The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Variety Map Pack is now available on PlayStation 4. The Variety Map Pack costs $14.99. It includes 4 multiplayer maps (Killhouse, Creek, Broadcast, and Chinatown) and 10 Rare Supply Drops for Operation Lion Strike.

Multiplayer Maps: 

  • Broadcast: Based on the TV station from the campaign mission “Charlie Don’t Surf”, this map provides a unique blend of confined corridors and wide-open spaces. Outside the station, the parking lot contains long sightlines, but once inside, cramped hallways and a computer-cluttered broadcast room provide ample close-range combat opportunities.
  • Chinatown: Set in a foggy downtown district, this nighttime map is lit up by flickering neon signs and a full moon. A re-imagining of the original Call of Duty multiplayer map “Carentan”, players will need to be careful on these streets, as almost every building in the map can be occupied, providing perfect cover for enemies waiting for a chance to line you up in their sights.
  • Creek: Set in a wide-open village ravaged by combat where concealment is the difference between life and death, a gaping ravine divides this map into two. Open clearings with sheer cliff faces and ample forested cover make this map ideal for snipers and long-range firefights.
  • Killhouse: A small training warehouse filled with various building mock ups that feature soft and hard cover points. Expect fast-paced and fierce firefights for maximum close-quarters chaos.

Players can buy the Variety Map Pack for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered now on PS4. The Variety Map Pack will be available on Xbox One and PC at a later date.

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    • Damien Christopher Fraley

      Usually when a company screws and pisses off 98% of their playerbase, we DON’T give them $. Hold out. Let their sales on it be unsuccessful so that they’re forced to either add it in for IW season pass holders, or they cut the price down to like $5. Just sayin’.

      • >he thinks cashtivision will ever drop the prices of the dlcpacks

        LMAO. the dlc for every single previous title is still sitting at the full price.


    so the bonus game used to bolster piss poor sales of infinite warfare, that already has empty playlists has paid DLC (DLC for a game you cant even buy standalone !! ) thereby fracturing a weak playerbase even more…. good tactics AcTiVi$ion, the DLC will be dead quicker than Ghosts was and that’s saying something (and at least Ghosts DLC came with an Extinction map. Not giving IW season pass holders this DLC and not allowing MWR to be purchased standalone is more franchise suicide, sure they make a little extra $ right now but long term they lose revenue.

    • lunator100hd .

      The whole IW/MWR situation is a mess, they know that cod will die eventually so they try to milk the remaining funbase as fast as they can, im so happy that titanfall 2 is so much better, im not even mad that cod gone to shit like this.

      • Say FlameZ

        But what about cod 2017

        • lunator100hd .

          SHG is making it, so my expectations are on the floor.

    • kabrule

      Very well said. Short term cash grab at the expense of alienating a lot of people.

    • FTWandTMZ

      Well said. That is exactly what they are doing. I will never purchase any dlc from this day forward.

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  • oh man i really want this but i really shouldn’t buy it

  • Eddie Tupy

    i always wanted to play bots on killhouse so im getting this even though its anti consumer.

  • imBATMAN

    I’d buy this but I don’t want to

  • Diego Diniz

    NO WAY! I paid for SEASON PASS. Infinite Warfare is a HORRIBLE game! MWR should release ALL MAPS for free!!!

    • Qaotik

      You paid for the season pass for Infinite Warfare and you know that

  • Unclecoon

    For some reason I get the feeling they’ve stopped caring

  • Alex Brogan

    15 dollar dlc pack for a 20 dollar game?

    • Maybe like $6-7 is the actual maps. The rest is their secret way of making you pay for the 10 “free” supply drops.

  • An Adorable Fluffy Alpaca

    oh my gosh a broadcast station, china town, and training warehouse aren’t war zones this is so unrealistic mwr isn’t a mil sim game anymore

  • Trevor Cook

    Good maps but not worth $15 not paying maps for an old game.

  • Tristan Nelson

    I purChased the map pack…got the supply drops… but still can’t play the variety map pack playlist…how do u download the maps??

    • Rusev’s Foot

      I’m having the same problem. Did you figure it out?

    • I bought the pack and then when I wanted to download it I just went to MWR on the PS4 home screen and if you go under it you can see add ons and stuff and I just downloaded it.

  • Yorkanew

    Can I disable this DLC somehow,mm is honestly really bad

  • Harrison Legg

    It doesn’t let me play the map packs it just appears grey what do I do??

    • Michael Pritchard

      Same problem here, anyone help

      • Harrison Legg

        What console do you have

  • Michael Pritchard

    Help! Paid for the maps, thought they downloaded but when I go into the pack they have a padlock on?

  • Chad sattazahn

    It kicks me out when I try to go to new maps. I bought n downloaded them.. what do I Do? I even deleted the game and redownloaded.

  • LibbyTeardrops

    how bout you f_u_ck faces fix kill house….

  • Brian Jermaine Howard Jr.

    So if you have a season pass then you still have to buy this bullshit?