See all four Infinite Warfare Sabotage DLC multiplayer maps in action in the new trailer. Sabotage is available January 31 first on PlayStation 4.

  • Jeremy Corbyn

    Early enough??? looks good tho, prob not as good as bo3 awakening trailer or AWs Havoc trailer but still..

    • James Birdsong

      Teach me how to complain about something while still liking it please.

  • ccrows

    No Replacers?… 🙁

    • Pretty sure that’s a Treyarch thing only. Like how SH has the Kill Camera Man.

      • ccrows

        AH you’re right, just looked up Ghosts’s Onslaught trailer.

        Man IW really sucks in promoting the start of the DLC season… <_<

        • pulseimpact

          They used to have Eminem, but now that Mark Rubin (Rick Rubin’s son) is no longer at IW they can’t get that cheap.

  • Heheh, the trailer is so charming with the cheesy music and cute little taunts occasionally, it almost makes me want to buy the DLC. Although never in my right mind would I, it really makes me wish the guys who pieced this trailer together made the IW reveal trailer. Regardless whether you like or dislike the game or not you have to agree it just sucked to the point that it did even this game a disservice.

    • Jeremy Corbyn


  • Mick

    Not gonna lie, the ending was pretty fucking cool.

  • Love how they used gestures in the trailer

    • Lindatthomas

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  • bre

    I’m thinking about selling my season pass