-Felt like I was playing Call of Duty 4:MW with MW2’s graphics and U.I.
-Graphics and Menus appear identical to MW2 with the exception of an image of a real soldier in the background similar to Black Ops.
-Killstreaks or Air-support were rarely called in the games I played, mostly gun on gun gameplay like 402 promised.
-However it seemed like the UAV was called every 2 seconds.
-Respawns were VERY well balanced. I was never spawn camped and always respawned by my team.
-“Village” map seemed very similar to Black Ops “Jungle Map” with an added Cavarn/Huge cave.
-Facebook integration was already built-in to the “after-action” report when scrolled all the way to the right however it required you to log-in.
-When spectating in 3rd-person, there is no “Texture Loading” delay like there was in Black Ops.
-MW3 Multiplayer is the best CoD yet in my opinion.
-“Kill Confirmed” WILL dominate. Best gameplay mode. PERIOD.
-The Perk & Killstreak list we LEAKED back on August 18th was real 😉


-Being a huge Zombie fan, I thought Spec-Ops was better than zombies in my opinion.
-Captures the tention of being “over-run” like in zombies.
-You have to make a mad dash to the armories between rounds.
-Felt like we were fighting for our lives.
-Originally we were upset when they announced only 2-players, but now we can tell it was clearly designed as a “buddy system”.
-No way it would work with 4-players, “suspense” would be lost.
-Spec-Ops was the talk of the show, everyone we talked to “liked” multiplayer but “loved” Spec-Ops.


Visual Observations:
-The ACOG and RED-DOT from COD4 return (Trijicon ACOG BAC)
-402 tweeted that there were 2 different MP5’s (CoD4 MP5 and the MP5K). Spec-Ops version is called the MP5k however it is visually IDENTICAL to the “Mp5” from multiplayer.
-The new “Dual Scope” is now called the “Hybrid Scope”.
-Hybrid scope is visually different on the SMG. No flip-up magnifier, instead it has the MW2 Red-Dot on top of a Elcan SpecterDR scope.
-USP pistol makes a return for the 3rd time. It now has a Streamlight TLR2 flashlight attached.
-New Colt CM901 or the “CM901” is the .308 variant based on the wide magazine. It fires and reloads EXACTLY like the Scar-H from MW2 (also a .308).
-The new MP5 in singleplayer has a front grip in most of the trailers however in MP it’s missing the front grip and is not an option.
-UMP is visually identical to the MW2 UMP.
-AK47 visually different but fires and reloads identically to CoD4 & MW2.
-Dragonuv SVD is now “modernized”
-Killstreak “Strafe-Run” has 5 Apache Helicopters going straight accross the map in “V” formation. Damage similar to stealth bomber.


Will we go to XP2012 next year?? fuck yeah..
Have any more questions? Ask them in the comments and we’ll reply.


  • 402

    have they altered anything with regards to joining friends/parties? in black ops I was unable to play with friends for the whole year.

    • All the game we played we were already in a lobby, we never searched for parties/lobbies so no idea if its been changed. I doubt it though. Looks just like the MW2 menu. It could be your router settings.

    • Neg.

      Nat type strict? or are you just friendless :P.

  • LiamFTWinter

    As a big Zombies fan I have to ask this question, even though you have said Spec Ops is better than Zombies, do you see it holding it’s own and continuing to be fun without little Easter eggs and story elements that kept Zombies fans coming back for more?

  • BigSal4545

    I wonder what game will be at XP2012? Black Ops 2? Hopefully I’ll go next year and see you there Victor.

    • Are you in California?? You definetly have to come out if theres one next year. I plan on going every year

      • BigSal4545

        No I live in Michigan. I really hope I can make it if there’s one next year

  • I really am looking forward to the gun-on-gun aspect of the game. Overpowered killstreaks ruined MW2. People would do anything to get them. Which led to the lame perk/attachment combos everyone hated so much. More focus on the guns, less focus on the killstreaks. Back to the basics! Love it! The addition of Survival mode in Spec Ops is also great. I don’t think it’s necessarily the whole zombie theme that won people over in the Treyarch games. It’s the act of trying to survive. People get a rush over it. I think Survival in Spec Ops is gonna win the game over to a lot of people who aren’t sure.

    • CONGRATS!! you win the XP2011 patch! email me you address & twitter name


    You guys did a great job at CODXP.. very good info came from you guys, victor, charlieintel staff, mw3updates..

    the best images, the best reporting, and looks like the best time.. although OptiCz had a good time also… plus 400,000 dont hurt…

    until next year…

  • McJanbo

    Looks really promising! I’ve seen some video’s, and I’m really excited about this game.

    Best thing I’ve seen/read? DA MUTHAFUCKIN’ MP5 RETURNEZZ!

  • Ramonte

    kool I want this game now

  • Freppy

    Hey! I dont write this becuase im going to impress you about that XP patch 😛 Or do I ? No.

    I want to thank you guys for this great great website! all the reports, photos & all the info about MW3 and Elite! You did a great job and i hope you grove and get more followers, i recomend it 🙂

    I live in Sweden and there we have a CallofDuty news website, that is all on Swedish but it hadnt much traffic anymore then when COD 4 was. RIP after 8 years cod news.
    This is my new CallofDuty news website with much more information about MW3 and Elite for now! is my top viewed website this month ^^ and a live in Sweden, BEAT THAT 😛
    Thanks you the updates and reports! Keep the good work up CharlieINTEL Crew and thank for the XP news!

    Best regards @MR_FREDDY50 ——– KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP!

    • THanks for the kind words! Im glad you like the site

  • Tyfecho

    Sick bro!:) wish I was there… I wonder if that’s the full list.of guns in th mp… Famas, vector, AK 74u, mw2 rds didn’t make the cut I guess… ah well, the game still rocks my world!

    • Yeah I was wondering the same thing! We’ll be revamping our weapon, perk, strike package listin the next week or so. stay tuned!

      • Rorke File

        What do you find of the game now ?

  • Kyle

    You said it best. Fuck yea

  • Izzy254

    Is the mw2 red dot sight in mw3…