If you look hard enough you might spot Cpt. Price…

Same image leaked from KOTAKU back in May…

[nggallery id=26]

Again, thanks for the tip @vSimCO !

  • Where does he get these o_o?!

    • They were officially released on CallOfDuty.com it’s just that he alerted me via twitter.

  • Also, is that an M21, an M21 EBR, an M14 scoped, or an M14 EBR?

    See, I really have no idea what the difference is. Knowing Infinity Ward, who calls the weapon an M14 EBR in MW2’s campaign, yet an M21 EBR in Multiplayer… Who knows what this thing is?

    • They’re very similar. I believe the barrel lengths are different

  • Hammy

    captain price in the m21 pic,
    yeah nd ists prbbly an m21 ebr either as a placeholder or frm the game

  • Hammy

    nd if uve seen any of the first batch of concept art tht came its the same m21 ebr frm the game, nd also bcus u hav captain price in his tf141 gear, so most likely a placeholder

  • … Where do you guys see Captain Price? I see a man’s ghillie-covered hand holding an M14 EBR. Is there something I’m missing here?

  • He is in the swamp, its kinda hard to see, just try to imagine a person in chest deep water…

    • What part of the image is he in? Foreground, middleground, background? Which corner, maybe?

      • a little left of center…with fisherman hat on…u have to concentrate…lol really though

        • My nose is practically touching my screen, lol… I’m looking to the left of the silencer on the EBR, is he in that area? I can’t make out a fisherman’s hat at all! I see that rock-lookin’-thing next to the silencer… but that’s it.

          • me

            like 2 cm left of the silencer u see something grey, its price from behind 😉 so thats why its hard to recognise

          • Hahahaha dude your comments are cracking me up!! How could you not see him??

          • I THOUGHT HE WAS A ROCK, don’t laugh at me :c

  • If you go to callofduty.com/mw3/news the 8th one is a replica of a leaked image from Kotaku in May!

    • Just updated the post, thanks