Sledgehammer Games CEO Glen Schofield revealed that his company had been working on a third-person Call of Duty game with a tone similar to Dead Space.  When Sledgehammer was asked to work on Modern Warfare 3 with Infinity Ward, the untitled project was put on hold.

“It was a third-person action-adventure game, it was a shooter, and it was not based in this era,” said Schofield. “It had a lot of atmosphere like, I should say Dead Space a little bit because you were underground in some places. You know, war is hell, war is scary and that’s what we were trying to get across.”

Glen Schofield isn’t saying whether or not that’s the plan, but either way, it’s probably going to take awhile. “I want to make at least one more first-person shooter,” Schofield said when asked about the fate of the game. “I want to get really good at it… I would definitely, 100% work with Infinity Ward again because they’re just the best. But I wouldn’t mind giving Sledgehammer a shot on something.”


  • Make a FPS that uses google earth as a map builder. Can be a home town warfare.

  • ThePlumb

    Call of Duty: Strategic Warfare – Basically its a strategy game where you control the team but also can play first person!

  • Call of duty: Backyard Warfare, the main aim is to shoot spiders and other insects with a super soaker. Would make for a great campaign and survival mode, although I’m not so sure about multiplayer. Killstreaks would be fun, ENEMY WASP ABOVE!

  • Nathanhall94

    Call of duty monkey warfare. Twitter name @nhall94

  • Hpjetrovic

    I’d want to see another ww2 game. Mainly because they have to make it nice and simple. But other wise, I would have wanted to see sledge hammers CoD!

  • I’d Like to see a “Super Call of Duty: Multiplayer Edition” Meaning, have a disc with all the big multiplayer maps on that one disc. Have a super loadout screen, perk system, killstreaks, etc. Think about it…..Most COD games get tossed to the side after the new ones come out. And before you know it, they are 19.99/29.99 brand new. But wouldn’t it be nice to revisit all the titles on one disc. As long as it wouldn’t cost a ton of money to mesh all the games together in one major multiplayer experience, I would so buy it. And I figure others would too. Oh well, just an idea.

    • I love it!!

    • Congrats! You win the XP2011 patch!! Email me your address!

  • BigSal4545

    Black Ops 2. Continue the story of Alex Mason and kill more waves of zombies than ever before.

  • Rick Kump

    I’m gonna say it: Black Ops 2. There. Heh.