Updates & Fixes


[Only for Xbox & PS3; see top right in MP menu for version #]

  • Ver # 25.635.7 latest version as of Feb 1 – activated Double Weapon XP
  • Ver # 25.619.7 latest version as of Jan 26th for Xbox – supported with the TU that launched + Revolution support
  • Ver # 23.448.21 lastest version as of Jan 25th – brought Double XP and Nuketown 24/7 
  • Ver # 23.446.21 latest version as of Jan 12th – new message of the day. 
  • Ver # 23.444.18 latest version as of Jan 3rd – new message of the day. 
  • Ver # 22.443.18 latest version as of Dec 21st 
  • Ver # 22.442.18 released 12/17: removed DXP and Nuketown 24/7
  • Ver # 22.441.18 *released 12/14: activated DXP and Nuketown 24/7 for the weekend 12/14 – 12/17
  • Ver # 22.410.22 (current ver # as of Dec 8)
  • Ver # 22.158.31 (released 11/20): No notes on what changed. 
  • Ver # 22.149.30: No notes on what changed with this fix. 
  • Ver # 20.143.25: The AAR will now correctly display 2x the normal XP for Medals.
  • Ver # 20.130.19 PS3 (released Nov 15th): Fixes the “Need more players” issue in Ground War.
  • Ver. # 20.130.15 (released Nov 13):Hardpoint score limit increased. Season Pass availability from in-game Store.


  • ALL: Glitch where in game lobby shows two same maps for voting.
  • XBOX: Fix for issue where game freezes when checking profiles in-game. 
  • ALL: Fix for 3rd Person Glitch – coming in next update.
  • ALL: When joining games in progress, blood thristy medals do not count toward camo challenges.
  • PS3: Investigating why PS3 shuts off during game and investigating freezing issues.
  • ALL: Making tweaks to matchmaking and lag issues.
  • ALL: Investigating why CODTV does not record full games, only a few minutes of the game.
  • ALL: Working on the issues people are having with the spawns – some tweaks were implemented in TU 4 on Xbox.
  • ALL: Looking into issue where there is unbalanced teams in many games (ex. 8 v 4, instead of 6v6).
  • PC: Crossfire and SLI improvements are also in the works.
  • ALL: Fix for searching for a public game sometimes results in joining a custom game.
  • PC: A crash may occur if no DLC is owned when joining on a player that is in the Nuketown 2025 lobby. Having both an on-board audio device and a PCI sound card enabled at the same time may result in a crash.
  • PC: When viewing a film as a party, users may get a crash if the party leader leaves while the film is buffering..