Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has just revealed in a interview to MCV that future downloadable content for MW3 will not only include new maps, but also new guns and “other content”! Granted, this statement is vague and has some room for interpretation, but it wouldn’t be surprising considering how much Activision is putting into ELITE..


How extensive is Infinity Ward’s post-launch plan?

“…We’ll be using that information to introduce even more game modes and playlists to players, so not only are you getting new content, maps and weapons that players want, but also a heap of ongoing new content well after launch.”


In related news, it has also been rumored that we’ll see new guns when the game launches since not all the guns were able to make it in time for the XP2011 demo.

-SOURCE: MCVuk.com

  • me


  • Stun.

    He didn’t mean DLC Weapons, he meant ” not only are you getting new content, map, weapons…” as in new content maps and weapons with the game, and future DLC after. False/Mistaken info.. remove.

    • CoDSlayer1212

      False. This is post launch. There will be DLC weapons.

      • Stun.

        Ok, thanks for correcting me mate 🙂

  • Tyfecho

    Famas, ak74, vector didn’t make the cut during cod xp, thus I figured a dlc!:) woohoo!

  • Awesome_Dylon

    This will make gaming so interesting because well LOTS OF GUNS O_o, Just no famas we’ve had enough of it…. T_T

  • Froobishh

    i dont hope that the wepeaons you get from DLCs er too good
    cuz then its unfair for the people who dont buy the DLC

    • Winston Box

      true, but if we ignore the overpowered weapons like type 95, g36c and fmg9, all the weapons is designed to meet different play styles.

      e.g m4 is for those who can not control the recoil trading stability to fire power.
      m14 is for those who enjoys high accuracy dependant game style, highest weapon damage almost 2 shots an enemy at any range but needs good accuracy and cold blood.
      ak47 is for those who enjoys medium range combat, sacrificing stability+range for devastating power. well it’s actually effective at long range but it recoils like crazed bull.
      and ACR for balanced gameplay, good range, medium damage, low recoil

      enough examples

      new weapons would be cool, an ak74u or intervention or vector. actually there must be a bazaar to buy exclusive content with considerable prices. like 3$ each or full pack whatever.

  • Malifik203

    its not unfair due to the fact we pay for them

    • Brettb087

      what about people who cant?

  • Eshady8129

    Ok so its confirmed there is going to be a weapons dlc pack? I would like to see the aug hbar make s return that’s all I really want backbm