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  1. As the title says, how would you feel if Map Vote after each match in a lobby would be removed? I think this could personally be good for the game, cause there is always that one map everyone votes for and you never get to play the other maps at all the developers put time and effort into.
  2. I haven't even played it. If the Xbox One beta is gonna be free for like 2 days or so, i probably jump into it, cause i never preorder games.
  3. Wait what, how can i say that if the beta isn't out? Also, i barely know the names, so i just vote a random one and hope it is something i like, i guess.
  4. If there is one thing i am sure of, that edition will get you every single bonus content.
  5. I imagine like the exclusive camos, calling cards for use in-game and some other unannounced content? Maybe some for Campaign?
  6. https://www.callofduty.com/infinitewarfare/buy Check the Legacy Pro edition. Legacy Pro Edition includes: Infinite Warfare Modern Warfare Remastered* Season Pass** Additional Bonus Content
  7. You probably receive one when it's like couple days before launch of it.
  8. Just wait until the early access to the campaign comes out, god.
  9. But the beta starts in mid October, not early October? Already feeling what kind of giveaway this is gonna be, haha.
  10. Overwatch isn't really Boots on Ground... Cause Pharah exists, so it is a shit game amirite?
  11. Didn't we see this on CoD XP?
  12. Just saying, that you should read the post.
  13. Black Ops 1 or MW3, i would say. Pretty gud games
  14. I never gave a shit about sniping in CoD, probably due to how small the maps are. I just always saw them as useless.
  15. Well, people think a game in the modern/1900's era would make the game much much better instantly... That is such a wrong statement imo. We have had probably more shit Modern and WW2/WW1 shooters than we've had futuristic.