-UNLOCK GEAR: “unlock 1 item that you can carry with through the rest of the Prestige Level.”
-Unlock exclusive titles & emblems (Ex. 10th Prestige emblems).
-CONFIRMED: 10 Prestige Levels.
-Reset all stats.
*You CAN NOT unlock Camo or Attachments (because you would need the gun).


How You get tokens:
1) Every time you prestige in MW3 you get ONE token.
2) SPECIAL: If you have prestiged in Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 1, World at War,Modern Warfare 2, or Black Ops, you will get ONE token PER game in which you have prestiged in. Those tokens are ONLY available to the gamer ID you used to prestige in those games.
*If you have NOT prestiged yet, Activision isactivating Double XP across  MW2 and Black Ops for the weekend of October 27, 2011.


@Reiske -So if you unlock a piece of gear, that gear will only last you that prestige round? Custom create-a-class is still permanent?

@De2tr0y3rDeath -when you prestige and you don’t use your prestige point and you prestige again can you use the 2 at the same time?

@vXProdigyX -Weapon Double XP?


-SOURCE: MW3 Facebook Via @RK1Apocalypse

  • So there are 14 tokens to be earned in all? 10 for MW3, 4 for the other CoDs?

    • Oldgreg10013

      One token per game–the number of times you reset beyond the first time doesn’t impact anything.

      • …so 14 tokens.

        • Pyroreborn

          I think i heard you also get tokens for playing Spec Ops, maybe survival, and campaign

    • Yes, as far as we know. I want to know if I reset all my stats and prestige again will that mean I can’t earn tokens or will I still get them? I’m sure it’s the latter.

    • Guest

      There is an option that allows you to reset your prestige back to 0 so i’m assuming you can get prestige tokens all over again

  • TMG Damo

    So say if I have one token and I unlock ninja, will ninja be unlock for all 10 perstiges?

  • What about STEAM accounts? Does this apply to them also? PC gamer here.

    • Oldgreg10013

      it doesn’t

  • ORB1T4L

    Ok I only prestiged in MW1 and MW2, I don’t know what I’m gonna pick up with my second special token, but the first thing I’ll pick up with the first one will be the AMAZIIIIIIIING FN FiveSeveN 😀

  • Nico

    if you unlock one gun in the unlock gear choice in our first prestige, when u get to the second prestige can you unlock another gun and have both throughout your prestiges without losing the first one you chose.

    • Jinx13

      I would also like to know this as there seems to be conflicting information 🙁