A new playlist update went live for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare today on PS4 and Xbox One and appears to have added in 12 new weapon variants to the game, new Combat Rig gear, gestures and taunts, accessories, and more.

The new weapon variants are:

  • Rack 9 – Precision Strike
  • NV4 – Chaos
  • Volk – Vexed
  • KBAR-32 – Bunker Buster
  • RPR Evo – Cheap Shot
  • DMR-1 – Snapfrost
  • R.A.W. – Headhunter
  • KBS Longbow – Harbinger
  • Titan – Reconnoiter
  • Banshee – Doppler
  • Reaver – Skiver
  • Type-2 – Double Fist

All of the new content are available now in the Quartermaster in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The weapon variants can be crafted directly using Salvage or unlocked via Supply Drops.

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