With less than a week to go for Battlefield 3 and less than 3 weeks for Modern Warfare 3, we thought it would be a good time to compare near final pre-order numbers for one of the biggest FPS wars of the century.

Modern Warfare 3
-Xbox 360: 1,719,144
-PS3: 672,562
-Total: 2,391,706

Battlefield 3
-Xbox 360: 1,072,593
-PS3: 448,616
-Total: 1,521,209

No one really expected Battlefield 3 to outsell Modern Warfare 3 (even according to EA), yet there’s no question that BF3 has created more hype and obtained 6x the amount of pre-orders as its predecessor Bad Company 2. However even with a 5 month head start, Modern Warfare 3 has managed to capture 1,170,497 more pre-orders than BF3… FTW

*Interestingly enough, Battlefield 3 has been marketed as a “PC Lead” title, however BF3 console pre-orders are beating PC pre-orders (146,809) at a rate of 10 to 1.
**Also, Playstation 3 has access to BF3 DLC one week early, yet Xbox 360 pre-orders are beating PS3 at a rate of 2 to 1.



  • Needs a bar graph when all this is through. X = Time, Y = Preorders per week.

  • JeanKevin

    MW3 > BF3
    MW3 is the better FPS of this century .
    And that it’s the truth , it’s all truth !

    • WarField

      You are so stupid man, MW3 is different of BF3, don’t compare them. And plz, dont play both, for both community’s health.

  • Travis Roe

    I think mw3 definitely deserves the higher ranking in pre orders. If you think about it cod is one of the best selling games of all time. Especially MW2. if you think of battle field, its not that fun at all. Random deaths from across the map or stupid shit like that, and not that many people have even HEARD of battle field. almost everyone has heard of/or played COD. Call of duty all the way in my books, MW3<33333333333333333333

  • Both MW3 and BF3 will be awesome games to buy and both will be great in there own way for there own reasons. Everyone that starts the MW3 Vs BF3 wars are not real gamers at heart.

    Like me and many others i’m buying both games as MW3 is in no way the same to a BF game so you can’t even compare the two. So ya MW3 will be awesome and BF3 will be just as awesome.

    MW3 will be great for its Campaign, Spec-Ops and MP.

    BF3 will be great for its Campaign and Co-Op Missions. MP on a BF game is something you CANT play solo which is why i will only be playing BF3 MP when i have friends on that are on it at the time.

  • CoDSlayer1212

    BF3 is just to pass time until MW3 is realeased. Haha

  • Irock2343

    Mw3, BF3, coming soon, need money

  • Battlefield seems too pro friendlyy, if your a noob, your screwed. MW3 is balanced for all players, pros will do better, but the noobs will not do terrible and eventually they will adapt

  • Gregor Barron

    The facts are easy…. MW3 is the most anticipated game of the year. It has an epic franchise, better than Battlefield. It has got double the epicness, which is why it nearly has double the Pre Orders

  • Braiders11

    I honestly do not hunk it boils down to numbers of pre orders as to what game is best. People are obviously looking at these two franchises and askin themselves what one will most of my friends if not all my friends be playing.

    Battlefield is a good game for those who enjoy it and many of those loyal fans will continue to buy it, however I know most people who own an Xbox own at least one if not all of the call of duty series.

    It all boils down to familiar environment, game style, friends, personal preference and most of all actually being able to play a game day in and day out.

  • Darthbane220

    Odd, because, as of the eighteenth, EA had recorded over 2million preorders. Your facts are off brah.

    • Darthbane220

      OH wait! Didn’t even notice this is only including console kiddies: Nevermind. Have fun with your aimbot aimhelp console kiddies.

  • Dha SHit MW3 for life