Shotguns, Pistols, Equipment, Etc. coming soon! **


  • Adam

    MW3’s new guns are as epic as Chuck Norris’s toe hair. 😀

  • Good coverage of this man!

  • @charlieINTEL They look similar to mw3, with (in my opinion) a more futuristic/modern look to them! #mw3 #iwantamoonposter #pickmeplease

  • @Plumby94

    Awesome gun page, the best ive seen, plus all high res so win win!

  • BigSal4545

    Thanks to Victor going to CoD XP I know that the M4A1 and the MP5 are FTW. I mean come on, they’re badass guns in MW3 but they’re even more badass after watching the videos of Victor shooting them at the range. You guys should check out his CharlieINTEL Custom Made CoD Guns. He finds all the parts and assembles specific gun models from Call of Duty. Doesn’t get cooler than that folks.