Infinity Ward’s Producer, Pete Blumel tweeted a celebratory picture over twitter minutes ago and confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 for the Xbox 360 is officially COMPLETE!

Robert Bowling also confirmed via twitter earlier, “@BDapper Send the game off for certification on consoles, address any feedback provided, shift remaining focus to PC specific features”, which implies that the PlayStation 3 version MAY be complete as well.

The term RTM “release to manufacturing” or “release to marketing”, also known as “going gold”—is a term used when software is ready for mass distribution and copying.

SOURCE: @peteblumel

  • wp

    This is why it’s so silly that BF3 is calling their current demo a “beta”. It’s out in less than a month and people think that there will be some sort of meaningful feedback that can be implemented back into the game. Beyond backend tweaks, there won’t be any. But if you tell people they’re getting a “beta”, you make them think you’re catering to them. What a crock.

  • what

    Now if only they could bring it out already


    so when is the reveal trailer coming out is it coming out today or what

  • JustinSaneV2

    Prematurely announced? I don’t see the tweets in either profile…

  • Alexander Moreau

    does anyone think that is a sad looking party for a bunch of people that just made a game that will easily sell 15million+ copies? to be honest it was probably thrown together last minute, and on release day they probably have a real party lol.


    Hmmm too bad we can’t order the gold version