The day is almost here. Modern Warfare 3’s mulitplayer is finally being revealed. We will be ON SITE and bringing you live mobile coverarage from the show. The show opens at 10:00am PST which should start of with a huge opening ceramony at 11:00am PST where we’re expecting all the MP details to be revealed along with the official Multiplayer trailer..

Here’s the Gameplan, our XP2011 PAGE will have:

-Live photo stream to our FLICKR page (updated throughout the day).

-Listing every Gun, Perk, Killstreak, Attachment, Camo, Map, Setting, that we see at the show.

-You ask the questions in the commenting section and we’ll answer or look for the answer at the show.

-Our recent Twitter feed.

-InDepth review of Multiplayer and comparison to other Call of Dutys.

After the show ends and we’re back at the hotel, we’ll be moving the photo gallery from FLICKR to All video will then be uploaded to Peter with where he’ll be editing and adding comentary which should be up on Saturday (we’ll add a new post when video is up)


  • icepain-mw3

    find out if shotguns are primary or secondary,

  • gibbymanx

    Shotguns and the full killstreak system

  • TomMW3

    Find out how the new multi player ranking system works. hopefully skill has a bigger influence rather than time played

  • Jrodporter

    Quickscoping, Playlist, and servers.

    • gibbymanx

      If you mean dedicated servers, they’ve been confirmed to be ONLY on the PC 🙁

  • me


  • Jrodporter

    find the intervention plz

    • Broncosnfl15

      im pretty sure the intervention is not coming back but the dragonuv and barrett and quick scoping will be back

  • Broncosnfl15

    find camos