Looks like MW3’s Hardened Edition includes several goodies as expected according to Wired Magazine. Should be confirmed and officially announced when XP2011 starts on Friday.

• The game disc with unique disc art.
• 1 year Call of Duty: Elite membership (which gives you access to downloadable map packs).
• Special Founder status on Call of Duty Elite. (in game emblem, playercard, weapon camouflage, clan XP boost)
• Steelbook Case
• Limited Edition 100+ Page Field Journal with military sketches, diagrams and written entries.


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SOURCE: Wired.com via @FlannaganTW

  • Do want.

  • Guest

    What a find!

  • BigSal4545

    definitely getting it

  • Want it mostly for the steel book case and 1 year elite membership

  • DFlannagan10

    Thanks for the source, man. 🙂

    The awesome thing is, all you lucky Call of Duty XP attendees have already secured one! 😀

    I’ll definitely be purchasing this (or even the Prestige Edition if one is announced, although that is looking unlikely).

    • Yeah Im worried that they might not announce a Prestige edition, I always buy those.. Did you get the prestige for MW2 and Black Ops? the NVG’s kick ass!

      • Nxus xBLiTzZ

        I just pre ordered prestiege edition from EB games they know the price but don’t know the contents they call us and tell s what is inside .