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  1. Keeping your supplies in their original bottles will ensure that you can always refer to the proper labels when considering how to use or discard the product. Even if you are personally aware of how to correctly use your cleaning supplies, a family member or hired housekeeper may not be familiar with the proper method of use, so it is best to keep labels on their respective bottles. super smash flash 2 If the chef hasn't paid the Pot Washer to do his job, he will wake up early and start preparing breakfast and lunch. Encouraged by a myriad TV chefs, real chefs might sometimes consider themselves auteurs of the food industry, frequently using a selection of infamous small words in reference to waiters, hotel managers, hotel supplies personnel, guests - and of course the humble pot washer. Next you need to go to your assigned room and check to see if your case cart is there. This cart contains all the supplies and instruments required for the surgery and usually contains the preference card. The preference card is paperwork that lists all supplies, instruments, equipment, hints for setting up the room, and any surgeon specific preferences. bloons tower defense 5 I have worked in OR's that have staff dedicated to pick the supplies and instruments and delivering them to the room in the morning. Sometimes it was my responsibility, or the surgical tech's, or the set up staff. Ultimately, though, it is the nurses responsibility to make sure everything needed is in the room.