This is what was giving to everybody who attended the show. And for those wondering, the Hardened Edition promised was given in the form of a redemption code. It’s still unclear if its for Xbox 360 only or if it also included PS3 & PC or if it’s shipped or redeemed at a retailer..

UPDATE: The XP2011 Hardened Edition Redemption code is for XBOX 360 or PS3. After ordering it says “expect to arrive on November 8th”.

Also, stayed tuned for giveaways via twitter, we have a lot of Xp2011 patches and misc items to give away.

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  • so your giving it a way if so i want in

    • First give away is just for 1 exclusive patch from XP2011.. and I feel like being nice soooo.. youre the second winner!! email me your twitter name

  • Usman

    Looks amazing, thanks for doing these updates and of course the giveaways, we love it.

  • Freppy

    Give me one of that and send me a CharlieINTEL t-shirt to so i can wear it and sponsor you ;)! Thanks for the updates!

  • LawFul

    can i win on of these. i will give my away my pre-order copy of MW3 to a random person on here if i get the hardened edition one lol ill pay the shipping and handling i really will.

  • BigSal4545

    Actually I think I should get a CharlieINTEL shirt because I’m a VIP. Just sayin 🙂