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This is real in our opinion, simply because it was shown with other Xbox 360 Gamer Pics (which also has new images and angles of MW3 Characters). Also it turns out that the 10th emblem was already briefly shown at the CoD: XP press conference.

SOURCE: XxR3NN0xX Channel Via @Kadilakjarin

  • All of the prestige emblems look the same.


    • ballz2U


  • Nagash1994

    Black Ops Is Better, but have bug. I Buy Gtx 460 and play black ops, my fps is 37 in EXTRA!! Bug? Fixe, plz

  • Bill Waring

    The prestige emblems look horrible, thankfully I have zero interest in ranks or badges

    • Jermaines18

      Cause you suck

  • Chezzworth

    At least these are coherent and we might actually be able to tell which prestige is which in the game. For the roughly 8-9 months I played blops, I was never able to distinguish between the emblems; they were just random crap.

  • Brosef_Yeltsin

    I agree with Derek, specific ones have similar properties, but I think this was intentional.
    1, 2 & 4 all have same cross design, 3&8 look like the have the same cross design (although 8’s is hidden mostly), 5 & 10 share the same skull, 9 & 10 have the same cross design, 6 & 7 are the only unique looking ones. I think i like them best in this order: 6, 10, 2, 5, 8, 4, 3, 7, 1, 9.

    • Cod’Gamer101

      2,3, & 7th Are Most Alike But 1st Doesnt Resemble Them Much

  • anonimous

    insignia of pokemon?

  • Trentl560

    The red cross is 1st prestige.

    • Kammy2

      im 9th prestige 😛

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  • Guestwinnerchode911

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  • Jtagrule

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  • Cod’Gamer101

    There All Mixed Up !

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