored already .. compare this to the mad hype the bo3 beta had ..

        This game is also going to be terrible for competitive, there is way too many things that dont belong and we may not even get base bans again.

        • The TTK is literally no different than Bo3, though. VMP and Man O War melt just as fast as any IW gun (not to mention how fast they kill w/ rapid fire). Not sure where people are seeing the difference.

        • The scoresteaks since Call Of Duty Ghosts have been weak/bad till this title. The last game that got it right was Blops II.

          • What was wrong with the BO3 streaks? I agree BO2’s were better but i thought the streaks in BO3 were decent except for a few

          • I honestly felt like the streaks in BO3 were horrendously overpowered. This is mostly due to a team stomping round 1, and in tound 2 calling in RAPS, a GI Unit, a Wraith or 2, etc. Extremely frustrating. I like IW’s streaks. They’re strong, but it doesnt feel like you’re just putting the other team in a blender.

          • Fair enough, but in my opinion if someone ends up going on a 15 killstreak or earns 1500 score or whatever without dying, then they deserve to shit on the other team for allowing that to happen. I’d personally rather have OP streaks than streaks that are garbage (Ghosts)

          • The way I see it, they already have shit on the other team. It basically just becomes rubbing it in. I definitely see where you’re coming from, but after a certain point you can just call in a streak and go make lunch. I prefer having to rely onskill above anything else, but that’s why I like IW’s stteaks so far. Rewarding, but it isn’t just a button that says “you win”.

          • Understandable. It’s never fun being on the receiving end of it. All i really ask at the end of the day is that the highest scorestreak be devastating. Ghost’s Odin was borderline useless, AW’s Paladin was meh at best, and BO3’s Mothership is a complete joke. So far i haven’t minded IW’s streaks, definitely an improvement over Ghosts.

          • Yeah, the most powerful streak in Ghosts was the Attack Dog. I never equipped IW’s top streak, I was too busy running tryhard streaks ๐Ÿ™ I’ve been destroyed by it a few times though, doesn’t seem shabby. Basically a floating mech

        • Who is everyone? I am seeing a lot of people excited and still playing. Generalizing the entire community is never a good idea.

          In regards to your last sentence, that’s just assumptions. We have no idea how ATVI/IW will feed into the competitive scene with bans. I am sure they are listening to our feedback.

        • Aesthetics are the most pointless thing. Who cares? Glad it’s “terrible for competitive” though, I might just play it for that reason.

        • You don’t speak for everyone lol and i like the game how it is right now only problem is of course ttk but you’ll get used to it and it’s hard to differentiate enemies and teammates imo it’s already better than bo3 i gave up on that game

        • Bro for you to act like the game being smoother, better hit detection, and no longer op boosting isn’t a good thing is crazy. We all no black ops 3 fail in all 3 of those options, and hit detection is the most important part of the gameplay. Also the colors, really. I remember when BO came out, the graphics took a step backward during the era of that game, even those who was a fan of BO agreed so whats the point of the graphics, yet its still named a classic. Also the time to kill is in between ghost and BO3 in my opinion, thats not a bad thing. Maybe instead of blaming the developers for not getting kills in matches t(If you never played a match why are you talking, as if facts), you should blame yourself. You should’ve left it at the “The game is solid, but not user-friendly”

    • Boring, please be more informative when bashing, thank you.
      For example: I can’t believe how bad this game is, this game got almost NOTHING right – the whole combat rigs system is completely broken and some of them are way to overpowered and stupid.

      I mean that would be better than “shaming” a studio who will never see your personal opinion, and then we would take your comment more seriously.

    • Second worst cod imo. Something I thought iw always got right was the hit detection. Not in this game. It is so inconsistent. Maps are a complete mess. They seem like a small maze. Quick scoping is back and better then ever. Graphics which isn’t a big deal are worse than blops 3. I guess they couldn’t find the cause of the white tinge from ghosts. All they did was copy and paste blops 3 and failed. I’m just glad they had this beta and they can fix these issues…….oh wait.

  3. Was hoping we would get another map to play on, such as Terminal – even though its a pre-order bonus; most of us have pre-ordered in order to get access of the beta, the map was heavily hyped through COD channels on YT and would be nice to feel it for ourselves.

    Overall though, this beta has been quite fun although the common issues with matchmaking does wreck it a bit, I enjoy the new combat rigs as imo they’re perfectly balanced and not one is more powerful than another, it comes down to what one personally suits your play style.

    Another thing I’m not completely convinced on is the map structures, some of which are rather confusing – I think Throwback is currently my favourite with Frost following; but I’m also enjoying the fact the maps are in new environments and due to the whole “space” theme or what not, we get to have maps in unique environments and even different planets.

    I feel this is a new “type” of COD game, not a failure – it completely comes down to preference and I think completely bashing the game is stupid, the game is fun and that’s what’s important to me.

    • I am actually liking the map on the space station. Cant think of its name… frontier, maybe? Although i dont like the dead bodies floating up and cluttering up the site lines.

      • Can agree with Dumble, once the pain train pulls in to your spawn it doesn’t leave. Frontier is a tad too hectic for me, but I really like Throwback and whatever the new map is called. Precint I think

        • I never seen the spawn trap on that map, at least not on team deathmatch. Didnt play much of dom after a few bad games with randoms not trying to cap… but in team deathmatch, most games were one team on one side, the other on the otherside with an occassional person trying to go underneath to the otherside. I really like the symmetry of that map.
          I think precinct is pretty decent. Actually, im coming around to where i dont “hate” any of them.

  4. They need sort out the match making not dividing the player pool even further, making it even longer to get into games lol

    • Me too. Honestly shaping up to be an on and off favorite if they don’t go overboard with monetization *puts up flame shield*

  5. Funny seeing all the ppl who hated Bf1 are now saying IW is garbage. Personally can’t wait for a real battle game, Bf1 baby!

      • What the? Lol
        I’ve loved playing cod but this year man I’m not feeling it. The maps to me feel boring except that one Japanese map I forgot the name of it and tbh I really can’t see this game having a long life span. Btw even the guns to me seem like toys for some reason imo

        • Im not disputing your issues with infinite warfare… just that bf1 is some sort of counter to it. Me, personally, will counter infinite warfare with modern warfare remastered.

          • I already bought it digitally… but fact is, i would have paid $60 bucks for mw:remastered, anyways, so no real loss for me.

          • I borrowed the ps4 from a friend with MWR downloaded on it yesterday, playing the campaign now and I like it a lot, I really want to dive into MP as well come november, but I can’t just get myself to pay โ‚ฌ89 only for the remaster…

            hopefully a separate release will happen soon…

          • Never played it, started with BF:BC2 on recommendation from some friends on XBL. Back then I was still into black ops 1 to much to fully enjoy it, but I had fun times with the MP (and later the SP)

            Times have changed now, myself and 2 others were the only ones left still playing CoD last year, the rest switched to BF4 or other games. So this friday it’s BF1 instead of IW beta, and if MWR isn’t getting a separate release it will be no CoD at all this year for me…

      • By crappy weapons you mean historic weapons that I’m excited to play with then yes….yes i will have fun then.

      • What do you mean “boring, crappy weapons”? If you can’t like a brutal, historical game with powerful weapons and amazing graphics, then you just aren’t tryin’ hard enough.

        • I havent enjoyed a battlefield game since bfbc2. Just couldnt get into them. Now with their formula for huge maps and inaccurate weapons, its definitely not for me.

      • I don’t like BF1 but one thing it does have on IW is the weapons. You can feel each moving part of BF1’s weapons. They have punch and impact and they kind of look cool too.
        IW, has ugly uninspired designs that go “pew, pew” and feel like nerf guns. It’s the worst selection of guns and the worst sound design in the series.

    • Oh I still think BF1 is bad .. too boring for my taste personally, might just get titanfall 2/watch dogs 2 or something else ..

      • What you find boring I find fun. Playing with tanks, airplanes, a train and now horses, yeah can’t wait! But at least Battlefield has stayed true to their formula.

        • Battlefield isnt very fun to play by yourself, thats my main problem with it.

          70% of the time I usually play solo, and when im with a group of friends I’d rather play something like zombies instead. But thats just me

          • That’s true, it’s great with a squad of friends or randoms with mics, but playing alone isn’t all that fun…

        • No it hasn’t that’s why it’s boring as shit now despite all the planes, tanks, etc. The best BF, BF2, was basically COD with vehicles. In fact infantry was even arcadier than COD.

          Now it’s a fucking campfest with 1000x scopes and every action – reloading, mantling, getting out of prone, ADSing, TTK – taking so long you can go and make yourself a sandwich before the animation ends. They claim it’s for the sake of “realism” but that’s just BS for hindering your abilities so noobs have a chance.

          I’ll take BO3 over BC2, BF3/4, BF1 any day. Though, Hardline was kind of fun at launch.

    • BF1 isn’t what you would call a real battle. Real battles are longer than 30 minutes, or one hour. There was actually a war that was only 40 minutes, but even that wasn’t as hectic as our typical war battles.

          • I’m only talking about the real war duration…nobody wants to play for 6 months for 1 big match

          • I was talking about the shortest war in real history. And just to let you know, you actually didn’t talk about real war duration, all you said was ‘no comment’. Of course nobody wants to play 6 months in a match of a game, that wouldn’t make any sense. Battlefield just takes a single moment of war, while putting it into a game, and the comment I replied to ‘Drank Bleach’ said that he can’t wait for a real battle game, in which in this case, Battlefield 1 isn’t near its historical root to WWI. We never fought in houses, WWI were MOSTLY trenches, and most weapons were single-fire, not auto, while the weapons in Battlefield 1 were mostly seen automatic.

        • I don’t think you’ve ever played Battlefield. It’s a fun game, just like CoD, but the games are usually longer than CoD, and the only way to customize your loadout is in-game. Bugs are also known to be in Battlefield as well. The older Battlefields are much more superior than the latest ones, and the only way to get the full game of BF1 costs $130. I’m not saying that Battlefield is bad, though, because I still play it and enjoy it.

        • How exactly does one comment “no comment”? You gotta be careful man, that’s how you end up in another dimension

    • I’m looking forward to both! BF1 looks completely epic, especially with some conquest footage released. I never understood why people feel the need to compare CoD and BF, as if they’re remotely similar

  6. The fact that the Xbox one gets such a lackluster beta and the PC no beta is a massive fuck you to over half the player base and it’s shameful. Early map packs is not the same as a hindered beta

  7. I haven’t played it yet so I can only give judgement based on what I’ve seen but why does this game look like ghosts mixed with AW? I’m not really keen on playing Ghost 2.0 with supply drops.

    • Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree. I hate Black Ops 3 but I can already tell Black Ops 3 is way better than Infinite Warfare. I knew it was going to be bad, but I didn’t know it was going to be this bad.

  8. I actually enjoy the game myself, but after seeing people dislike the game, I understand. What I don’t understand is why people are complaining about the same thing that was from every CoD in the past. TTK seems fine, snipers work much better than BO3’s, Rigs are similar to Specialists, but payloads and traits aren’t alike, each weapon has its own abilities and use, making every weapon unique, boosting isn’t as big as BO3 and hit connection is on point. What I’m worried about is the Weapon System, seeing that Salvage have limited ways of being earned, keys are too slow, and maps not being diverse.

    • Its just the community man they will all say bo3 is the best yet slated it for months before iw released its beta. This game is good its just the community is toxic devs need to stop listening to youtubers and the community. Cod 4, mw2, waw and bo was the days the community had no control. Now they complain about everything. Iw is good.

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. Trust me, in 3 years, there will be those that hate the game and miss it, and those that hate it downright. It’s going to be just like the CoD cycle all over again… pathetic idiots.

        • Tbh ghosts and aw I genuinely didnt like for art style, weapons and movement. But since bo3 cods sorting its self out again iw art style, guns and movement are cool and fun. Just wait until we get classic weapons this game will be ace!

          • Some classic weapons are actually available for use right now in Gun game, you can try it out ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Everyone wants to compare it to “Their” favorite COD game. It’s like their first love that they just can’t get over and until they do they will never appreciate what they have now. I am having a lot of fun with the beta. I look forward to the upcoming year.

    • Tell me your secrets. I truly do want to enjoy a product I payed $60+ for but I just can’t with Infinite Warfare. It’s frustrating as hell and not fun in the slightest. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, I dunno.

      • Everyone has different tastes, so yeah. I respect those that can’t find it enjoyable, not every game is catered to what they really wanted. No secrets, but it’s better to be amused for the smallest things than be bored. That was a saying from someone, but I can’t remember where…

        • I just want that same feeling I had with Black Ops 2 where I couldn’t wait to get out of school to start leveling up again. I always had good grades because my mum said she wouldn’t let me play otherwise. Gosh, once I got my own TV my bro and I would rush to my room and play multiplayer split screen for hours after coming back from the store or doing our chores. I pulled so many all-nighters just to keep playing. That exciting feeling I would get when the chosen map was Raid or Hijacked… Even after reaching Master Prestige I continued playing because the DLC maps were simply amazing. My KD was horrible but I simply did not give a fuck. Just give me a SWAT with select fire and I was ready to have a good time on weekend nights with my friends…

          Black Ops 2 was the first and last time I ever had so much fun with a Call of Duty multiplayer.

          • I also loved Black Ops 2 despite their being OP things in there. If there’s a secret I can tell you, then it’s that Nostalgia is a dangerous drug.

          • you must be new to cod then because mw2 was pretty much the most memorable cod game and the best for most people i respect your opinion though bo2 was only fun because all my friends had it so i played with them all other than that i couldn’t even play it because i hated it but bo3 is worse

  9. I don’t think IW is as bad as people are making it out to be, but it sure as fuck isn’t great by any means. I think people are already bored with it because half of the game was ripped from BO3. It’s straight up BO3.5. I don’t understand why Infinity Ward thought it was a good idea to release a game that was so similar to the previous game. They HAD to have known they were going to get called out on it.

  10. I didn’t think Infinite Warfare was going to get the reaction it’s getting. It’s so negative lol. I’m honestly already eye balling next year. I’m dying to know what SHGames is working on.

    If it’s Vietnam or WW2…then


      • I don’t want to say I’m entirely against that. I guess one day if they want to do an alternative setting or something. Alternative timelines is something Call of Duty hasn’t touched. But for now for the sake of me, the fans, and Call of Duty the franchise it is, we should go back to classic roots for a few years. Two years at most. I dont see SHGames or Treyarch doing a futuristic settings. If they do, then I’ll be baffled