charlieINTEL’s “Tactical Insertion” of the CoD: XP compound today

We couldn't wait 2 more days for Call of Duty: XP so we sent Delta's @TwoToeTimmy behind enemy lines to do a little recon...

6 more MW3 Concept Art images released

If you look hard enough you might spot Cpt. Price...Same image leaked from KOTAKU back in May...Again, thanks for the tip @vSimCO !

Valve has announced MW3 is returning to Steam

 Valve today confirmed that the year's most anticipated game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PC), will use the Steamworks suite of services. Pre-purchase...

First look at Call of Duty XP

Gamespot gives us our first look at how Call of Duty: XP will look and a side by side comparison of the real MW2...

New MW3 Concept Art: Warlord Marketplace, Berlin, Harbor Escape

"Warlord Mareketplace""Berlin Losing Battle""Harbor Escape"HD Hi-Res Images:Thanks for the tip @vSimCO !

Call of Duty ZOMBIE PANEL and Merchandise just announced for XP 2011

Get ready Zombie fans! Treyarch has just announced that on on Saturday September 3rd at Call of Duty XP, there will a Zombie panel...

Pics from the Turtle Beach Modern Warfare 3 booth at PAX fan and conversation hijacker, @TwoToeTimmy managed to take some hi-res pictures of the Turtle Beach Modern Warfare 3 booth while in Seattle for...

Real Life MW2 Scrapyard paintball field for CoD: XP

The above picture was posted on the Modern Warfare 3 Facebook page earlier today.Below is a screenshot from the game for comparison.

Gamestop interviews Infinty Ward’s Robert Bowling

New details: -There will be different types of Juggernauts. -Bottom left corner on H.U.D. Is for "challenges".-Thanks to @Jarsh019 for the tip!

Real Mil Mi-24 Hind Helicopter at CoD: XP

Concept art released on twitter today as part of the "Dorito CoD: XP Challenge"