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  1. Lol, fuck off with your stupid hacks.
  2. Supply drops
  3. I have all DLC because I have season pass. I NEVER struggle to find a match. I can search in any game mode and find a full lobby straight away. I think it's because you have only part of the DLC.
  4. I believe that the game would most likely take place in 1917
  5. Guys you know how we will be able to make custom maps soon, it would actually be sick if the community could make custom free run maps. What do you guys think?
  6. You're still going to buy it anyway so no point.
  7. For some reason the gameplay reminds me of Killzone because of the way it looks.
  8. It would be cool if we had a base and we could customise it.
  9. I can't, if I block him he will tell everyone I'm homophobic.
  10. Top 5 zombie floor boards Top 5 zombie wall paper
  11. If only I had a good PC. My current PC doesn't even have a graphics card
  12. Who tf is Dr.Month? Does he have a PHD in months?
  13. R.I.P Juses, Rest in Fgts
  14. Here is a pickup line for @ScOott Are you a care package? Because you fell from heaven.
  15. Just had this conversation with this fool from school, how did he get my skype idk. He's one of those PC master race ppl that bang out CSGO. He's bashing on COD for no reason and I can't call him an ultimate fgt cos he actually is gay. And if I block him on skype he'll tell everyone I'm homophobic like wtf. Well, fuck me.