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New Game Modes in Zombies:

  • ‘Tranzit’ – Story based campaign within zombies; players are free to explore the big giant world in this mode. Players can move around by foot or on a bus.
  • ‘Survival’ – the more classic zombies feel. Zombie attacks the player within an areas from the Tranzit world.
  • ‘Grief’ – brand new mode that can be played with up to 8 players. This adds to the concept of Survival. There are two teams of four player dropped within the Tranzit world and fight against each other.

-There also will be ‘Custom Games’ option in Zombies. Allowing the player to disable certain features and play how they choose too.
-Treyarch has also stated that with the Zombies being on the multiplayer engine new features are being implemented.
-New features include, Stat tracking, leader boards, and skilled based matchmaking.
-Mark Lamia commented on the stats saying, “A lot more leaderboards, a lot more stats.”
-Four new playable characters, including the female one they teased on the posters.
-LOTS of easter eggs throughout the zombie mode.

-You can have build able items. You can make a ZOMBIE SHIELD!

-Mysterybox and “magic” features are now in Zombies.

-TranZit is one big map throughout the game; survival mode is small sections within that map allowing for normal zombies play style.

Confirmed: ELITE is now integrated into Zombies!


  • Farm” 
  • “Town” 


-Zombie IS returning in Black Ops 2! Mark Lamia, Treyarch Head, ” Biggest and most ambitious Zombies ever.”
-Zombies will definitely be back in Black Ops II, and will feature all new modes that are more fleshed-out than ever.
-”There will be more zombies and more modes; just more.”
-The zombies are “In the multiplayer engine.” “If you think about all of the things we can do with our multiplayer engine,” Lamia said, “You can start to think about how we might be looking at this.” Okay then!
“Our zombies fans want more zombies, they literally want more zombies and they want more ways to play. They want bigger maps, they want even more interesting things to do inside these levels. So we are crafting new worlds, creating new game modes and bigger worlds.”
“We’ve actually put [zombies] inside of our multiplayer engine and it’s capable of doing twice as many zombies, twice as many co-op players. There are actually new modes,” says Lamia. “There’s classic mode that you guys are used to but there are going to be new modes. [Twice as many co-op players] introduces some interesting new gameplay modes. Perhaps you can think of some team game modes where there might be fun to be had?”
-Zombies are the only confirmed co-op aspect of Black Ops II. The campaign and strike-force modes do not appear to feature co-op.
-Zombies can be played with up to 8 players!
-4v4 mode confirmed.
-Confirmed: Zombies in Black Ops 2 will have Theatre Mode [Zombies Movies] and Wager Matches