To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Treyarch is releasing a limited edition camo called Luck of the Irish.

Players are able to get this camo from a Rare Supply Drop in the Black Market, but the camo is only in Supply Drops from now through March 23 at 10AM Pacific.

Image via @_Lewisdodd11.

  • PuddleOfStix

    Didn’t get the last special camo, probably won’t get this either. Thanks, Activision. No, really. Thank you for not making it challenge locked, like we want. IW and MWR get things easier and people loyal to BO3 still get spoonfed this crap?

    • Piotr Piter

      True I dont get why people praise Treyarc and Black Ops 3. Everything new is behind pay wall…

      • RdJokr

        Probably because, oh IDK, BO3 came out as a complete game, and wasn’t missing any features at launch?

        Also, the fact is, the majority of Treyarch is focused on their 2018 game now. Minimal effort is done to keep BO3 running and updated with little content like this. At best, we’ll see a contract of some sort to let you get a Triple Play bundle again, but don’t expect huge substantial changes, like allowing you to earn BM weapons through challenges or something like that.

      • HeyThatsPrettyGood

        Pay Wall?! XD Ever heard of cryptokeys?

        • Piotr Piter

          Try getting weapons using cryptokeys

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            I guess, I have like 5 melee weapons and got the DIY 11 Renovator from just opening Daily Doubles.

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            I’m just saying CoD isn’t pay to win. You don’t have to spend a dime to get any weapons. All you have to do is play the game and do the weekly and daily challenges.

          • rrwe

            that’s it? and you’re content with that? no wonder they keep laughing in our face with this supply drop bullshit when they got people like you still praising them.

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            I also have the LV8 Basilisk and the R70 Ajax but I wasn’t counting those cuz I got them out of “Weapon Bribes” u fuck. And what do you have thats so special?

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            Also they had those things called “Weapon Bribes”, Which were once again FREE

          • Piotr Piter

            There was only one bribe…

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            No, you could do the Triple Play in December which was get 100 wins, and another which automatically starts when you play and get 75 wins. From those two you could get a “Ranged” and “Melee” weapon bribe. Btw I’ve only been playing since December of 2016, and I’m a 5th Prestige lvl52.

          • Piotr Piter

            I completed one bribe and still cant start another…

          • Rob Rosado

            I got the PPSh using cryptokeys… nearly fell out of my chair.

        • Ryan Gorman

          Lol using cryptokeys is a joke

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            Its way better than spending real money. BTW Piter was talking about pay to win not using cryptokeys and once again they’re free!

          • Ryan Gorman

            I am prestige master level 298. I have 0 ranged weapons from my cryptokeys, 2 melee weapons from my cryptokey and 1 ranged weapon from a bribe. The system clearly a joke.

          • Keith Volt

            Im Prestige master level 370, and i have the HG40, FFAR, Marshal 16, Carver, Iron Jim, Slash n’ burn, Banshii, and a couple others. The system is pretty hilarious if you are on the winning side of it.

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            Yea I mean Supply Drops are luck, still better than spending money xD

          • HeyThatsPrettyGood

            So you’re saying you’d rather spend money than use cryptokeys?

          • W8TilYaSeeThis

            I’d rather just be able to buy each individual weapon for 4.99 each.

            For 30 bucks I can get the MX Garand, HG-40, FFAR, R70 AJAX, DBSR-50. and M16. That’s like saving a measly 5 bucks a month over the course of a year allowing me to have access to all weapons. If you can afford BO3, a PS3, and a decent ISP, then you can afford to set aside 5 dollars a month.

            I don’t have a problem spending money on new stuff. It was not produced with the base game, so it’s extra. It’s extra gun and character modeling, texturing, sound mixing, extra icons, extra bug testing, and extra time and money. It’s not unreasonable. They spend resources creating it so they charge me a fee to access it to cover their losses and make a profit like any business would.

            Activision is not trying to simply make a profit, they are mining us for our cash with their anti-consumer methods. Activision’s Supply Drop system is blatantly anti-consumer to anybody with a brain. How are supply drops better than paying a flat $5 for each individual weapon?

            It’s been made clear that you have to spend thousands of dollars in CP to get everything, so you DON’T save any money. If you want to earn everything by playing alone it will take 10,20,30+ days (500+ in-game hours) to open enough to get everything. Do you honestly think spending 3+ hours on this game every day is better than just being able to spend 5$ and be done with it? Your TIME is your LIFE. No amount of money can replace this when it is lost.

          • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

            Same thing happened to me, I got nothing, until the second dlc, then I started to get many items, right now, including the items that were just released, I’m only missing 6 items, got a lot of body and head themes, got valentine’s camo and I alredy got the new “luck of the irish” camo. It’s just luck, random. And yes I get a too many dupes also but it keeps the hope up.

    • epicpoke

      I’m fine with RNG locked cosmetics, tbh. Yeah, they look awesome, but they won’t help you get better K/D or W/L ratios.

      • PuddleOfStix

        Cosmetics, sure. But this is TIME LIMITED. Nothing should be time limited in a game.

  • Diego Diniz

    Black Ops 3 is WAY BETTER then Infinite Warfare:
    Colors, Maps, Weapons, Sounds, Specialists etc etc etc etc

    • Flowbacca

      Posting this shit on every social media? Fuck off

      • Diego Diniz

        This is my opinion Bro!

        • Flowbacca

          To be fair, I share your opinion πŸ˜‰

    • BradyAlucard

      Colors? Why should I care about color in a war game? Never see good reasons for that point. lol

      • Diego Diniz

        Visual effect is a VERY important thing on Games…

    • Juan Carlos Cuevas Imery

      I agree with you Diego, can’t understand why they release such a game like Infinite warfare, it sucks. BO3 is superior in every aspect.

      • Corinepsanchez

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    • Dre

      My shit in the toilet is better than infinite fuckfare

  • Im Fiendish

    Im willing to trade Trash warfare for bo3, Mine broke.