The all-new single player trailer for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3. In the world’s darkest hour, are you willing to do what is necessary? Prepare yourself for a cinematic thrill-ride as only Call of Duty can deliver.

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  • VirtualWarTV™

    sweet, sweet, sweet hurry up Nov 8th

  • Tjar 4

    Midnight release will ALMOST be as good as this game. Actually almost as good as your… ahh not gonna go there

  • Rick Kump


  • AYorkshirePud

    An amazing game, just got better with this trailer. Leaving me want to play the game more than ever before, November 8th is going to be a good day. Hearing Price’s voice got me pumped for the game, can’t wait to play it.

  • I love how the “The will of a single man, can be broken” is a direct response to the infamy trailer where Makarov says “You can not break the will, of a single man” Price is such a bad ass.

  • TubbyWubby

    BF3 is no longer a threat nor a front runner against CoD after that trailer.BF3 fanboys will be begging for mercy on Nov. 8th.

  • Jarsh

    Is it bad that I imagined myself as EVERY role seen in the trailer??? also everytime someone says “Battlefield 3” my answer is BATTLEFIELD WHAT!?

  • Soap!!!

  • DCxPointMan

    One day the military will use this game for intel

  • me

    guy at 01:00 on the left looks like soap to me

  • Hammy

    i hope soap’s gonna be the right hand man of price.nd why are thy usng modern warfare 2 skins as placeholders in some of the scenes, i wanna see the new guerrilla task force 141 skins

  • Hammy

    guys ive noticed somethng the guy wth the hood is definitly soap mactavish cus he definitely has tht secondary character type quality frm the games as we knw, nd also i knw why thr usng soap’s favela uniform as a place holder just to show people tht hes not dead.another thng is tht if u hit the 1:16 mark the guy wth the sniper rifle whch handles like an m21 is somethng tht a sharpshooter like soap would carry, nd the mission probbly takes place in berlin or germany were u hav to rescue some hostages nd it seems to be like the mission “all grilled up”, so just a thought wht if soap is sneakng his way towards the hostages nd volk being his right hand man fr ths mission.And another big thng i noticed was tht the gestures tht the guy( or soap?) does at the 1:16 mark is wht cpt macmillan does in “all grlled up”

  • Lipten Teabags

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Were going back to cod4 style campaign where everything going on fits into the story and its more advanced now

  • Freppy

    I like the music/audio 🙂 It pumps me up a bit