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  2. Following the original art work for Call of Duty: WWII appearing online last week, another image of what appears to be an uncropped-version of one of the images has been shared on Reddit by u/BullshitAnswer. This new image shows that Activision appears to be testing out different logo and artwork placements for a Call of Duty: WWII steelbook case, presumably for Collector’s Editions of this year’s game. This new angle of the artwork shows the text “Stronghold Steelbook” at the top. This wording links back to a leak from November 2015, which suggested that Call of Duty 2017’s codename was ‘Call of Duty Stronghold.’ Since last week’s news, IGN and EuroGamer have since confirmed with their own sources that Call of Duty: WWII will be this year’s title. Activision has not commented yet on the leaks. No information is available as of now for when to expect the reveal for this year’s game, although Call of Duty titles are usually revealed in April-May timeframe. SOURCE: Reddit The post Wider shot of previously-revealed ‘Call of Duty: WWII’ case confirms Stronghold code name leak appeared first on Charlie INTEL. View the full article
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  4. COD points
  5. Camo Changes
  6. I love the fact that they added the peacekeeper and the dbsr50. They were both my favorite weapons to use in black ops 2 and hopefully I could get them from the supply drops that I am going to open today so plz wish me luck
  7. Why no supplydrop camo to use on supply drop weapons?
  8. Does anyone know when they will do a 5 for 3 supply drop sale?
  9. 5 for price of 3
  10. Today almost all the matchs! Why?
  11. Always error with The server
  12. .... Edited July 31, 2016 by Jack_Tullyyyy
  13. Season pass holders should get the weapons for free. We shouldn't have to pay for dumb supply drops
  14. Do you guys like the vesper buff? I hate it 😂
  15. Let me know what you think about the new DLC weapons that were implemented into Black Ops 3! Have you managed to get your hands on them yet? Are they overpowered? Whats your thoughts on them!
  16. Black Ops 3 Supply Drops is a serious issue in the Call of Duty community that seriously needs to be addressed. As many of us know, the supply drops have continuously added a variety of weapons, majority being melee. When I first heard that they were adding melee weapons in supply drops shortly after the game came out, I honestly wasn't that upset. Yes some of them I really
  17. I've gotten my hands on all of them and have liked them all except for the DBSR. Anyone else agree or have any reccomendations for attachments?
  18. Do you think the Vesper should be nerfed?
  19. Is it just me or have the chances to get epics increased? I haven't gotten any of the new weapons, but I did get the mx garand, a bunch of epic camos, and many of the epic taunts, all without purchasing cod points. I wanna know if it's just me or if everyone is experiencing this.
  20. Black ops 3
  21. How do you guys feel about the vmp being nerfed?
  22. Challenges for Supply Drop weapons
  23. Today, all of a sudden xp points stopped updating. Asked around Twitter. Finally Activision CS team told abt prestige mode. You have to enter in prestige mode after level 55 to earn xp points. But why again players have to start from level 1? Sorry, if it is a naive question
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