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  1. I'm with most of the replies here, people will dabble here and there and probably try to get time in on both. For old CoD players like myself, probably barely touch IW.
  2. Original MW for PC lasted, well, forever. A good following of people anyway, enough to the point that they worked to find a workaround for when Punkbuster gave up support for it. The Remaster will definitely bring out a good number of people that had given up on CoD a long time ago, myself being one of them. Couple things I could see them doing that could kill the following; 1. No mod support 2. No actual competitive scene foundation. The eSports scene could easily see be the saving factor if the game kind of got stale and took a dive. A competitive ranking system would definitely drive up the player count. Think ESEA from CSGO. *IMO. The next few months are definitely going to be positive though.
  3. Ello ello, did a quick search and came up with nothing for an introduction topic. Does one exist or is it just not needed? Also, Hi.