Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling just confirmed via Twitter that the Hardened Edition is the only collectors edition for Call of Duty this year. Putting to rest the rumor of a possible Prestige Edition to be announced..
“@whipidhinio The Hardened Edition of #MW3 will be the only collectors edition available this year.”

SOURCE: @FourZeroTwo

  • Geoff

    I think its fine, now i can get the console and Hardened edition.

    • Broncosnfl15

      lol must be nice i asked how much my halo reach xbox was at gamestop retail 500 dollars and thay said they would only give me 100 dollars kinda sad 🙁

  • Bluelinerjr

    i think this is good. I previously bought both prestige editions(mw2 and black ops) and a few months after, i realized i kinda wasted my money. The hardened edition costs a little less and gives you things that are purely useful so in no way can you waste money

  • BigSal4545

    I think it’s perfectly fine because they’re including CoD Elite for a year. It costs 50 bucks for a year but with the hardened edition it cost 40 bucks PLUS all the other stuff they include. I don’t think they really need to make a prestige edition. Hardened usually cost $80 and Prestige usually costs $150. They sort of combined the two and split the price difference. I think $100 for all that stuff is a really good deal considering the fact that you also get all the DLC first and for free. Yes I wrote all this so I can win the patch :). I want a piece of CoD XP history


    We dont need a Prestige edition… for what.. another remote control car, chopper or a recon drone? nah thanks… i think activision makes enough money off these games that a hardened edition is good enough…

    Hell, if they made one though, i know many people would buy it… This is the first Hardened edition i have purchased.. only because i will save money and get more in the long run…

    So, in short… No Prestige Edition is a good thing.. my idea is for them to give out the Recon Drone as a prize to a winner on elite at some point… yeah, for free! we the gamers deserve some free stuff, and COD ELITE is giving us just that…

    I dont think i will win, i never win anything, but hey, its worth a shot

  • gibbymanx

    I can finally pre-order MW3 🙂 Sad how PC probably wont get hardened though

  • I always enjoyed seeing what new “toy” they thought up for the prestige edition. I loved the idea of the RC-XD and really wanted one. Looked so much fun, but sadly never got one =[ Basically, even though I probably wouldn’t have bought it, i’m disappointed that jacked the price on hardened and left us without prestige.

  • Dustinford19

    Fuck that sucks man I am kinda sad now but I guess im going with hardened. Damn!!!!!